I Drank Red Raspberry Leaf Tea And Here Is How It Went!

I Drank Red Raspberry Leaf Tea And Here Is How It Went!

I love drinking hot teas and I have since I was 15 years old. The warmth and the different flavors relax me while exciting my tastes buds.

The idea that the different plants used to make these teas can possibly have health benefits, is really interesting to me.

I experienced a bout of nausea again the day before my period was set to start in this last menstrual cycle. Peppermint tea is a common thing I use to quell it but this time I decided to try red raspberry leaf instead.

In this post, I will talk a little bit about these leaves and my experience drinking them in tea form!

Some information on red raspberry leaf

The raspberry plant is native to Europe and Asia. While not the most popular fruit to eat in the world, it still has a nutrient profile that many people love.

The leaves that come along with this fruit are also edible and considered to be nutritious. They contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, iron, potassium and antioxidants.

 If you are interested in consuming the leaves, they need to be gathered before the plant blooms and done in mid-morning. Once you have gotten all the leaves you want, you will need to dry them. When they can crumble easily in your fingers, they are ready to be stored in an airtight container (keep the leaves whole when you store them).

 To make tea with the leaves, it is best to use one tablespoon per eight ounces of boiling water. The leaves need to be steeped for around ten minutes for a full-strength cup (or cups) of tea.

Red raspberry leaf tea has a nice fruity smell to it. There is no fruity taste to the tea though. Most people who drink it say the flavor is more like that of black tea.

You can find red raspberry leaf sold in tea bags, whole leaves, liquid extract and capsules.

Alleged benefits

Red raspberry leaves are said to provide some specific health benefits. They are as follows:

  1. Induces labor
  2. Balances hormones in women
  3. Reduces the severity of menstrual cramps
  4. Lightens period flow
  5. Relieves nausea/morning sickness
  6. Boosts the immune system
  7. Soothes sore throats

There is very little scientific evidence behind any of these benefits. You can find a lot of anecdotal evidence for these though!

Science does show that red raspberry leaf may have some estrogenic effects to it. It is best to be aware of that if you choose to consume it.

My experience with red raspberry leaf tea

So as stated before, I had some gnarly nausea before my period was going to start in this past cycle.

When I looked into the cabinet that I keep my tea in, I saw that I had some red raspberry leaf tea from Traditional Medicinals. I remembered that I had bought it a while back for the nausea and menstrual cramp benefits. This made me decide to have a cup of it.

I made sure that it was not expired first so I did not make my stomach situation worse. Since the bags had not gone bad, I went ahead and made one cup to start off.

I sweetened my cup of the tea with sucralose (yes, I realize that is considered bad). The taste of it was very pleasant and was indeed like black tea. I liked it a lot.

It was easy to get down despite the way I was feeling. Within 15 minutes or so of drinking it, I began to have some relief from the nausea. It was not totally gone, but it was getting better.

I decided to have another cup because it tasted so good to me. After the second one, I felt even better!

A third cup was not necessary.

Permanently part of my nausea fighting arsenal

I do not know what makes these leaves helpful for nausea but I am not going to complain. It tastes better than peppermint tea and it works really well. I will be drinking it in the days before my period from now on.

Have any of you had red raspberry leaf tea? If so, did you like it?

Thanks for reading!

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Let’s Talk About Apple Cider Vinegar!

Let’s Talk About Apple Cider Vinegar!

There are certain things that get a ton of buzz in the media. These can include food, diets, exercises, apps, books, technology products and more.

One thing that has gotten a lot of media exposure is that of apple cider vinegar. It has been touted by celebrities and regular people as doing various wonderful things. Does it really though?

Let’s look at what the research has to say about apple cider vinegar!

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is like white vinegar except that is made from fermented apple juice instead of grain alcohol. That is why it is brown instead of clear. They both have a strong scent but you can definitely pick out the apples in apple cider vinegar.

Vinegar contains something called acetic acid. This is a chemical that has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Apple cider vinegar is about 5-6% acetic acid with the rest being water.

This type of vinegar has a PH level of two which means it is mildly acidic. It contains trace amounts of potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, calcium and sulfur.

You can also find apple cider vinegar in gummies and capsules.

What can it allegedly do for us?

There are a lot of claims in regards to what apple cider vinegar can be used for. Some of these claims have a little bit of research behind them and some are purely anecdotal.  

