TruSkin Vitamin C Serum + Review

TruSkin Vitamin C Serum + Review

Vitamin C is one ingredient that is said to have skin benefits. This is why you will find it in many popular products.

I have been using vitamin C serums for quite a while now, with the one from TruSkin being the most recent one. For this post I wanted to talk about it and give my review.

Why vitamin C for our skin?

Vitamin C is not only said to help the immune system but may have antioxidant activity as well. Because of this, it is used in skincare where it is found to do the following things:

  1. Treat signs of aging- fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Fade dark marks from hyperpigmentation
  3. Even out the skin tone
  4. Brighten up the skin tone

There are a different forms of vitamin C, with l-ascorbic being the most powerful for the skin. In addition to it being found in skincare products, you can also buy the vitamin C powder and make your own product (here is a good recipe

The TruSkin vitamin C serum

TruSkin offers a variety of products- serums, cleansers, moisturizers and toners. They are formulated to treat skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, dullness, oiliness and acne.

Their vitamin C serum is one of their best selling products. It is sold in a 1 oz dropper bottle and costs around $20.

As with any vitamin C serum, it is supposed to be used only in the mornings. It is also recommended to be put on your neck because that is an area that can get an aged appearance to it.

The type of vitamin C that is in the serum is sodium ascorbyl phosphate. This is considered to be less effective for our skin than the other forms of vitamin C.

Some of the ingredients in this serum besides vitamin C include vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, aloe, witch hazel, Gotu Kola and more. There is no fragrance added to it.

My thoughts on TruSkin vitamin C serum

I have actually used this serum off and on for the past couple years. In these past five or so months, I have been using it every morning.

Despite my faithful use of it, I have not seen any results.

I guess what has attracted me to it has been the cost and the fact that vitamin C is supposed to be beneficial. I was thinking that I was doing something good for my skin and that maybe it would eventually work. Ha!

Now that I see that the vitamin C that it contains is not very potent, I am thinking that that is the reason as to why it has not done anything for my skin. It is not strong enough for me.

I do like that this product does not have added fragrance to it. Also, it has not caused breakouts.

I can’t say that this product is bad and that I do not recommend it. My skin has some severe problems and I need products that are a lot more powerful than this vitamin C serum is. It has great reviews so it obviously works for other people-but unfortunately not me.

Go ahead and give it a try

I think if you are reading this and interested in trying TruSkin Vitamin C Serum, go for it! Do not let my experience with it deter you. My skin problems are probably more severe than most.

If you have tried it before or are currently using it, let me know your thoughts on it!

Thanks for reading!

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Fitness Blender Calorie Burn Comparison

Fitness Blender Calorie Burn Comparison

I really like Fitness Blender and all they have to offer in terms of at-home workouts. Their videos have given me the inspiration to formulate my own workouts that I feel are best for me.

Every one of Fitness Blender’s workouts videos has an estimated calorie burn range. Just out of interest, I have decided to do one of their workouts every once in a while and wear my fitness watch to see how many calories I actually burn.

This post will be the first comparison I do. Read on if interested!

Fitness Blender workout done: Daniel’s Upper Body Strength Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily

This is one of their many upper body workouts they offer. It is catered towards people who do not like a lot of repetition in their workouts.

This particular workout has three groups of strength training-no cardio. Each group focuses on two areas of the upper body (chest/back, shoulders/lats, biceps/triceps). There are eight exercises in each group.

The exercises in the groups are done back-to-back for 45 seconds each. There is a water break/longer rest after each group. The workout also includes a warm-up and cool down.

The duration of the entire workout is only 39 minutes due to the fast pace of the strength training. The weight you are to lift is entirely up to you and what you are able to handle.

This workout’s calorie burn estimate range: 227-404 calories

My take on this workout and my calorie burn

I usually do bursts of cardio with my strength training workouts to add in some extra calorie burning. This workout’s cardio-like activity comes from moving fast. A little bit of a change for me!

Despite it looking kind of easy, my arms definitely got really fatigued before the workout was over. It is actually not something I am used to when doing strength training.

Having my arms tired only part of the way through the workout seemed like a great sign to me!

Upon completion of this workout, I felt like I got a wonderful workout in even though there was no cardio. I had a feeling I was going to be sore then next day and I sure was.

I loved the way the workout was set up and I can definitely see how it would be good for someone who finds more traditional weight lifting to be boring.

