Fitpolo Fitness Watch + Review

Fitpolo Fitness Watch + Review

Fitness watches seem to be very popular these days. One look around (pre-pandemic!) and you can see many people wearing them.

I decided to get in on the action recently by buying a one. It is called the Fitpolo Fitness Tracker and this post will be discussing what it does as well as my opinion of it.

I had a fitness watch years ago

Back when I was in college, I decided to spend money on a Garmin fitness watch. It came with a strap that had to go around my chest which I found to be annoying. I still thought it was cool though.

I wore it for every workout. It was really interesting to see the amount of calories I burned during each one. I was pleasantly surprised by the numbers!

The watch lasted for a couple months and then it seemed to be malfunctioning. I had planned on seeing if I could get it fixed but never ended up doing that.

It just stayed in my drawer and I pretty much forgot about it.

Why buy a fitness watch again?

I became interested in fitness watches again when my mother was telling me about her Fitbit. She seemed really happy with it. This prompted me to look them up on Amazon.

Unfortunately, the Fitbits are too expensive for me. I was still really interested in getting a fitness watch so I looked for cheaper options. This search led me to the FitPolo!

About the Fitpolo Fitness Tracker

This fitness watch costs around $36-a lot less than a Fitbit. It comes in black, gray, green and pink. The following are the different features of this watch:

Large screen-

This Fitpolo boasts a large touch-screen like some of the other fitness watches out on the market. You are able to swipe up, down, left and right.

VeryFitPro App-

The Fitpolo is to be synced up to an app called, VeryFitPro. This is so that you can get the most of out it.

Once they are synced, you are to personalize it. This means that you put in your age, gender, height and weight. You can also add in your menstrual cycle information if you are a woman or non-binary and want to track it.

What it tracks-

The fitpolo tracks these things:

  1. Calories burned during workouts by your heart rate.
  2. How many steps you have taken during the day.
  3. Calories burned based on the steps taken.
  4. How many miles you have walked based on steps taken.
  5. How much deep sleep, light sleep and awake time you got each night (sleep monitoring). This is shown on the phone in the app.
  6. Your baseline heart rate.
  7. What day you are on in your menstrual cycle.
  8. Rankings on steps taken against other people who have the app. This is shown on the phone in the app.

Other things about it-

The fitpolo is also water proof, has a battery that lasts a few days, notifies the wearer of calls/messages, helps with breathing to calm the wearer down and has an alarm/timer.

My opinion of the Fitpolo watch

I did not have a high hopes that this watch would be any good. Needless to say, I am very impressed with it!

I like the way it looks on me. It is super cute. Also, it feels very comfortable and does not leave a rash.

I do not have vision issues (when wearing contacts or glasses at least) but the bright numbers and letters are very much appreciated. The touch screen is very slick and easy to move which is great because I have dealt with touch screens that are not like that.

It tracks everything I want it to track and more. In terms of the menstrual cycle tracking feature, I do not need it but I bet other other women/non-binary people would love having that.

Seeing the amount of calories burned during my workouts and the day is pretty eye-opening. I thought I would be burning more than that. Not entirely sure how I have gotten away with eating so many calories and not gaining any weight.

My all time favorite feature of this watch is the sleep tracker. I just think it is so cool to see the amount of sleep I get each night. The healthy amount of deep sleep one should get is between 1-2 hours a night and I get at least 1.5 hours. Yay!

Would I recommend this watch?

Yes, I totally would! It works very well and is great for someone who is on a budget.

If you are in the market for a fitness watch, make sure to check the Fitpolo out!

Do any of you guys have a fitness watch? What kind is it and what do you like/dislike about it?

Thanks for reading!

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New Workout Routine

New Workout Routine

Jeez, I wish I had large set of these instead of my dilapidated PowerBlock weights!

It is that time to switch up my workout routine! I just love to come up with different ways to arrange my workouts so that I keep my body guessing and to not get bored.

So without further ado, here is what I will be doing for the next six weeks!


I will always be doing four weightlifting workouts a week (two upper and two lower body days). That will never, ever change. Here is what I am going to be doing on these days:

Upper body

10 minutes of non-stop cardio (jumping jacks, high-knees, burpees, star jumps etc.)

Weightlifting supersets (done three times each) –

A1. Chest press

A2. Chest Flyes

B1. Bent over rows

B2. Back flyes

Walking rest to get warmed back up

10 minutes of non-stop cardio again

Weightlifting supersets (done three times each)-

A1. Shoulder press

A2. Lateral raises

B1. Hammer curls

B2. Tricep kickbacks

Lower body

Sets done two to three times each-

A1. Jump Squats (one minute straight)

A2. Legs-together squats

A3. Wide deadlifts

B1. Star Jumps (one minute straight)

B2. Front lunges

B3. Plie squats

C1. Jump squats with leg cross-overs (one minute straight)

C2. Regular squats

C3. Stiff legged deadlifts

D1. Jump lungs (one minute straight)

D2. Side lunges

D3. Regular deadlifts

E1. High knees (one minute straight)

E2. Reverse lunges

E3. Bridges

F1. Jump lunges (one minute straight)

F2. Curtsy lunges

F3. Leg raises


I will still be doing 30-40 minutes of the calisthenics but I will be switching up which ones I do and push myself harder. I recently found an exercise library on the Ace fitness site and will be doing some moves from there. You can find the library here:

On these days I will also continue to do three sets of two different ab moves.

To Yoga or not to Yoga?

I keep saying I am going to start doing Yoga but I never end up doing it. It seems like it may be really good for me so we will see if I get around to it in the next coming weeks.

A quick word about fitness journaling

I personally love to record my workouts. It is just fun to see my fitness progression as well as the calories I burn. It also helps me to figure out what different exercises to do if I have been doing the same ones for a while.

I have used a regular notebook to do this as well as various fitness journals. My favorite fitness journal by far is the BodyMinder by MemoryMinder Journals, Inc.

It is comprehensive with all of the different types of recording you can do with it. This journal includes places to write down your starting measurements, goals, workout routines, daily workout information, daily diet, weekly progress and fitness expenses.

I absolutely love it and if you are a fitness fanatic like me-you will too!

What are your workouts looking like? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: Some of the links in my blog may be affiliate links. This means that I will get a commission on any clicks and purchases you make.

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