Scone Recipe Try-Out + A Life Setback

Scone Recipe Try-Out + A Life Setback

Recently, I have been having a rough time with some physical issues. I was doing really well for a while and then…bam! I get hit with the same crap I have had to deal with before.

As sad as this sounds, the only thing good about the past few days has been the scone recipe I tried out.

For this post, I will be reviewing the recipe and talking about my recent health problems.

The scone recipe

I was doing a scroll through of the foodgawker site again and I came across a wonderful scone recipe. I used to love making scones so this one really caught my eye.

The scone recipe comes from Chisel & Fork. It includes bacon, cheddar and chives. Sounds yummy right?

Well it was! I mean, holy cow.

They were super easy to make (in my opinion) and smelled wonderful in the oven. I was worried that they were going to be bland but I was totally wrong about that. They came out really flavorful and filling.

These did not last long at all in my house due to the deliciousness of them. They are not low carb, low calorie, low fat, vegan, vegetarian etc. but I was able to fit them into my diet just fine.

If you like scones and enjoy baking, I highly recommend trying these!

My life setback

As I already stated, I have been having some issues lately. I hate to admit it but for a few days I felt like I was back to the worst phase of my post-COVID adventure.

It all started with the last week of July where I had no tolerance for heat. I would go on a walk with my son around the neighborhood and struggle with the temperature outside. The temperature wasn’t even that high a couple of the days.

I also had a lot of trouble mowing which was easy before. Because of this, I would have to do parts of the yard on different days due to not being able to finish the whole thing.

Then, it all came to a head three days before typing this post.

I was trying to workout as usual and I realized that I just could not get through the cardio portion or the weightlifting. Breathing was really difficult and there was a weird tickly feeling in my chest. I also felt lightheaded.

I ended up having to lay down because I thought I was going to pass out. My heart rate was accelerated at 140 bpm even in this position. I felt awful!

I wasn’t even able to shower that night (gross I know) and had to have my husband do all of our son’s cares. Not only was my heart racing but I still had shortness of breath and lightheadedness as well.

I tried going to sleep but I just could not breath well enough to do so. This led me to not sleeping at all that night which didn’t help the way I felt. I did end up getting a nap in the next day though.

Ever since then, I have been having these symptoms (shortness of breath, accelerated heart rate and lightheadedness). I took a COVID-19 test which came out negative but I am told it could be a false negative. The problem with this is that there is absolutely no way I could have gotten exposed to the virus in the past few weeks due to my husband being on vacation from work and us literally not leaving our property for the entire time.

The only exposure I could have gotten to the virus would have been when going to the mailbox or on a walk (with no one around). I always wear goggles and two masks (N95 with a cloth mask over the top) just to step out of the door of our house so if this is the way I got it-the virus particles must have lingered in the air got around my masks.

That theory seems a little crazy to me though. I am sure not many people have to put on PPE just to take a few steps outside in a quiet neighborhood, right? If that is the way to get the COVID-19, then I feel like it is even more transmissible than we realize it is-and even more people would be getting it.

I have been thinking that I must be having a POTS/post-COVID flare-up that is lasting for several days for whatever reason. While I hate that I can’t workout hard like I am used to doing- I need to ride this out and get better again. I will be doing some weightlifting without the cardio bursts and light walking workouts on my cardio day.

What has been helping

For the past two days, I have actually found some relief. This is due to some things I have been doing/using. Here is a list of them:

  • Indulging in some salty snacks- I have been eating some chips and pickles in moderation. Throughout this flare-up or whatever it is, I have experienced salt cravings so I think that is why doing this has helped.
  • Laying under a weighted blanket- I love pressure on me. The comfort that the weighted blanket brought me definitely helped while I was laying down with a racing heart.
  • Gatorade- Sipping on this when I didn’t want to eat the salty snacks helped me and was a good substitute for them.
  • Increase of water intake- I am not good about getting fluids in so I think increasing my intake to four cups a day helped.
  • A good book and crypto quote puzzles- Being able to take my mind off of how weird/bad I felt has been a good thing.
  • Fitness watch and blood pressure cuff- These haven’t relieved any symptoms but they are helpful to have when it comes to keeping track of my heart rate and blood pressure.

If you are reading this and have POTS symptoms- consider trying these things. They may help you too!

This too shall pass

This isn’t the worse setback one could experience but it definitely has been a bummer for me. I will get through it though.

If you experience POTS and/or long-COVID symptoms- consider joining the many support groups out there for them. You can reach out to me, too!

Thanks for reading! Please stay safe out there, things are getting bad with this new variant. Do the things that can reduce your risk- distancing, masking, handwashing, exercise etc.

Disclaimer: My post may include affiliate links which means I will get part of the money from your clicks and purchases.

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