Fitness Blender HIIT Workout + Review

I have been doing calorie burn comparisons with Fitness Blender workouts but after this one, I will start doing other workouts I find on the internet. If you haven't seen my other calorie burn comparison posts (here is my most recent one)- they are simply me reviewing the workouts and telling you how many calories… Continue reading Fitness Blender HIIT Workout + Review


My Current Workout Routine (you should try it too!)

I just love this picture for whatever reason. I am one week into my new workout routine and I am loving it! Because of that, I wanted to share it with you guys and maybe you will want to try one or all of these workouts too. The six days a week routine As always,… Continue reading My Current Workout Routine (you should try it too!)

Fitness Blender Calorie Burn Comparison

I did another one of these Fitness Blender calorie burn comparisons a while ago now. It was interesting to see my number compared to the range that they give on their website. I decided to do another comparison post just for fun. Read on if interested! Which workout I chose and why I chose Fitness… Continue reading Fitness Blender Calorie Burn Comparison

Calories Burned During Physical Activity

Physical activity has a lot of benefits. One of these benefits is that of burning extra calories during your day. The thing we need to realize about that though is that the amount of calories we burn may not be as much as we think. For this post, I wanted to talk about calories burned… Continue reading Calories Burned During Physical Activity