Here is a list of what people use apple cider vinegar for and if there is any evidence that it can actually help:

  1. Weight loss- This is one of the uses for apple cider vinegar that people read/hear about the most. There are only one or two scientific studies that show it aiding in weight loss. It is probably best not to rely on this if you are trying to lose some weight.
  2. Diabetes- There are a few studies that show there being a small decrease in blood sugar levels when apple cider vinegar is consumed. These studies involved two tablespoons of it a day.
  3. Blood pressure- Only one study showed a small decrease in blood pressure and it was done on rats.
  4. Skin- There are accounts of people using vinegar for issues such as acne, eczema and itchiness. A couple of studies done show that there is no significant benefit for its use in treating skin conditions. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence of it helping though.
  5. Varicose veins- Some people say that soaking cotton balls with apple cider vinegar and putting it on varicose veins will improve the appearance of them. There is no scientific evidence that it will do this at all.
  6. Acid reflux- Using apple cider vinegar for acid reflux is thought to work because of it balancing the PH level of the acid. This is another case where there is only some anecdotal evidence. It may actually make the burning worse in some cases.
  7. Stomach flu- On some parenting/mommy blogs you will read about people taking apple cider vinegar to prevent and kill off the stomach flu. There is absolutely no evidence for this and it may actually make things worse.
  8. Sore throats- Some people think that apple cider vinegar will kill off bacteria that is causing the sore throat but researchers say that it probably will not help at all.
  9. Yeast infections and fungus- There is very little scientific evidence to suggest that apple cider vinegar can treat yeast and fungus issues. Lots of anecdotal evidence though.
  10. Hair and scalp- People say it can help with dandruff, itchy scalp and build-up in the hair by way of lowering the PH level. This is all anecdotal.
  11. Hair loss- Apple cider vinegar has been touted by some to help with hair loss. No evidence of this has been found.
  12. Food- No scientific evidence needed for this one as anecdotal is just fine! There are lots of ways to use apple cider vinegar in recipes. You can use it in salad dressings, sauces, meat marinades, baking etc.
  13. Household uses- There is plenty of anecdotal evidence about its use around the house. People find it is useful for laundry, deodorizing, shining, removing stains, killing mold and more.

Some warnings on using it

Apple cider vinegar is not totally harmless. Here are some things that one needs to be aware of if they choose to use it in any way:

  1. It needs to be diluted- Vinegar is very strong and can cause burning and erosion at full strength.
  2. May cause stomach discomfort.
  3. May drop potassium levels.
  4. May cause slow digestion

How I use it
Okay, so I do love apple cider vinegar even though there is very little scientific evidence for the benefit claims. The following is a list of how I use it:

  1. For my hair- Once every other month I use it to “restore” my locs (I call them that because they are NOT dreadful!). I soak my hair for a few minutes in a big bowl of water mixed with apple cider vinegar and baking soda. After rinsing it out and shampooing/conditioning, my hair looks and feels wonderful. The color looks less dull as well. I also have used the vinegar as an after-shampoo rinse when we have hard water from not refilling the water softener machine. It prevents the dry feeling I get if I were not to do that.
  2. In my “hot toddies”- I put up a post about these hot toddies I make before. They are alcohol free and have apple cider vinegar instead. I just love the taste of vinegar (strange, huh?) and I do not really expect it to do anything for me health wise.
  3. Toilet bowl cleaner- Instead of always buying the containers of toilet bowl cleaner, I pour in baking soda and apple cider vinegar. I then scrub the bowl just as I would do if it were the cleaner I sometimes buy.
  4. Laundry- If some of our clothes are particularly stinky for whatever reason, I pour some apple cider vinegar in with them in the washing machine. Works like a charm!

Lots of people like apple cider vinegar

No, apple cider vinegar does not have a lot of scientific evidence behind it but people obviously still like using it. Through trial and error there are many different ways that it has been used.

Apple cider vinegar works great for me and I will continue to keep it around.

Do you use apple cider vinegar? If so, how?

Thanks for reading!

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Here Is My Workout Routine! What Is Yours?

Here Is My Workout Routine! What Is Yours?

Hi all! I hope you are all doing well and taking the appropriate precautions to reduce your risk of contracting the virus.

