Find Out What’s On My TV!

I am a streaming services-loving person as many others are.

I am also the type of person who can watch shows over and over again without getting tired of the episodes. For example, X-Files is (and will always be) my absolute favorite show and I watch at least one episode every other week. It doesn’t even matter that I have seen all episodes a million times- I just love the show so much.

Besides X-Files, there are some shows I am really liking right now. Maybe you like them too? If you haven’t watched them yet, maybe me discussing them in this post will give you ideas of what to watch next!

Without further ado, here is what is on my TV!

I must mention my streaming services first

So, I do not have cable and I don’t think I ever will. I am perfectly happy with the streaming services.

Right now, I have all of the following:

  • Peacock- I just signed up for this one a few weeks ago.
  • Hulu- I just have the regular monthly subscription where there are ads in the shows/movies. I may get the premium subscription in the future.
  • Netflix- I think most people have this service.
  • Amazon Prime video

I also had a Roku TV a while ago but my son ended up breaking the screen. It had a Roku streaming service channel which I really enjoyed. Because of that, I might get another one of the TVs but I am in no hurry (and on a budget!).

What I am watching

  1. Superstore on Hulu– Oh my goodness is this show funny! The acting, situations, dialogue…all great. It is such a lighthearted show that is perfect to watch if you are just looking for a feel-good, happy time.

My favorite character is Dina by far.

2. Murder She Wrote on Peacock– This is a classic show that may not be for everyone these days but it sure is for me. Even though there is no shortage of tackiness, I still find it fun and interesting. I would love to make money with my writing just like J.B. Fletcher!

In my opinion, one of the best episodes so far (I am on season 6) is Murder Takes the Bus from season 1.

3. The First 48 on Peacock (also on Hulu)-I love true crime shows and this one does not disappoint. The cases are interesting, the investigators are top notch and there is no hint of fakeness (at least from my viewpoint).

Definitely a great watch for other crime show lovers out there (who haven’t already watched it).

4. Cruel Summer on Hulu– I decided to give this new show a chance and I was sucked into it right away. Both Kate and Gretchen are as shady as all get out to me and I really want to know what they are hiding. The next episode can’t come soon enough for me!

Some are saying this show is like Pretty Little Liars so I guess if you liked that one, you might like Cruel Summer. I personally did not like Pretty Little Liars so I don’t think that is a prerequisite.

5. King of the Hill on Hulu– This one makes me laugh so much and serves as great background noise. The episode about the diminished gluteal syndrome will always be a classic for me.

6. The Conners on Hulu– I loved the original Roseanne sitcom and have seen the episodes many times. I was not sure if I was going to like it without the Roseanne character but I gave this a shot anyways. Needless to say, I really enjoy it and I am on my second watch through of the current season (3rd).

7. Law and order: Organized Crime on Hulu– Stabler and all of his sexiness. Need I say more?

8. Dateline on Peacock– I just came across this on Peacock and I am happy I did. There are multiple seasons with episodes that are right up my alley (true crime!).

To wrap this short post up

These shows mentioned are not for everybody- I know that. My tastes in shows and movies have always been considered odd by people.

I just wanted to do a short, kind of fun post about what I am enjoying lately.

Let me know what you are watching these days. I would love to have some new ideas to add to my Streaming Services Organizer.

Thanks for reading!

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