Let’s Conquer Life Together!


I want to conquer my PCOS diagnosis and just life in general. Come take a look at my blog! I will be putting up posts on health, fitness, diet/food, mental health and beauty on a weekly basis.

Recent posts-

Am I COVID-19 “Long Hauler”?

I think so, yes. Looking at what has been going on with me since March, I am pretty sure that I have had COVID-19 and am suffering some long-term issues from it. I wanted to talk about it all in this post. I was sick in March Around the time that I first started hearing…Continue reading »

Here Is How I Get Through My Tough Workouts!

I love to workout at home. It is more “relaxed” that way. There is no waiting for equipment, having to hurry up so someone else can use the equipment, possibly getting sick from some infectious person that decided they needed to workout, having to listen to annoying people chatter etc. Another thing I love about…Continue reading »

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