What Is On Your Watch List For Stay-At-Home Life?!

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Staying at home is really important at this time. The spread of this virus needs to be slowed down and this is the only way it can be done right now.

There are ways of having fun at home, fortunately! One of those ways is finding fun things to watch. With all of the television channels and streaming services available, you are bound to find something that you like.

I love to watch different shows here and there. There are a variety of them that I like and are of varying genres. Sometimes I am in the mood for some and sometimes

This is a short post about what I am watching and might want to watch-organized by streaming service (I don’t have cable television).


What I am currently watching-

  1. Gilmore Girls- I have seen all of the seasons but I still watch it here and there.
  2. Black Lightening- I love black super heroes!
  3. Happy!- Love me some Detective Stabler!

What I might watch-

  1. Tiger King- Everyone is talking about it so I might as well check it out.
  2. How To Fix A Drug Scandal- Things about drugs are always interesting to me.


What I am currently watching-

  1. Roseanne- I just love this show. Always have and always will.
  2. The Conners- It is good to see the family back.
  3. This Is Us- I had bought all of the seasons on Prime. Now I see that it is on Hulu so I won’t buy it on the next season (whenever it comes out now) on here.

What I might watch-

  1. A Different World- Not sure about this one but maybe.
  2. The Lost Room- Looks pretty good. I like the actor, Peter Krause.
  3. The Outer Limits- Sounds like my kind of show. Sci-fi!
  4. Dark Shadows: The Beginning- Oldie but possibly a goodie?
  5. Unresolved Mysteries- I love these kinds of shows.


What I am watching-

  1. The Strain- Cool, creepy show. Reminds me of what is happening in our world right now.
  2. Will and Grace- I haven’t seen this show in a long time.
  3. X-Files- Of course!

What I might watch-

Not sure! I haven’t really explored this streaming service very much. I only got it recently because X-Files went off of Prime (along with Murder She Wrote which is nowhere to be found now).

That’s it for me!

I guess I have a lot of time on my hands, huh? It probably appears that I am really lazy. I do play and educate my son part of the day so I am not a complete bum!

What fun things are you guys watching these days?

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