Working Out At Home? How Is It Going?

Hmmmm. Future home workout routine?

Because of this awful pandemic, gyms/fitness centers are most likely closed everywhere (or they should be). Good thing that there are so many ways to get in shape or maintain fitness levels at home!

I have been working out for years at home. As you can probably see, I am really fit. What I like about home workouts is that I am not competing for equipment. I also have an aversion to seeing myself in gym mirrors.

I thought I would post my current workout regimen that I will be doing for 4-5 more weeks. Feel free to start doing it too!

The routine!

I am doing an upper body/cardio with abs/lower body schedule with one day off in between. The upper and lower body days combine one minute of cardio along with the weightlifting moves.

Upper body (each group done two times)-

A1. Star Jumps A2. Chest flies

B1. High knees B2. Bent over rows

C1. Burpees C2. Back flies

D1. Mountain climbers D2. Shoulder press

E1. Turn jumps E2. Lateral raises

F1. Butt kicks F2. Curls

G1. Jump forwards and backwards G2. Triceps extensions

Lower body (each group done two times)-

A1. Jump squats A2. Legs-together squats

B1. Star jumps B2. Forward lunges

C1. Jump lunges C2. Single leg deadlifts

D1. Jump forwards and run back D2. Side lunges

E1. High knees E2. Regular deadlifts

F1. Lateral hops F2. Hip thrusts

Cardio with abs-

I choose the level 4 or 5 cardio/HIIT workouts from Fitness Blender on these days.

Being gym-less

Like I said before, I am accustomed to working out at home so this pandemic isn’t bothering me in that regard. I understand how the change can be tough for other people though.

Just look around the internet to find a ton of different routines you can do in your home with whatever amount of space you have. It is important to keep active and stay as healthy as possible during these unprecedented times.

What is your fitness routine like these days? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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