The Wife Hemp Strain + Review

Quite a while ago now, I decided to try taking CBD in the form of gummies. I was not impressed at the time because I did not feel that it did anything for me-good or bad.

I recently decided to try taking a strain of hemp called, “The Wife.” Here is what happened!

First, a quick look at the alleged benefits of CBD

CBD has become increasingly popular over the years due to its possible benefits. Some of them have more scientific evidence behind them than others.  Here is a list of things that CBD is touted as being of benefit for:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Sleep issues
  • Inflammation
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer symptoms
  • Nausea

When reading up on people’s experiences with CBD, many find there to be no benefits and many find there to be some benefits. What one may feel (or not feel) seems to do with the CBD product they use and/or their own brain chemistry.

The Wife hemp strain

There are many strains of hemp and The Wife is the name of one of them. Like all other hemp strains, it is very high in CBD and very low in THC (only around .3%).Since THC is a psychoactive ingredient, you will not get the high feeling with The Wife due to the low amount of it.

The Wife is described as having a smell that has mixture of skunky, sweet and floral notes. The flavor of it is said to be pleasant with hints of cherry.

Different strains of hemp are allegedly good for different ailments. The Wife is said to help with pain and nausea along with providing a calming effect to the mind.

With this hemp strain and others, you can use it in a few different ways. It can be vaped (not recommended), smoked, cooked with, made into capsules, used in teas and more (see here for some other ideas:

My review of The Wife

To be quite honest, the reason why I wanted to try CBD again was because I read an article about how it may possibly fight COVID-19 in the body. This was thought to be due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

I do not want COVID-19 again. The possibility of reinfection really scares me so I want to do everything I can to prevent and/or make sure that the second round is not any worse than the first one.

 After reading said article, I went right away to Google to search for CBD products. I was not interested in the gummies that I took the last time trying CBD, so I spent a good amount of time searching for something that I thought would be better.

I came across a site for a hemp farm called, Golden Eagle Farms. Their site was simple and nice which I liked. I also liked that the farm is run by people who have years of experience growing hemp. That to me means that they really know what they are doing.

Golden Eagle Farms offers five different strains of hemp in flowers and topical forms. For each strain of hemp, there is a list of the constituents that are in them as well as their lab results which shows their levels of THC.

I took a good look at the reviews for each strain on the farm’s website as well as on other CBD sites. The Wife stuck out to me as one to try due to its alleged ability to alleviate pain and nausea. My husband was interested in trying it as well so we ordered some.

Our order of The Wife came really fast which was great because we were so eager to try it. The packaging was nice and simple, just like their website.

I was worried that the hemp flowers would smell really bad but I honestly liked it. When we took it out of the package, the smell reminded me of chicken alfredo (the best way I can describe it).

My husband decided to extract the hemp into oil so that we could make capsules. This was because we are not interested in vaping and smoking. Each capsule he made of it was about 20 mg.

On this particular day, I was having pretty severe ovary pain due to ovulation. I usually take Tylenol when this happens but this time, I wanted to go without it to see how the hemp would work for me.

Within 30 minutes of taking 40 mg (two capsules) of the hemp, I felt a mild wave of relaxation come over me and my ovarian pain was gone. This was amazing to me!

Ever since then I have been taking 40 mg every evening and when I am in any kind of pain. I love the relaxation that I get from it because sleepiness does not come with it. I can take it during the day and still be able to get things done without needing to take a nap.

I also become very clear-headed after taking it. With this and the calmness it causes, one would definitely be able to get their studying and academic work done easier than they could without it.

As far as nausea relief goes, it does not work against the level of nausea I get. I think I would need a higher level of THC to have that benefit.

Another thing I like about The Wife is that the affects seem to last for hours. This means that it will end up saving me money because I will not have to take a bunch of capsules each day to help with any pain I have.

I have not experienced any negative side effects from taking these hemp capsules. This is something I was worried about but maybe I do not take a high enough dose for those to happen.

If I were to rate it on a scale of five stars, I would give The Wife a solid five. Buying this was totally worth it for me.

I highly recommend this strain

The Wife has been such a great addition to my daily supplement intake and I would recommend it for others to try as well. I know that CBD does not work for everyone, but it might be something worth trying if you are willing to spend the money.

I would love for it help fight against COVID-19 if (and probably when) I get re-infected with it although I am not holding out hope. My plan is to keep taking it for my general well-being as it seems to be good for that!

Do any of you take CBD or have taken it? What are/were your experiences?

Thanks for reading!

Here is a link to the Golden Eagle Farms The Wife hemp strain:

Some CBD sources about CBD:

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