Another Celebrity with PCOS: Keke Palmer

Another Celebrity with PCOS: Keke Palmer

PCOS may cause skin problems but see above^

I did a post a while back talking about the actress, Sasha Pieterse (Pretty Little Liars) who has PCOS. Yesterday I ended up coming across an article that profiled another actress named, Keke Palmer and the effects of her PCOS diagnosis on her skin.

I was excited to showcase the article and discuss it in a post for you all!

Who is Keke Palmer

Keke is a 27 year old actress and singer from Illinois. She is best known for her roles in Akeelah and the Bee (a movie), Barbarshop 2: Back in Business (a movie), True Jackson,VP (a sitcom) and Madea’s Family Reunion (a movie).

Her music career includes one studio album, a stint on a Broadway musical and a couple of concert tours.

Keke’s People Magazine article

This article focuses on Keke’s struggles with acne and how it eventually led to her PCOS diagnosis. She also talks a little about how Tyler Perry (creator of the Madea character) helped pay for dermatologist treatments when she was a teenager.

Keke makes sure to mention how lucky she is to have access to treatments and that she knows many other women are not able to afford them.

There are pictures of her acne and hyperpigmentation in the article as well so that people know what she has been dealing with. She mentions her makeup routine for covering the marks and that it can be found on her Instagram in order to help other women with the same issues.

My thoughts on the article

All of my thoughts on Keke’s article are positive. Here they are:

  1. I thought it was wonderful that an actress came forward to talk about having PCOS. The diagnosis is becoming increasingly common among women so there is bound to be several famous women with it. This humanizes them a little more.
  2. The fact that she is black and showcasing PCOS really makes me happy. The article may help other black women who are dealing with hormonal issues realize they are not alone and seek treatment.
  3. I loved that she showed the severity of her skin problems. My hyperpigmentation is really bad as well and sometimes I feel like no one else has it as bad as I do. This article jolted me back to the reality of the fact that I am not alone in my struggles.
  4. I love that she mentioned how annoying it is when people say that those of us with skin issues need to eat better or drink more water. This annoys me too because those two things do not always make much of a difference. Some of us need heavy-duty treatments that go along with them.

In conclusion

I really enjoyed seeing this article on a personal level. It is also great on a larger level in that it gets PCOS out there. Many women are suffering and do not know that there is a name for what is happening to them.

You can find the People article here:

Thanks for reading!

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Sasha Pieterse: A Not So Pretty Little Diagnosis

Sasha Pieterse: A Not So Pretty Little Diagnosis

Seeing PCOS in the media will help get the word out.

As a woman who suffers from PCOS, I appreciate hearing/reading about other people’s experiences with this diagnosis. This is because it makes me see that I am not alone with my struggles and gives me ideas on how to treat it.

I am sure others feel this way too.

There are celebrities that have PCOS. Since they have such a huge platform to work with, them speaking out about their diagnosis can do a world of good for many of us.

Actress, Sasha Pieterse, is one of the celebrities with PCOS and she has talked about it in the past.  

Pretty Liars Fame

Most people have heard of this popular show! I myself went through a period of liking it even though I was probably a little too old for it. I never watched the last two seasons as I got sick of it.

I have no idea who “A” is, and I don’t really care to be honest.

Sasha played the character named, Alison DiLaurentis. The character is like a “mean girl.” Popular and manipulative.

I was surprised to find out that she was only 12 years old at the start of the show. Whoa! I would have never guessed that. She did a great job though.

One of the things that was noticeable to fans over the run of the show was her weight gain. She was shamed for it which was most likely really upsetting.

Sigh. I could never be a celebrity!

After a while she decided to speak about how PCOS was to blame for the gain.

What she had to say

Sasha talked about the amount of weight that she gained (70 pounds) and the fact that she did not know what was going on. She also suffered from irregular periods. It took a lot of doctor’s appointments for her to finally end up with the PCOS diagnosis.

This is unfortunately all too common when it comes to women with this hormonal disease. Things go haywire in our bodies and we have to get multiple medical appointments/tests to find the answers. Some doctors know a lot about PCOS but many do not so we might not get much help from them.

Sasha is pregnant!

I came across a recent article talking about how she is expecting her first child! Check it out:

Fertility is one of the things that PCOS can negatively affect so seeing that she is pregnant may give other women hope that they can be too.

Getting PCOS in the media is very beneficial

It is important that more people know about this condition. A lot of women are suffering in silence not knowing what is going on with them and many doctors do not understand it.

Another thing that I hope PCOS in the media will do is bring light to the fact that weight can be very difficult for some of us with it to manage. I have read that quite a few women with this diagnosis get accused of stuffing their faces with junk food and being too lazy to workout. That is really hurtful for people to hear.

All PCOS sufferers deserve to get their voices heard and get a treatment plan that works for them.

Thanks for reading!

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