Another Way I Practice Self-Care

When I typed the other post on how I practice self-care I totally forgot to talk about my other passion in life-true crime! It may seem strange and maybe a little morbid that delving into crime cases makes me feel good but I just love reading about them.

Here is just a little bit more about how I practice self-care with true crime.

What I watch/listen to

I got into true crime back when I was about eight years old. The program that drew me in was America’s Most Wanted. Sometimes the episodes scared me but for the most part, I was hooked on it.

This has carried through my life as many of the shows I have watched have to do with crime in some type of way. They have been fictional and non-fictional.

Currently, I watch/listen to a few crime related shows/podcasts from time to time and they always entertain me (not that I like people getting hurt or anything). The following are the aforementioned shows/podcasts I view/listen to:

  1. Unresolved mysteries- The original and new one.
  2. Disappeared (ID channel)- This one is about people who have disappeared without much of a trace.
  3. Law and Order SVU-Going back through all of the episodes!
  4. LordanARTS YouTube channel- He covers cases involving the missing and murdered.
  5. Trace Evidence YouTube channel- He covers true crime cases. A lot of them are cases most people have not heard about.
  6. Criminally Listed YouTube channel- He covers mysterious crimes.
  7. Forensic Files Show- So many interesting cases! The study of forensics is so cool to me.

I also frequent true crime sites like r/unresolvedmysteries and Websleuths.

A lot of us true crime enthusiasts have what we call, “pet cases.” This is when we have cases that are more interesting to us than others which causes us to read about them a lot. My “pet cases” are as follows:

  1. Ashe Degree– A little girl who went missing in 2000.
  2. Andrew Gosden– Teenage boy that went to London one day in 2007 and has not been seen since.
  3. Mostly Harmless/Ben Bilemy– A hiker using a fake name is found dead in a tent.

Fun crime game

I happened to come across Unsolved Case Files games on Amazon. These games involve solving a fictional cold case murder. After looking at them and reading the reviews, I ended up buying two of them.

They are shown as being great as a party game but there is no reason why it can not be played by just one individual. I am totally fine with the idea of playing a game by myself (my husband does not like games very much).

Each game took me a few days to play because I would only devote about 30 minutes each time I went to play them. It may take other people longer or shorter.

I really enjoyed them and found it so much fun to figure out the cases. Being immersed in them was another form of escape from the horrors of the pandemic-just like the women’s fiction books I like to read.

The games come in a file with pictures, newspaper clippings, suspect statements, interviews and more. This makes for a like-real experience.

If you are interested in true crime and you are looking for a game to buy, I would highly recommend these Unsolved Case Files games. I plan on getting the other three cases that the company offers and I hope they make more!

Here is the Amazon store for Unsolved Case Files Games:

Their official site:

Yes, it is a little weird

Us true crime lovers may be seen as odd by others but who cares? We like what we like!

True crime content provides something else for me to focus on (besides the pandemic) for even just an hour a day.

Are you interested in true crime and have a “pet case?” Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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