My Skincare Routine

This pandemic has stressed me out as it has many, many other people. Since it first happened, my skin care routine went by the wayside. I just stopped caring because I did not think it mattered anymore.

In the past couple of weeks, I have changed my mind and decided to get back into a routine. It might make me feel better about myself even if I am not going into public anytime soon.

So, here is what I will be doing for my skin for the next few months!

My skin/Face issues


I used to have pretty severe acne. It is lot better now, but I still get pimples occasionally.


This is a huge issue that I have to deal with. I have dark spots all over my cheeks and my chin is darker than the rest of my face (I don’t really think I can change that though). I hate it!

Pock marks-

I had to deal with huge, unsightly boils by both sides of my nose back in 2010. They left pock marks in those areas.


I used to have extremely oily skin back when I was in middle school and high school. We are talking “fry some chicken on it” level. It has gotten better but it still gets bad around my period.

Nasolabial folds-

These showed up after losing my pregnancy weight and have never left. I miss the fullness that my face used to have but I could look worse.

Lines under my eyes-

I have had lines that show up under my eyes when I smile since I was 23. This might be due to how much I rub them.

Excess hair

I get excess hair on my upper lip, chin and neck.

So basically, I look a hot mess!

The products I will use

I can’t afford some of the things that will probably help me so I will just use what I can. Here are my products of choice:

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Sunscreen is very important! It protects from aging and the worsening of hyperpigmentation. This one is fragrance free and does not leave a white cast on me.

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The Ordinary is a company that has a lot of reasonably priced skincare products. This particular serum they offer has vitamin C and Alpha Arbutin in it. These two ingredients are good for evening out skin-tone, brightening skin and anti-aging.

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This is retinol cream from Amazon’s brand, Belei ( Retinol is supposed to help with anti-aging and evening skin tones. I think I will definitely need Retin-A as it is stronger, but I will be using this for now. This product is fragrance-free so I really like that about it.

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The Micro Polish from Makeup Artist’s Choice is supposed to be like an at-home microdermabrasion. I think exfoliation is good for my skin.

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This is the pumpkin exfoliating mask/peel from Makeup Artist’s Choice. I have tried many of the peels from the company and I wanted to get a new one. This one has glycolic acid in it which is a good thing. I am not expecting any miracles from it though.

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As a PCOS sufferer, I have to deal with excess facial hair. This is soothing for my skin on areas where I shave.

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This was a cheap LED light massager. There are different color lights that are supposed to help with different skin issues. I will be using the red (for collagen) and green (hyperpigmentation) light. It most likely won’t help anything at all, but I love the feeling of a facial massage.

My routine with the products

Daily skincare-


2. Treat: The Ordinary serum(morning)/ Retinol cream (in the evening, rosehip oil if I am not using it)

3. Protect: Sunscreen every two hours

LED Light massage-

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Red light: In the mornings after cleansing

Green light: In the evenings after cleansing

Micro Polish-

Two times a week after cleansing in the evening.

Pumpkin mask-

Once a week, 24 hours after using the retinol cream.

So that is it!

I don’t have high hopes at all for my routine, but it is the best I can do right now. If I notice even a little bit of a positive difference, I will be incredibly happy.

I will continue to research and figure out better products for me to use in the future.

Have you changed your skincare routine during this pandemic?

Thanks for reading!

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