My Body Hates Hormones! + Tried A Different Anti-Nausea Treatment

A nice bathroom to puke in!

Okay so this totally sucks. Just after I scheduled my last post to go up that detailed this past menstrual cycle, my body decided to enter into a shitshow.

Let me tell you a little about it as well as what I took to relieve the nausea.

It was a little unexpected

I was coming off the high of a relatively mild menstrual cycle. Only one day of nausea, happiness most days, very little pain etc. For some reason I figured that my next cycle would be similar.

Well, I happened to be wrong. Way wrong.

I got to day nine of my cycle (August 20th) and a giant wave of horribleness washed over me. It was quite shocking. This was one of the days where our estrogen and testosterone levels get higher which means we are supposed to feel awesome. Yeah, that did not happen.

My body obviously did not like this shift in hormones. It told me this by causing me to feel nauseous, weepy, bloated, cramped up and achy. Not cool body. Not cool.

As I am typing this, I still feel pretty much like shit. Today is day 15 of my cycle which means progesterone is rising while estrogen and testosterone are dropping. With this shift can come even more nausea and unpleasant feelings in me.

Basically, this cycle will only include about four good days.

This is something that used to happen every month for me and it makes me sad that it has come back. I am hoping it is just a fluke.

Something new I tried

When my nausea continued to worsen and reach its peak on day 14, I decided to try taking something called, Meclizine. This is an OTC medication that is marketed to treat motion sickness and vertigo but it can also be used for any kind of nausea.

My husband bought a bottle of 1000 chewable tablets a while back but it was never my go-to nausea relief product. I felt like trying it because I thought it might be more powerful than the stuff I typically use.

I took one tablet, which has 25 mg of the active ingredient. They have a mild raspberry flavor to them and I did not mind it.

Within about 20 minutes I started feeling tired. I was really worried that that would be the only effect it gave me but once I got to the 45 minute mark, I could feel my nausea fading.

My upset stomach went away just enough that I could eat and get in my vitamins/supplements. Success!

The sleepiness that Meclizine caused me was the only drawback. I will still reach for one of these tablets the next time I need something strong for the level of nausea I am experiencing.

This is upsetting!

I hate how hormonal shifts make me feel and I would not wish this problem on anyone.

My plan is to keep documenting how I feel each day and what I eat just so I can figure out if there is something I am doing that is making the hormonal shifts so hard me. I just realized the My Calendar (menstrual cycle calendar) app on my phone allows for symptoms to be plugged in daily so I will be using that.

Do any of you have issues with hormonal shifts during your cycle?

Thanks for reading!

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