Hyperpigmentation/Melasma Fading Journey: First Day of Chemical Peels

Hyperpigmentation/Melasma Fading Journey: First Day of Chemical Peels

If you have seen my other posts, you know that I have really bad hyperpigmention/melasma that lowers my self esteem. Being African American with brown skin leaves me very susceptible to these dark spots. It is really hard to treat so I feel for everyone that has to deal with it.

I have battled acne since I was 11 years old so that is the cause of a lot of my spots. My chin area and lower part of my face in general  has always been darker than the rest of my face. This is not due to acne so I do not know what to blame it on.

This was my first day doing the lactic acid peel (40%) for my face and the body peel from Makeup Artist’s Choice. I have done peels before so I was not nervous or anything like that. You just have to make sure and stick to the instructions that come with the products so that you can have results.

I started with the body peel first. The areas I focused on were my upper back, chest, shoulders and lower legs. I had my husband apply the peel to my back and shoulders because it is hard to reach those areas. This tingled a little a bit but did not hurt. I left it on for the recommended ten minutes and then took a shower to wash it off.

After my shower, I got out and put regular lotion on instead of the usual glycolic acid lotion I usually use. This is because the skin needs a break from the acid. Preparing for the face peel came next and it involved cleansing my skin and using the ph prep solution (basically a toner). I ended up waiting for thirty minutes after that so that my skin would be completely dry ( you probably only need to wait ten minutes though).

I applied the peel with clean fingers all over my face. It stung a little more than the body peel did but it was nothing I could not handle. I left it on for six minutes for this first time (the company recommends 3-7 minutes). After the six minutes, I cleansed my skin and then used the ph prep solution again.

Since it was only the first day of doing the peels, I have not seen any results. My skin was smooth and “glassy” after them though. I am excited to continue doing these every week and I really hope I have  good results to share soon!