Red Light Therapy Lamp + Review

Beauty routines can be fun and filled with happiness if the right products are found. Fortunately, there is no shortage of products!

Red light therapy lamps are products that aren’t the most popular things to have in one’s skincare routine but they seem to be getting a bit more press these days because of the benefits they are said to have.

In this post, the use of red light therapy lamps will be discussed along with my review of the one I have.

About red light therapy

Red light therapy is about exposing one’s body to low levels of red light. It was started back in 1896 and gained more popularity in 1903.

Using red light was first found to be a successful as a treatment for lupus vulgaris. This is a skin condition that manifests from one having tuberculosis infection. The success that this treatment had on the nodules that the condition causes, was what has made its use maintain relevancy.

The theory is that the red light causes cells to make more energy when one’s skin is exposed to it. This in turn is said to cause the repairing and rejuvenation of the skin as well as muscle tissues that the light hits.

The benefits touted for red light therapy include the following:

  • Reduction of pain- It has been said that red light can reduce joint, muscle, bone and tendon pain.
  • Stimulation of hair growth.
  • Skin improvement- It has been said that red light can help with wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, acne, sun damage, burns and hyperpigmentation.
  • Helping one get to sleep- If used at night, it has been said that it can help with issues getting to sleep.
  • Helping mental health conditions- It has been said that red light can help with depression, anxiety and increase mental energy.

Although doing red light therapy is generally safe, there have been some side effects that people have experienced. They are as follows:

  • Irritation and burns- This can happen if the light is too hot and is close to or touching one’s skin.
  • Head and eye aches- This can happen if one is sensitive to looking into the red light. It can be prevented by wearing blackout goggles.
  • Bad mood- Mood issues such as anxiety, sadness and irritation have occurred in people who do red light therapy.
  • Nausea.
  • Worsening of skin issues.

All in all, it is best to do your own research and talk to a doctor in order to figure out if red light therapy is something worth trying.

Doing red light therapy

If you choose to embark on a red light therapy journey, there are ways to go about it that will help you potentially get the touted benefits of it.

First, you will need to consult with your doctor before you begin.

The second thing is to decide if you are going to do the treatments at a spa, doctor’s office or if you want to get an at-home device. Here is some information about each of those options:

Spa option

There are many spas that offer red light therapy as a treatment. It typically involves one laying down under a red light. A lot of times it is done in accordance with other facial treatments (i.e. face mask). The treatments can cost up to $300 per session.

Doctor’s office

Since scientific evidence is still lacking in regards to the use of red light therapy, not a lot of doctor’s provide this service. Some do feel that the treatment heals psoriasis, though. Because of this, you need to look around in your area and see if any doctors provide the therapy. If you do decide to go this route, be aware that it will probably be costly as insurance may not cover it.

At-home option

There are many red light therapy devices that can be bought and used in the comfort of your own home. It is best to do your research and look up what others have to say about each one you look at. For this option, you are looking at spending at least $80. The good thing about getting your own device is that you can do as many treatments as you want per week without being charged per session. You can find an article that reviews different devices here:

It is said that the number of sessions needed per week to get the alleged benefits is at least three. This is definitely easier to do if you have your own device. Also, the typical wavelength of red light that is necessary is 660-850 nm (nanometers).

For the red light to properly penetrate the skin, it is important for it to be clean. This means that the area you want the light to hit should be cleansed beforehand. There has also been some research showing that applying green tea to the skin before (wait 20 minutes) doing red light therapy can make the sessions even more effective.

It is recommended that the red light source is kept 6-25 inches away from the skin with an optimal session time range of 10-20 minutes.

My lamp review

I have done a post on red light therapy before. At that time I was using a cheap, red light massage wand three times a week for ten minutes. I wasn’t getting any results and I also found it to be annoying.

I wanted to get a lamp and use that instead of the wand because all I would have to do is just sit there and let the light hit me. No more having to slide a wand around my face and not get all of my problem areas exposed for at least ten minutes.

On an Amazon search, I came across the Serfory brand red light lamp and decided to buy it despite it not having very many reviews (I guess I took a gamble?). I thought it was something I could afford at the time and if it worked- it may just give me the results I was looking for.

When the lamp came in the mail, I was really excited and very impressed with the product right away. Not only was there the lamp but it also came with goggles if one is sensitive to red light in their eyes.

The lamp’s base is very sturdy and works well on any flat surface. When it comes to aiming the light at yourself, the arm and head of the lamp are adjustable. This makes it able to hit most areas that you are trying to treat. The wavelength of the light is 660 nm which is in the alleged therapeutic range.

I became hooked the first time using it!

I have been using it every night since I got it in late January (of this year). I cleanse my skin first and then sit in front of it with all of the light hitting my face. I do this for 20 minutes every night.

My recent skin problems have been a rough texture, hyperpigmentation spots/patches and two very fine lines on my forehead. Since using the red light lamp nightly, the texture of my skin has gotten so much smoother and the forehead lines are now gone.

I am loving the results!

It is kind of a bummer that it hasn’t faded the hyperpigmentation but I have accepted the fact that no product is probably strong enough for the spots/patches. My plan is to keep using the lamp every night and if something comes along that I feel may actually help the hyperpigmentation, I may look into it.

This was a great buy for me!

I am really glad that I bought the lamp as it has proven to work well for my skin. If you are interested in trying out red light therapy, I would highly recommend the lamp I got or any one like it. Just make sure to talk to your doctor first.

Have any of you done red light therapy before? If so, did you see any results?

Thanks for reading!

Affiliate disclaimer: I am part of an affiliate program. This means that I may receive a commission off of any clicks and purchases you make.

Health disclaimer: I am not a doctor so nothing that I say can be taken as a substitute for medical advice. I am merely just relaying information I have learned. It is best to consult with your doctor before trying anything new. Your health is your own and I am not liable for any consequences you face from your choices.

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