I just wanted to share my workout plan for the next 6-8 weeks. If you are looking for a new routine, try this one with me and let me know how it goes!

Weightlifting days

I will be doing four days of weightlifting- two for upper body and two for lower body. They combine cardio intervals and supersets.

Upper body days-

Each set (A,B,C, D, E and F) is done two or three times

A1. High knees (done for 1 minute)

A2. Chest press

A3. Chest flyes

B1. Jumping jacks (done for 1 minute)

B2. Bent over rows

B3. Back flyes

C1. Star jumps (done for 1 minute)

C2. Shoulder press

C3. Lateral raises

D1. Mountain climbers (done for 1 minute)

D2. Hammer curls

D3. Tricep kickbacks

E1. Butt kicks (done for 1 minute)

E2. Push ups

E3. Tricep push ups

F1. Jump forward and run back to start place (done for 1 minute)

F2. Wide push ups (arms out wider than a regular push up)

F3. Skull crushers

Lower body-

Done the same way as the upper body workouts.

A1. Jump squats (done for 1 minute)

A2. Regular squats

A3. Stiff legged deadlifts

B1. Jump lunges (done for 1 minute)

B2. Reverse lunges

B3. Plie squats

C1. Turn jumps (done for 1 minute)

C2. Legs together squats

C3. Wide deadlifts

D1. Star jumps (done for 1 minute)

D2. Side lunges

D3. Hip thrusts

E1. Jump squats (done for 1 minute)

E2. Regular deadlifts

E3. Inner thigh raises

F1. High knees (done for 1 minute)

F2. Forward lunges

F3. Outer thigh raises

Cardio days

I like to do two days of cardio a week. My favorite form of cardio right now is to do about 30-40 minutes of cardio movements without stopping (or briefly stopping to get water halfway through).

After doing the cardio I also follow it up with a couple of ab exercises or I do a short Pilates workout.

There are SO many wonderful free cardio workouts you can choose from!

Off Days

I have decided for my off days I will be doing restorative Yoga if the mood strikes. If not, I will be doing nothing!

Getting in exercise is important

I love to come up with exercise plans for myself as that is how I am able to be consistent. This workout plan is very similar to what I have been doing but it is just slightly different so that my body keeps getting challenged.

What workouts are you doing or planning to do?

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Belei Retinol Refining Moisturizer+ Review

Belei Retinol Refining Moisturizer+ Review

My skin has pretty much always been a hot mess.The severe acne I once dealt with has now given way to hyperpigmentation spots, unevenness and texture issues.

This has caused me to seek out and try many different products that I thought might help me.

The retinol moisturizing cream by Belei is a product I have been using for a few months now. I wanted to provide a little bit of information about it and give my review for this post.

The Belei brand

Belei is a skincare line by Amazon. It is still a pretty new as it only came out around 2019.

The line includes 15 different products that address issues such as wrinkles, dryness, acne and clarity. They offer these products in the forms of moisturizers, serums, cleansers, spot treatments and they also sell a face mask.

Amazon makes it easy to pick out the Belei product(s) that might work for you. This is done by giving customers the capability of choosing by their skin concern or preferred skin solution (i.e. brighten).

The prices for these products range from $9-40.

Belei Retinol Refining Moisturizer

The Retinol Refining Moisturizer was made to improve the look of our skin and provide moisturization. The ingredients in this product include retinol and a lot of things that are considered to be moisturizing (i.e. squalene, aloe vera, green tea extract etc.).

Retinol is a skin care ingredient that is found in a lot of OTC products and is a form of vitamin A. It is used for certain skin conditions such as wrinkles, fine lines, unevenness and dark spots.

It has a light, creamy consistency and can be applied in the morning and/or night. When using it in addition to other skin care products, it should be applied after the serum (if you use one). The company also recommends putting on sunscreen throughout the day.

The Retinol Refining Moisturizer is said to be good for any skin type. It comes in a 1.7 oz portion for $35.00. The container is a round, plastic tub with a push top that dispenses the product.

My review

As stated before, I have been using the Retinol Refining Moisturizer for a while now.

I came across it on my hunt for a retinol treatment and I have been using it pretty much every night since it was delivered. Miracles were never expected but I was hoping that some positive change might happen.

I had put up a post a while back about my skin care plan (which included this product). It was going to involve using a multitude of things. This did not happen.