My calorie burn for this workout (according to my watch) was only 120 calories. So despite feeling like I was working hard, I did not burn as much as Fitness Blender’s estimated calorie burn range for the particular workout. Bummer

I still really enjoyed this workout though and I would recommend it to others!

In conclusion

While I liked the workout and it did challenge me, I did not reach the calories burned estimate. What I plan on doing is taking this workout and making it my own. I will do a post about my changes to it in a few days.

Have you done Fitness Blender workouts? If so, did you like them?

Thanks for reading!

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20 Things That May Treat Hyperpigmentation and Melasma

20 Things That May Treat Hyperpigmentation and Melasma

Hyperpigmentation and melasma are unwanted dark marks on the skin. They can range in severity but are almost always hard to get rid of.

There are things that may help lighten them that are found in some skincare products and/or sold by itself. This post is a roundup of all the possible treatments for these skin concerns.

Causes of hyperpigmentation and melasma

Both hyperpigmentation and melasma show up as dark marks on our skin. There is a difference between the conditions though. The following is a description of the two of them:

Hyperpigmentation- This is an excess production of melanin due to reasons such as sunspots, acne, wounds, cuts and from picking at the skin. These dark marks are common in people with darker skin tones.

Melasma- This is a condition that is mainly hormonal in nature. The dark marks are usually from some types of birth control or pregnancy.

When it comes to preventing dark spots, there are some things one can do. These include wearing sun protection when outside, getting acne under control and trying not to pick at your skin (if that is a problem).

Things that can treat hyperpigmentation and melasma

Without further ado, here are the options for the fading of dark marks:

  • Hydroquinone- This is a high-powered skin lightening agent. It is in a few different OTC creams at up to 2% strength. Anything over that percentage is prescription only. It may cause irritation and/or the skin to get even darker unfortunately. If one is going to use it, it should not be used for long periods of time.
  • Alpha arbutin-This comes from a plant called, bearberry. It is found in a few skincare products and can be bought in powder form. It may lighten dark spots and even out skin tones in a gentle way.
  • Aloe vera gel- This comes from the aloe vera plant. It is nontoxic, soothing and full of antioxidants. It may fade dark spots and treat acne.
  • Niacinamide- This is a form of vitamin B3. In addition to it being able to tackle dark spots, it can also improve texture and balance oil. It is found in powders, skincare products and capsules.
  • Licorice extract- This is from the licorice plant. It may also treat acne and reduce signs of aging in addition to the dark spot fading effects. It is found in skincare products, powders, capsules and liquid drops.
  • Mulberry extract- This is taken from the leaves of mulberry fruits. The extract is sold in skincare products, powders, capsules and liquid drops.
  • Korean red ginseng- This is an herb from Korea. It has compounds in it that may decrease pigmentation. It is sold in powder, energy drinks, tea, liquid drops, gummy and capsule form.
  • Ginkgo-This is a kind of tree. Extract from the leaves is used for its alleged body and mind benefits. The antioxidants it contains may also help with hyperpigmentation. It is sold in some skincare products as well as teas, oils, capsules and liquid drop form.
  • Resveratrol- This is an extract that can be taken from things like grapes, wine, blueberries and chocolate. Its antioxidant activity may provide anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and skin lightening effects. It is sold in some skincare products, powders and capsules.
  • Kojic acid- This is a chemical that comes from different types of fungi. You can find it in powder form, chemical peels, serums and many soaps.
  • Papaya- This contains alpha-hydroxy acids that lighten dark spots. You can puree the fruit and use it as a mask or get it in powdered extract, serum, juice, tablet, capsule, gummy and oil form.
  • Turmeric- This is made from the root of the curcuma longa plant which is in the same family as ginger. It has antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. It may help with acne and dark spots. You can make face masks with the powder and there are also soaps made with it.
  • Hesperidin- This is a flavonoid that comes from citrus fruits. It may help with wound healing, acne and dark spots. You can find it sold in powder and capsule form.
  • Rosehip oil- This comes from rosehips which are fruits from rose plants. They are full of vitamin C and A. Those two vitamins may help with fading dark spots, brightening the skin and fighting acne.
  • Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA)- These acids are great for the exfoliation of our skin. The ones that are best for dark marks include lactic (from sour milk), glycolic (from sugar) and mandelic (from almonds) acid. Of those three acids, glycolic is the strongest. These acids are found in serums, lotions and chemical peels.
  • Beta hydroxy acids  (BHA)- These acids are a lot like alpha hydroxy acids. The difference is that beta hydroxy acids go deeper into the skin. They are best for acne and oily skin conditions but may also treat hyperpigmentation. These can be found in serums, lotions and chemical peels.
  • Trichloroacetic acid (TCA)-This acid is related to acetic acid which is found in vinegar. It is used to make very strong peels that aid in anti-aging, fading dark marks, fixing textural issues and reading the appearance of scars. This acid may do more harm than good for people of darker skin tones.
  • Phytic acid- This is found in rice, legumes and seeds. It provides exfoliation and brightening benefits. The acid is not as well-known as other ones, but it is in a few serums and chemical peels on the market.
  • Retinol and Retin-A- Both of these come from vitamin A. Retinol is the pure form and Retin-A is the synthetic form of the vitamin. The latter is stronger which may lead to better results. They both may help with acne, anti-aging, dark spots and uneven skin tone.
  • Differin- This is a prescription strength retinoid that is available OTC. It is gentler than Retin-A and is FDA approved to treat acne (might be better for that purpose). Differin may also help with dark marks if they are from acne.
  • Sunscreen- This is really important as UV rays can do a lot of damage over time. Putting it on throughout the day can make sure that dark marks do not get any worse than how they already are. An SPF of at least 30 is recommended.

