Activities I Hate doing

Activities I Hate doing

I have done a lot of different types of indoor and outdoor activities that make for great exercise. Some of them I really do not like. Here are just a few of them…

Yuck: swimming

I was put into swimming lesson classes when I was little and passed them. As a little kid, I really liked to go swimming like a lot of other kids do. Once I reached 13 and decided that swimming was absolutely not something I was ever going to do again.

Not only did I hate the way I looked in swimming suits but I also hated the way the material felt. That combined with all of the dirty pool areas, locker rooms and bathrooms made for a horrible experience. It all seemed so gross!

A year or so ago I decided to give swimming another shot after reading articles about how it is allegedly the best workout ever (see one of them here: ). Well needless to say, it was still horrible and gross to me.

I will never swim again. If anyone reading this likes to swim, that is great and I wish I did too.

Just no: biking

I do know how to bike. My parents taught me when I was five and it did not take very long to master it. That being said, I hate biking.

I get nervous about being able to stop even though I know how to. This causes me to go slow and grip the handles so hard that it hurts. Not only will I not get a good workout but I will also not get anywhere.

My step daughters love to bike and I really wish that I could do that with them. It would be awesome to have a family biking trip on some beautiful trails. Good exercise and fresh air sounds amazing!

Too bad I would be crying the whole time.

Ugh: rowing

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Green creature

I have tried rowing both on an actual boat and on rowing machines at fitness centers. It is definitely not for me.

First of all, doing actual rowing on a boat involves me being in a swimming suit. If you read the swimming section you would know how I feel about those. Second of all, I greatly dislike water dwelling creatures.

When it comes to the rowing machines, the sound of them drive me insane.They actually make me feel dizzy for some reason. Also, the air that shoots out of them at my face is extremely unpleasant.

Last one: Tennis

Funny Dogs Dachshund, Playing Tennis, Video, Gif

People have had the annoying assumption that I like tennis just because I am black like the Williams sisters. That is not true at all. It is great to see black women winning though.

Trying this sport was embarrassing to say the least. I could not serve correctly and it scared me when the balls were coming at me. That meant that I missed every single one of them.

The person who was playing against me ended up with an ego boost because they thought they were really good.

No. I am just really bad.

Honorable mention

  1. Golf
  2. Softball/baseball
  3. Handball