I got lazy.

I have only been using sunscreen during the day and the retinol moisturizer at night. Nothing else!

After these few months of using the product, I have not noticed a difference. This is most likely due to the fact that I did not pair it with anything else and because it is not strong enough to combat my skin issues.

I do actually like the retinol moisturizer though. It has not made my skin worse which is a good thing. Also, it does do a very nice job of moisturizing.

Belei products being fragrance-free is something that I really appreciate. My husband has severe fragrance allergies so I am unable to use many products on the market due them having fragrances in them. It is nice that a company realizes that their products smelling perfume-y does not make them any better.

The thing that I really do not like about the product is the container. It looks nice but the push-top for dispensing is just weird to me. That is really my only grip about it.

Retin-A will definitely be my next skin care product. This is because I can get lazy (having it be the only thing I use) and it will most likely still yield some good results in my skin.

I would still recommend this product

Even though the Retinol Refining Moisturizer by Belei has not done anything for my skin issues, I am not going to say it is total trash or anything like that. I think it could be really good for other people.

If you are searching for new skin care products, consider checking out what Belei has to offer. You might find your holy grail!

What is your favorite skin care product you are using currently?

Thanks for reading!

Belei Retinol Refining Moisturizer: https://www.amazon.com/Belei-Retinol-Refining-Moisturizer-Fragrance/dp/B07HXGWRNH?ref_=ast_sto_dp

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Six Ways To Deal With The PMS “Hungries”

Six Ways To Deal With The PMS “Hungries”

I want all the food!

Many women experience PMS 1-12 days before their periods begin. The severity level ranges from person to person. One of the most common symptoms of PMS  has to do with our appetite.

A lot of us experience an increase in hunger and/or cravings for certain things leading up to when we start to bleed. It can be hard to control and distracting. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with the “hungries” and this post will show some of them.

First, what makes it even happen?

The short and obvious answer is hormones. They change, fluctuate, surge, drop etc. throughout our cycles prompting symptoms to occur. Estrogen and progesterone in particular are the hormones that are responsible for the “hungries.”

Estrogen is said to control our hunger when it is at a certain level in our bodies. When it drops, it is not controlling our hunger as well anymore. Progesterone is high in the second half of our cycles and is responsible for appetite increases.

Our serotonin levels (neurotransmitters that control our mood) also dip before our periods. This can make us crave certain things that will bring the level back up so that we feel better.

How to deal with the “hungries”

Being really hungry and/or craving specific things during PMS can be irritating (as if you weren’t already irritated enough!). Here are some things you can do to make life better:

  1. Allow some flexibility during this time- If you are into keeping your calories at a certain amount, consider adding some extra calories in during the days where your appetite is extra crazy.
  2. Know what food to not have around during this time- If you really get out of control when a certain food is around before your period, make sure to just not have it in your house.
  3. Get emotional support if needed- If you eat a lot due to your mood being low, consider seeking out some emotional help during this time. This may include meditation, watching inspirational videos, talking to a good friend, seeing a counselor online etc.
  4. Eat a higher fat, lower carb diet- Eating a low carb diet tends to keep many people fuller and it can also help balance hormones. Both of those things can help with the “hungries.”
  5. Magnesium and vitamin B6- Supplementing with these two things is said to help with cravings as well as other PMS symptoms. Make sure to not go above 100 mg of B6 due to the risk of nerve damage among other things.
  6. Have a “give in” day- You could have one day of the month where you just give in. Not necessarily binge but just let loose more than usual. One day of doing this is not going to make you fat.

Here are a few things that you should not do:

  1. Abuse appetite suppressants- Using things that will reduce your appetite is probably not a good idea.  They may make any irritation you have because of PMS, worse.
  2. Binge- If you feel the need to binge a lot, you should think about seeking help for it. You may have something called PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) which is a more severe form of PMS.  
  3. Trying to completely ignore your increased appetite- Doing this may make your mental state even worse during this time.

Hormone fluctuations can suck

Our hormones can rule us and make us feel different types of ways that are not always good. If you find yourself with a bottomless pit a few days before you start bleeding, you are totally normal!

Try healthy ways to make your belly more comfortable during the second half of your cycle.

Do you get the PMS “hungries?” How do you deal with it?

Thanks for reading!

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