10 Amazing Ambience Videos For This Fall (2022)

Oh wow! I haven’t done one of these posts in quite a while. Because of that, I think it is time.

As we are pretty much into the fall season, there are so many wonderful ambience videos to see and hear. This post will show you ten of them that I think are especially good to check out.

About ambience videos

I give a description of ambience videos on every post that I do on them. This is for those that don’t know about these types of videos and don’t feel like looking at my other posts on them.

These types of videos are made to provide a certain feeling for people.

Over the past couple of years, ambience videos have gotten more detailed. Gone are the days where it was all about a still (or no) image and the sounds of white noise.

Now, there are MANY ambience videos that are carefully created with cool images that have movement and a layering of different sounds that go with them. This means that one will get a visual and auditory treat.

You can pretty much type in anything on YouTube, put the word “ambience” behind it and end up finding a video for it. Here are some of the most popular types of ambience videos, though:

  • Café scenes with coffee pouring, jazz music and light chatter.
  • Luxury room/apartment scenes with cats/dogs sleeping, rain and fireplace sounds.
  • Fake outdoor scenes with related sounds.
  • Real outdoor scenes with either real sounds or music.

The videos have various runtimes but they are usually at least one hour long. People really like them for the following reasons:

  • To just relax to in general.
  • To help them fall asleep.
  • To help them maintain focus on tasks.
  • For inspiration.
  • For fun backgrounds on your TV.

My use of ambience videos

My love of these videos started in the summer of 2020. I was at home all the time, freaked out by the pandemic and dealing with long-COVID symptoms. One day, I was looking at YouTube videos and happened to come across a beautiful looking thumbnail. I was intrigued and clicked on it.

It was then that I became obsessed with ambience videos!

The sounds and visuals helped me get through tough times. I would put them on my TV while doing regular household stuff. To me, they are so relaxing and comforting. Great for my mental health.

I am always so excited to find new ones. The types I gravitate towards are the café/restaurant ones and chill out/downtempo mixes (they always have nice pictures). I put them on when I am reading, surfing the web, applying for jobs and writing.

Here is the very first ambience video I saw/heard:

10 amazing ambience videos for this fall (2022)

  1. Calmed by Nature is one of the best ambience video channels (in my opinion) on YouTube. Here is their newest one that is fall themed:

This is definitely the type of coffee shop I would love to visit! I love the dark green color and overall coziness. The rainy weather and the occasional car that goes by adds a nice touch to the visuals. Also, the jazz music and café sounds are layered beautifully.

2. Sarah’s Ambiences YouTube Channel has quickly become another one of my favorites. Here is a new one from her:

This isn’t exactly the most fall-like ambience video but it is awesome! The breakfast sounds are layered perfectly, leaving nothing but relaxation in its familiarity.

The whole concept is a treat- a detective having his breakfast before work. Having an old radio show playing (Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar) is a great touch. In fact it has made me start actually listening to the show.

3. Ahhhhh, a nice lake house!

This is such a beautiful scene made by the master of fall ambience. It would be so cool to live in a place like this (or visit it frequently).

The sounds of nature in this one are great and you can even hear some drink pouring sounds once in a while. Fire crackling sounds typically bring a cozy feel to many people and this video will give you eight hours of coziness!

4. How cute!

This is a new one and it is so cute! These pumpkins look like they are having a good time in their little village. The storm and fire sounds are layered perfectly. Just the right amount of thundering!

Put this one up on your TV screen and if you have kids- I bet they will really like it. Maybe they will even get relaxed if they are acting crazy.

5. Super cozy!

Autumn nights like what is depicted in this video- are gorgeous. That coupled with rain makes for a wonderful time of relaxing with a great book (if that is your jam).

The bed (chair?) looks cozy and inviting. I just want to jump through the screen and curl up. The intermittent sounds of the blanket moving and book pages turning make this such a delightful treat for the eyes and ears.

6. Simply, fall.

Nothing fancy here. Just good old fashioned fall.

If you are into vibrant fall scenes with beautiful natural sounds- check this video out. You get one hour of a relaxing experience you can put on you TV screen!

7. Any Lord of The Rings fans?

When I watched Lord of The Rings when I was kid, I loved the hobbit houses. I thought the idea of them was so fun and cute. This video doesn’t disappoint when it comes to hobbit living! The fall-ness of it is super cute.

The rain combined with soft music and bird sounds makes for a cheerful video that is perfect for putting on in the morning when getting ready for your day.

8. Okay, how about a little winter in the fall?

Winter coziness scenes are great year-round (in my opinion). This one is nicely detailed with a great layering of chattering in the background that makes you feel as though you are really at a party.

This is the kind of video I love to put on my TV and read a good book to.

9. It can’t be fall without witches!

This is an awesome, detailed ambience video! The two cats looking around and purring is very realistic. Also, the soft music in the background is beautiful and calming.

10. Last but not least!

How gorgeous is this lake shore porch scene? This place would be absolute heaven for me.

In this video, you get stunning fall visuals along with the beautiful sounds of nature. If you like the sound of water, you will love this one. Plus, it is eight hours long so you can put it on for a full day of work or at bed time!

In conclusion

So there you have it! If you are looking for a mental health boost, relaxation, study help or what have you- consider putting on one of these videos I put in this post or the many others that are out there.

Do you like ambience videos?

Thanks for reading/watching!

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