How To Fix Your Hormonal Nausea

There are a lot of uncomfortable symptoms (physical and mental) that hormones can cause. The severity level of them and number can all vary depending on the person. When they are experienced can be variable as well. Nausea is just one of the symptoms a person can suffer from as they go through their menstrual… Continue reading How To Fix Your Hormonal Nausea

This Week’s Workout Review: SELF’s HIIT Workout

Hey home workout people! I am back with another workout review for you this week. These are fun for me to do and they also provide you with a workout option to try. Without further ado, here is the workout I picked and my review of it. What and why For this review, I chose… Continue reading This Week’s Workout Review: SELF’s HIIT Workout

Be Careful With Supplements: My Moringa Experience

Being a supplement junkie has some cons to it. I have tried quite a few things that backfired on me in various ways. I already did a post a while back about trying evening primrose oil and how it made me feel horrible. Well, moringa is another thing I tried that did me wrong. I… Continue reading Be Careful With Supplements: My Moringa Experience

This Week’s Workout Review: Fitness Blender #1

I said in my recent post about my goals for 2022, that I was going to be doing a weekly workout review. This is where I will be replacing one of my workouts each week with another one that I find around the net. Doing these workouts and reviewing them will be fun for me… Continue reading This Week’s Workout Review: Fitness Blender #1

So, You Have Tuberous Breasts…

Breasts come in all different shapes and sizes. They are considered to be a quintessential part of the "feminine" look. Unfortunately, this is what makes a deformity in one or both of them to be hard to deal with mentally and sometimes even physically. Tuberous breasts are one of the types of deformities that can… Continue reading So, You Have Tuberous Breasts…