Goals For Fall + Ideas For You

I know we are already into fall but I decided to come up with goals anyways. In this post, I will let you in on them and maybe you will get some ideas for yourself! Goals/wants: Job and finances This one is simple...get a job or at least figure out how I am going to… Continue reading Goals For Fall + Ideas For You


10 Amazing Ambience Videos For This Fall (2022)

Oh wow! I haven't done one of these posts in quite a while. Because of that, I think it is time. As we are pretty much into the fall season, there are so many wonderful ambience videos to see and hear. This post will show you ten of them that I think are especially good… Continue reading 10 Amazing Ambience Videos For This Fall (2022)

Take Advantage of Your “Pretty Days”!

Do you feel extra attractive on certain days and not so attractive on others? If you do, know that it is completely normal! The trick is to treat yourself well on the days you feel attractive so that your bad days don't seem so bad. In this post, I will be talking about these "pretty… Continue reading Take Advantage of Your “Pretty Days”!

March Wrap-Up + Ideas For You

Well, we finished up March 2022. Lots of messy things are going on in the world...as usual. On the bright side (I think), we did make it to spring. Will things get better from here? Who knows. Here is how March went for me... Job and finances Nothing much changed from last month. Still no… Continue reading March Wrap-Up + Ideas For You

3 Super Comfortable Workout/Lounge Pant Options

As a person with sensory processing issues who sits and applies for jobs fruitlessly- I require comfortable pants (yoga and sweatpants). I also need some for when I workout and am bloated. Over the years, I have looked for and gone through many different kinds of these pants. I can finally say that I found… Continue reading 3 Super Comfortable Workout/Lounge Pant Options