Super Goals For The Fall!

We are almost to fall. Whoa! I was hoping things would be better in terms of the pandemic but that didn’t happen. In fact, things are actually much worse.

Regardless of things still being crappy, I am determined to make the fall good for my family and I. This means that a another “Life Check-In” is in order.

I completed one a couple of days ago and I wanted to share my fall goals with you guys!

The Life Check-In environment

A big part of doing a check-in, is the environment. It needs to be set up in such a way that I can accurately asses my life and dig deep on things.

This means comfort, comfort, comfort!

To do this, I first pick out a comfortable place to sit and start making some tea (or coffee). Next, I find a good ambience video to watch/listen to. There are a lot of good ones so it usually takes me a few minutes.

Once my tea and ambience video are ready, I get out my handy-dandy notebook with my purple gel pen. Then I sit down and start thinking!

For this particular check-in, I sat in my favorite chair in the living room. Here is a picture of it:

Well loved and cozy!

The following is the ambience video that I picked to put on my TV:

I love the videos on this YouTube channel. This one in particular caught my eye due to the name. Leaving the past and moving forward is what I want to do.

My tea beverage of choice was the following:

I made myself a Pumpkin Chai latte. Absolutely delicious!

These three things together set the stage for another wonderful check-in!

How I am doing and goals

I decided to break this down into different parts of life…

Physical health-

I am doing great physically overall. My workouts are consistent, diet is relatively good, my supplements are having a positive effect etc.

The only goal I have for my physical health is to get in some more vegetables each day. They are so healthy and I just feel like I need more of them.

Mental health-

I am a naturally, extremely anxious person. This pandemic is not helping that at all. In fact-it is making it even worse.

My goal is to not read/watch so many stories about severe COVID infections. I know I need to stay vigilant and in the know about what is going on but I have been doing too much with these horror stories.

I don’t know how much good reaching this goal will do but I will try anyways. Sitting in my bed and crying is not conducive to a good life.


I have two goals for the fall in this area. They are as follows:

  1. Snag a remote job- I have a lot of skills and 1.5 college degrees (didn’t finish my master’s degree) to bring to the table. There is no way I wouldn’t be a good candidate for some of these jobs!
  2. Get my tea line going- Once I secure a job, my goal is to start a line of teas. I will reveal more about this when I actually get a job.


Family life is going well overall. I do have two goals and they are as follows:

  1. Reach out to loved ones more- I need to talk to my parents and brother more. Sometimes they don’t think I like them and that isn’t true- I am just bad about contacting people. I always wait for them to do it and I don’t want to do that anymore.
  2. Have more meals together (my husband, son and I)- We usually do our own thing when it comes to eating. I want us to start sitting at the table at the same time and eating some of the same things.

Romantic relationship-

My goal for this part of my life is to have some at-home date nights. I just want to keep our relationship fresh and fun which is hard to do when we can’t go out anywhere. Hopefully some of the ideas I have seen will work for us.

House and home-

My goal here is to keep my home cleaner and more organized. I am never going to be like the women I see on YouTube that have perfect homes but I can do better than what I have been.


I love to blog as a hobby. My goals for it are as follows:

  1. Increase my reach- I want to get a lot more views each day/week/month. To do this, I think I need to work on my SEO skills and go back to tweak some of my older posts. If you have any ideas for me about this, please leave a comment!
  2. Keep improving on content- I want to keep putting out quality content that is informative and helpful for many people.
  3. Improve look of site- I want to make some tweaks to how my site looks so that it makes people want to stay a bit longer.

I also love to read but haven’t been doing it much as of late (I sure have bought a lot of books though!). My goal is to read at least one book a month starting in the fall.


I try not to be vain, but I do care about the way I look. Because of this, there are some goals I have for fall regarding the outer physical part of me. They are as follows:

  1. Maintain my facial skin- At this point, there really is no other option for my skin when it comes to clearing up my severe hyperpigmentation. My goal is to just focus on using the things that don’t make it any worse (aloe Vera gel, rosehip oil and sunscreen) instead of wasting money on so called dark spot removers. I have pretty much given up at this point.
  2. Clear up my back and chest acne- My goal is to have the acne in these areas get cleared up. I am going keep using my sulfur/salicylic acid soap most days of the week.
  3. Figure out how to retwist my locs- My goal is be successful at retwisting my locs this fall. It has got to be done! I don’t feel it is safe to go to the salon and I don’t really want to spend the money anymore.
  4. More consistency with under eye massages- My goal is to be doing the Gua Sha massage and LED light massage under my eyes multiple times a week. I fell off the band wagon a bit with that and I want to get back on it to see results.

So there are my fall goals!

I really like doing these check-ins. They allow me to come up with goals that will help me feel even better about myself and life. Even if I don’t reach them all the way- the fact that I tried is good enough.

What goals do you guys have for the fall?

Thanks for reading!

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