Other possible things that people say have helped them include cinnamon, honey and pumpkin puree. DIY face masks are usually created with these three ingredients and applied once or twice a week.

My take on all these possible treatments

My hyperpigmentation comes from skin picking, acne, cuts and scratches. The dark marks are extremely stubborn and do not seem to go away or get lighter.

I have tried a lot of things on this list over the years and it is frustrating that nothing has really worked. My plan is to make my own skincare product that uses some of these ingredients as well as DMAE for more anti-aging benefits.

Currently I am using vitamin C serum from Makeup Artist’s Choice, aloe vera gel, almond oil, sunscreen, chemical peels every week and a LED light massage wand (red and green settings).

In conclusion

There are many options available that may help fade dark marks on your skin. Only using one of them may not yield the results you want so it would be good to look for products that contain multiple lightening agents.

Have any of you suffered from hyperpigmentation and/or melasma? What have you used to treat it?

Thanks for reading!

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Melatonin: Not Just For Sleep?!

Melatonin: Not Just For Sleep?!

Melatonin is one of those popular supplements that can be found in a lot of stores. It is known as something that helps put people to sleep at night.

One might be surprised to find out that there may be other benefits that taking melatonin has. In this post, I will be discussing these possible additional effects.

What melatonin is

Melatonin is a hormone that is produced by our own bodies. It comes from the pineal gland which is in the epithalamus of the brain.

This hormone is made in response to darkness and helps to regulate our sleep cycles. Sometimes people may not make enough of it and finds that supplementing with it helps them. Others find that supplementation with it does not help them fall asleep.

Melatonin is sold in tablets, gummies, syrups and capsules. The strength of the doses ranges from 1-60 mg.

There may be side effects when supplementing with melatonin. They are as follows:

  • Daytime drowsiness
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Stomach upset
  • Diarrhea

What melatonin may also do for us

There are said to be some benefits that melatonin has besides sleeping ones. They are as follows:

  • Provide antioxidant effects: It may be comparable to the antioxidant level of vitamin C.
  • May have neuroprotective effects
  • Cancer prevention
  • Blood pressure reduction
  • May treat acid reflux
  • May ease pain (ex. migraines and menstrual cramps)
  • May have anti-inflammatory effects when it comes to swelling, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and ulcerative colitis.
  • May help PCOS symptoms: Some evidence suggests that melatonin helps with menstrual irregularity, infertility, testosterone levels and hirsutism.
  • May boost the immune system.

Melatonin and COVID-19

For quite a few months now, there have been some blurbs about melatonin possibly being a preventative and/or treatment for COVID-19. This, like the other alleged benefits, are lacking evidence behind them.

How melatonin came into play for COVID-19 was when scientists noticed that melatonin users had seemingly lower odds of getting the virus. The scientists eventually came to find that they are 28% less likely to test positive for it.

It was also found that melatonin could possibly prevent severe disease and the development of becoming  a long-hauler.

