5 Lower Body Exercises That Helped Me Most

Lower body workout days are usually not a favorite for many. They are definitely not one of mine! It is still important to do them though because of the benefits they have.

Recently, my legs have become shapelier (in a good way!) than they have been in the past and I attribute it to a few different exercises. I wanted to show you which ones they are in this post and maybe you can add them into your lower body days too!

Why people skip (or are tempted to) lower body day

There are some reasons as to why lower body day is not especially liked and looked forward to. While everyone has their own reasons, here are the common ones:

  • The exercises are tough- Some people find the lower body exercises to be tougher than upper body ones. This may make them mentally and physically difficult through.
  • The exercises are boring- Some people think that lower body exercises are actually boring for whatever reason. This makes it hard to get through them mentally.
  • Next day soreness- The toughness of the exercises may make it hard to move around the next day. Since most people have things to do that require them to be on their feet each day, the lower body workouts can look less than attractive.
  • Worried about “bulking up”- Some women are worried that their legs are going to end up looking bulky after doing lower body workouts.

People just don’t like them! You can even find many threads/posts on forums where people profess their hatred of them.

Why you shouldn’t skip them

Despite lower body workouts not being preferred by a lot of people, they are still important to do. Here are the reasons why one shouldn’t skip these workouts:

  • They balance out our bodies- If you regularly neglect your lower body when it comes to your workout routine, this area of your body may not match with the upper area. For example, you may have a good amount of muscle built up in your upper body but be weak in your lower body.
  • Provides the strength to get around- To get around in life, we need to have strength in our legs/pelvis/hips/lower back/abdomen. Lower body workouts help with this!
  • Boosts metabolism- Strength workouts may not burn as many calories as cardio workouts but they do help boost the metabolism for up to two days afterwards.
  • Sculpts and shapes- Doing regular lower body workouts can help give your legs a nice appearance.
  • Bone health- Strength training in general helps build and maintain healthy bones as well as lower the risk of osteoporosis. This is why it is recommended especially for older adults as bone loss increases as we age.
  • Improves cardio fitness- Strengthening your lower body helps with your overall physical fitness level. This means that it may help you advance in your cardio workouts (faster and/or able to go longer).

There are probably more reasons why you should not skip lower body workouts but the above should be enough!

My lower body

Ever since I was around 12- I have hated my lower body. It always looked big and fat to me no matter how skinny I got.

Since I started getting into weightlifting though, I never wanted to skip my lower body days because I thought that my legs would get even bigger. I have wanted to skip them because the exercises feel harder to me and I find them taxing to do (mentally and physically).

When I first read about lifting weights, I also read about the bulking myths. That is why I have never been worried about doing lower body workouts from that aspect- I had the true information right away.

Over the past few years, I have slowly come to accept my lower body. It is always going to be a little bit thicker then I want it to be due to my obvious dysmorphia issue though.

The 5 lower body exercises that helped me the most

Recently, I have noticed a wonderful change of shape in my lower body. My legs are looking better with more of a “curve” to them and my butt is perkier. I believe that this has to do with these five exercises that I have added into my workouts these past few months:

  1. Side lunges-

I don’t know how I only read about these lunges a year or so ago but I am glad I did. I have been doing them more recently and I love them.

2. Single leg glute bridges-

Whew! These can be tough but I feel that they have been a game changer for my butt.

3. Forward lunges-

I am used to doing reverse lunges as I thought that they would help my butt. Switching to forward lunges has seemingly helped to make my legs look better so I am going to continue to do them regularly.

4. Curtsy lunges-

I was looking for new lower body exercises to do one day and came across these. I thought they were weird and awkward at first but I have come to really like them. They are supposed to be great for the butt and I have to say that I think they worked for me!

5. Narrow squats-

I have been doing these narrow squats more regularly for the past three months now. The fact that they work the quads makes me think that they are one of the reasons why my legs are looking the way they do.

So, there you have it!

Those were the five different lower body exercises that have helped me the most in terms of getting the look that I want. I am still in awe of how effective they have been for me which makes me more motivated to do these workouts.

Remember that it is important to not skip working your lower body. So get out your weightlifting equipment and get to work!

Have you tried any of these five exercises? If so, how did you like them?

Thanks for reading!

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