How About a Quickie (Workout)?

When people think of workouts, long and sweaty ones come to a lot of their minds. Like the ones that are bragged about on IG with images of Fitbits shown. The fact is though- short workouts can be just as good for your health- mentally and physically. This post will go more in depth on… Continue reading How About a Quickie (Workout)?

This Week’s Workout Review: Fitness Blender #5

It is time for me to do a workout review! I love doing these as they are fun for me and I can help others who are looking for a workout to try. If you look at my other workout reviews, you will see that most of them are done on Fitness Blender workouts. Well,… Continue reading This Week’s Workout Review: Fitness Blender #5

HIIT and PCOS: Good or Bad?

If you have seen my other posts, you would know that I love to workout. When I say workout, I mean doing pretty intense ones on a regular basis. I recently saw something about high intensity training being detrimental to people with PCOS. I decided to do some further investigating on this to see if… Continue reading HIIT and PCOS: Good or Bad?

C4 Pre-Workout VS. Just Caffeine

I love to workout hard, but sometimes I need a little "push." I always reach out for a caffeine pill to give me a boost of energy during these times. Recently, I tried C4 Original Pre-Workout drink mix to see what it would do for me. In this post, I will be comparing the effects… Continue reading C4 Pre-Workout VS. Just Caffeine

This Week’s Workout Review: POPSUGAR Fitness #2

I have a renewed love of doing workout reviews! The last review I did, I mentioned that I wasn't too keen on switching out one of my regular workouts for a completely different one. Well, after doing so I realized how fun it really is. In this post, I will be going over a workout… Continue reading This Week’s Workout Review: POPSUGAR Fitness #2