There is currently a trial going on with melatonin as a possible treatment for COVID-19. The catch is that the dosage is very high- way more than what people would take in their daily lives.

My experiences with melatonin

I have tried supplementing with melatonin multiple times in my life.

There were phases I went through where I was not sleeping well for whatever reason. During these times I decided to take 1-4 mg tablets of it around 30 minutes before I wanted to go to bed.

Recently, I decided to try taking it everyday for PCOS/hormonal reasons. This is due to me having read about it in the  Period Power Manual as helping with PMS. For this, I was taking 2 mg before bed.

I can honestly say that every time I have taken melatonin, I have gotten bad side effects. It has not mattered the brand or dosage of them. Taking them makes me unable to stay asleep for long periods of time, gives me stomach cramps and makes me angry the next day.

Because of these bad effects that I get, I am unfortunately not going to be taking it at all anymore. The only reason why I would take it is if it is in indeed found to be a useful treatment for COVID-19. In that circumstance though, I would only take it for a short amount of time to kill off the virus.

Yes, melatonin may help with other things

It may or may not be a well known fact that melatonin could have benefits aside from helping with sleep. There needs to be more studies done on it though.

If you are considering taking it, do your research first.

Have you taken melatonin before? What was your experience?

Thanks for reading!

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My Goals For 2021!

My Goals For 2021!

I can not believe that this year is coming to an end…but I am glad it is. The year 2020, has been good at all (in my opinion) and the need for starting fresh is high.

It is important to look at our lives once in a while and analyze where we are at. Making changes and improvements as needed can make for better times personally as well professionally.

I have come up with what I want to have happen in my life in 2021 and I thought I would do a quick post on them.

First, what went wrong in 2020

I was hoping (as others were) that 2020 was going to be a good year for me but it was not for multiple reasons. The following is a list of why it sucked:

  1. The pandemic happened: COVID-19 swept over the world and made things horrible for everyone. Suffering, death, disruption, destruction etc. all over the news everyday.
  2. Got infected and became a long-hauler: My family and I all came down with COVID-19 in late February-early March. Unfortunately, I became what is known as a “long-hauler.” This means that I have been left with lingering symptoms. I am around 96% of the way back to my old self but I still have some annoying stuff I have deal with.
  3. Did not get any business: I planned to start up my home daycare again because I have seemingly no other ways of making money and the pandemic ruined that plan. I could not find any clients nor did I want to risk my family and I getting infected-again.
  4. My hyperpigmentation got worse: I think I picked at my skin a little more than usual in 2020 and I also got a few more pimples than I am used. These two things were probably due to stress. Because of them, I ended up with worse hyperpigmentation than I have ever had.

I am sure there are more things than what I listed above but those are the ones that stand out to me the most.

My goals for 2021

I want better things for 2021. Here are my goals:

  1. Start making money/get clients for my daycare: This was my goal for 2020 and it did not happen. I really want and need it to happen for 2021.
  2. Be completely recovered from COVID-19: This is something my body will have to do on its own but my goal is for it to happen.
  3. To not get reinfected: I do not want my family and I to get COVID-19 again because it may kill one or all of us this next time around.
  4. Grow this blog: I want to put out quality content and reach more people.
  5. Get my cookbook made and published: I am currently working on a cookbook about cooking using tea bags. My goal is to finish it in 2021, get a website set up for it (with a blog reviewing different types of tea on it) and get some sales.
  6. Maintain my fitness level/body fat percentage: I am at a good place right now in regards to how my body looks. I want to keep it like this into 2021. That means I will continue to intermittent fast, workout 5-6 days a week and watch my diet.
  7. Help people reach their fitness and body goals: I created health and fitness journals/planners to help people get their bodies where they want them to be. My hope is that people will use them and reach their goals.
  8. Start my fragrance-free hair care line: For a while now I have been wanting to start making products for people that are sensitive to fragrances and have a drier hair type like I do. I have written up the business plan and the product formulations already. Now, I just need to be able to buy the ingredients, containers and labels.
  9. Fade my hyperpigmentation- I want to find some good products for my skincare routine that will actually work to fade some of my dark spots.

Better days are ahead

We all need to keep up hope. Scientists are learning more about this new virus and hopefully there will be better ways to treat it soon.

I want to have 2021 be a great year for me and I am willing to work for hard in order for that to happen.

What are your goals for 2021?

Thanks for reading!

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