Great Eats From Around The Net

We get all our food delivered in our household!

So, I am always on the hunt for new food/recipes to try. I usually scour sites like foodgawker and allrecipes to find some yummy stuff.

A while ago, I did a post showing you some eats/drinks I had been enjoying. Well, I have some more to show you in this post!

A disclaimer before I start

These foods may not be what you call, “healthy.” They probably don’t fit into a strict diet plan if you are not allowing yourself cheat days. Even still, these aren’t the “junkiest of junk foods.”

They aren’t even junk in my personal opinion!

Everything in moderation is how I live my life. I used to be much stricter about my diet but I have found that I can enjoy delicious foods (like the ones I will be showing you) while staying lean and healthy. You can too!

I also want to add that I put extra and different seasonings/spices to the savory dishes I am sharing with you. This is because most recipes are pretty bland in flavor just as is (my opinion). If you try any of them and you don’t like them, you may want to add more seasoning/spices or maybe they just aren’t for you.

The great eats from around the net

  1. Easy Tikka Masala by Damn Delicious
I don’t have a picture of what mine looks like but it is almost like this, I swear!

This was always my favorite dish at Indian restaurants. When I saw this easy recipe for it, I knew I had to make it! To us, it really does taste like what you would get at a restaurant. We have made it many times.

We enjoy it with naan and turmeric basmati rice.

2. Cotton Candy tea from DAVIDsTEA

I absolutely love DAVIDsTEA! When I saw an ad for this new rooibos tea blend, I had to buy it.

This tea is delicious-especially with cream or milk. My son loves it too and calls it, “cake tea.” I would say that is a more accurate description for it because I don’t really taste cotton candy when I drink it-which is just fine.

If you love dessert teas, give this one a try!

3. Wonton Soup by Fake Ginger

This is the easiest soup ever to make and so tasty too! The recipe called for chicken wontons but these pork ones were just fine in it. I had to add a lot of seasoning to this one but I am not knocking the recipe at all.

4. Mango chicken by The Cozy Apron

I love mangoes so when I saw this recipe on foodgawker, I was really interested in cooking it. This was so good that it went quickly in our house. It was amazing with some spiced basmati rice. I would recommend eating it that way if you are okay with extra carbohydrates.

This recipe will definitely be something we make a lot.

5. Zucchini chicken stir fry from Well Plated By Erin

I love, love, LOVE zucchini and I am often looking for recipes that use them. This one looked easy and delicious-which it was! It is also healthy as well.

The carbohydrate count per serving is pretty low in this dish. This is especially so if you don’t eat it with rice.

6. Blueberry Lemon Bread by Whisking Wolf

I love the flavor combination of blueberries and lemon. Because of that, this sweet bread recipe was perfect as a treat. It was a hit with all of us and did not last long just like Heather (the Whisking Wolf blogger) said it wouldn’t!

7. Creamy Chicken Enchilada Casserole by Inquiring Chef

Omg that looks so good!

I love all types of salsa so any recipe that uses a lot of it, is great in my book. This casserole does not disappoint in greatness.

The heartiness of it makes it perfect for my PMS cravings!

I highly recommend these

I am so glad that I found these recipes and I loved sharing them with you. Maybe you will like them too!

What great recipes have you tried recently?

Thanks for reading!

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