Skin/Eyebrow Update And Another Yummy Meal

Skin/Eyebrow Update And Another Yummy Meal

Yesterday was one of those days that just sucked. I felt so horrible about myself! It is probably just PMS though.

My skin and eyebrows

I said a while ago that I had regained hope about my skin and eyebrow situation. Well, my hope is gone again. This is my sixth week for the lactic acid peels and nothing is changing. I do not know if it is too soon to see the results or what but there is absolutely no improvement.

My eyebrows have not grown at all. I wish that I could have the beautiful brows that I see all of these makeup gurus on YouTube having. I am thinking of putting Rogaine on these things!

My phone

My son got mad at me about something and took my phone. He then put it in the toilet! I got it out of there as quick as possible but it still quit working. I ended up having to buy a new phone because my warranty expired on the 10th of this month. That little stinker! He knew he was in trouble and hid in his room for a couple hours.

Yummy meal

On the bright side I did manage to cook a tasty meal for the family! It was sheet pan shrimp fajitas. All you do is put peeled shrimp in a bowl with sliced peppers and onions. You then combine all that with some olive oil and whatever seasonings you like. Pour this mixture out on a sheet pan and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about 8-10 minutes. Serve with tortillas and whatever else you like. Yum!