My PMDD Journal Is Here!

Yes, yes, yes! I am so excited!

One of my women’s health journals has been published and is ready to be bought. In this post, I will be talking more about it and my journal/planner business in general.

My little journal/planner business

For a long time, I have loved keeping a journal and planner around. Writing about my day and thoughts is very therapeutic for me.

Once I started having health problems a couple years ago, I also started tracking my physical and mental symptoms most days. This was because I wanted to see if there were any patterns and correlations which might help me fix my issues.

I am finally starting to see some patterns now that I am more diligent and detailed in my health tracking. This is all due in thanks to the planners that I bought and created.

My goal with this business is to help other women/non-binary people with their daily lives. I know that other people struggle with the same things I do so my journals and planners may be of great use to them.

I do not just create women’s health books though. The other things I sell include composition notebooks, food journals, Tarot card journals (yes, I actually do daily Tarot card readings), recipe journals, daily planners and blog post planners.

What may set me apart from other people who make journals and planners is that all except one is large sized (8.5 X 11). This means that you may not be able to throw them in your purse (unless it is really big) but you can set it out on your desk or nightstand. This in turn may prompt daily usage.

I try to make them with cute covers-ones that will make people happy when they sit down to write in them. Right now, I have a couple covers per product so that people have some options.

My PMDD journal

This PMDD journal is my newest product. I decided to make it because of my own struggles with my hormones that go beyond PMS and the fact that other women struggle with the same thing.

This is different than my Women’s Health Daily Journal and Planner in that it does not have a section where you can plan out your day. It is more of a journal that one might fill out at the end of the day.

So, here are the contents of the PMDD journal:

  • Introduction and how to use the journal
  • Menstrual cycle information and some common hormonal symptoms
  • Supplement and medication recording tables (ones taken and ones you are interested in)
  • Daily recording pages (60 days worth)
  • Reflection page

Introduction and how to use the journal-

I think it is important to introduce a person to the journals so that they know the functioning of it and how it may help them.

Menstrual cycle information and some common hormonal symptoms-

These two pages are just detailing the phases in our menstrual cycles and some of the symptoms one may experience. It is brief and easy to understand. The purpose of the pages are to give the user something to look back on as a reference (i.e. see what menstrual cycle phase they are in).

Supplement and medication tables-

There are some supplements and medications that women take to help them deal with the PMDD symptoms.

This page has two tables on it. One is for writing down the supplements/medications tried and whether a positive or negative experience was had. The other is for writing down the supplements/ medications one is interested in trying and what they may do in regards to symptoms.

Daily recording pages-

  • There are two pages for each of the 60 days worth of recording.
  • One page is for emotional/mental symptoms and the other page is for physical symptoms.
  • There are tables on both pages that include some symptoms people with PMDD say they suffer with. The other column includes a place for you to rate the intensity level of the symptoms from 1-10.
  • The emotional/mental part of the day’s recording, provides a few writing prompts that help you get some thoughts out.
  • The physical part of the day’s recording also provides a space for you to write down what you ate and your overall thoughts on your day from a physical aspect.

Reflection page-

This page is for looking back on the 60 days and writing down how one thought things went overall. The user can write whatever comes to their mind!

This journal comes in only one cover design right now but I will probably create one more.

I want to note that even though it says, “women” a lot on the inside and outside of it, non-binary people should feel welcomed to use it as well. Also, this can be used for women with regular PMS symptoms.

You can find my PMDD journal here:

Next steps for my little business

I plan to keep selling planners and journals until I get completely sick of it! Creating the inside content and the cover designs is really fun for me.

The other thing I love about this business is that I could be helping someone in some type of way. That is all I ever wanted to do in life-help people.

I have a PCOS journal that I am currently creating so be on the lookout for that if you are interested.

In the near future, I hope to be able to create more “decked out” journals. This would mean hard covered, spiral bound, sectioned and with some extra things/details in it. I want them to be even more functional and of higher quality than the ones I sell now.

In conclusion

I love how my business is going so far and I hope that I can continue to help women.

If you are reading this and know someone who has PMDD (and likes to journal)- let them know about my new product! I would really like some feedback on it.

You can find all of my journals and planners here:

Thanks for reading!

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