9 Ways to Use Vicks VapoRub

I was looking at my little container of Vicks VapoRub that I keep next to my bed and it got me thinking about how much it has helped me in my life. A few different types of discomforts I have experienced, have been treated successfully with the use of this stuff.

For this post I wanted to share nine things that Vicks VapoRub can help with aside from just coughs.

9 ways to use Vicks VapoRub

  1. Chills- If you are sick with a virus, you may end up experiencing chills as one of your symptoms. Rubbing yourself down with VapoRub can really ease that uncomfortable feeling.
  2. Foot fungus- VapoRub may be able to fight fungal infections of the foot. Slather some on the affected area, once or twice a day.
  3. Congested nose- A stuffed up nose can be cleared up pretty well with VapoRub. To do this, rub a little on your nostrils (not in your nose).
  4. Headaches- Rubbing some VapoRub on to the areas where your head aches, may help ease them. This is a great idea to try while you are waiting for headache medication to kick in.
  5. Swollen glands- Sometimes when your body is fighting something, swollen glands may occur and can also be painful. Applying VapoRub to them may provide relief.
  6. Ear pain- Having pain in the ears can happen for other reasons besides ear infections. Whatever the reason is, you can put some of the rub around your ear areas to ease the pain.
  7. Nausea- If you are experiencing nausea for any reason at all, applying VapoRub on your upper lip may help. This could be a great adjunct to other anti-nausea treatments.
  8. Feet reflexology treatment- Allegedly, there are pressure points on our feet that correspond to different parts of the body. Slathering VapoRub onto the bottoms of your feet may provide healing in the areas of your body that you are having issues with. Toe tips=head/brain; below second and third toe= eyes; middle of foot= small intestine; middle area of the balls of the feet= lungs; heels=lower back; outsides of the heels= knees; inside areas below the balls of the feet=stomach.
    9. Hair growth- Applying VapoRub to your eyebrows and hair line may provide some hair growth.

What makes VapoRub work?

There are three active ingredients in Vicks VapoRub. The following is what they are and a little bit about them:

  1. Camphor oil- This is oil extracted from Camphor trees. It has a strong aroma to it and is something you do not want to use a lot of due to some dangers it comes with. It is said to have pain/tension relief, nasal decongestant, antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  2. Eucalyptus oil- This is oil extracted from eucalyptus trees. It has a strong and soothing aroma. The oil is said to have pain/tension relief, nasal decongestant, relaxation, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial benefits.
  3. Menthol- This comes from peppermint oil. It is said to have pain/tension relief, nasal decongestant, relaxation, antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-nausea and vasodilation benefits.

Because of the above ingredients being quite powerful, it is not okay to put the VapoRub on broken skin.

I recommend keeping it around

As you can see, having Vicks VapoRub around can really come in handy. I have personally used it for eight of the things on the list.

It would make a great addition to your home remedies kit!

Have any of you used Vicks VapoRub? If so, how well did it work for you?

Thanks for reading!

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