Here Is How I Get Through My Tough Workouts!

Here Is How I Get Through My Tough Workouts!

I love to workout at home. It is more “relaxed” that way. There is no waiting for equipment, having to hurry up so someone else can use the equipment, possibly getting sick from some infectious person that decided they needed to workout, having to listen to annoying people chatter etc.

Another thing I love about working out from home is the ability to turn on whatever I want for entertainment! It really helps to make my workouts successful.

If you want to know what I have used and currently use as entertainment during my exercise sessions, then read on!

Before college- magazines and music

When I first started working out on a weekly basis, I would read magazines on the cardio machines. This meant that I was not getting the best cardio work in that I could. I mean, who can read when they are doing high intensity intervals?

At that point in time, I thought steady state cardio was great for my fitness. It was extremely boring though so that is why I read magazines while doing it.

I was so naive back then!

When it came to doing weightlifting at the gym, there was only one TV and quite a few other people there. This meant that I would most likely not get a choice on what to turn on. I was at the mercy of what others wanted which always seemed to be some awful program.

Because of not liking what other people picked on the TV, I decided to just wear my Ipod on my arm and listen to a mix of songs while lifting weights.

College days-Nothing!

During my time at college, I loved going to the gym.

I was somehow able to get through my workouts with absolutely no entertainment. There was no television, no music that would be playing, no magazines and I did not feel like bringing my Ipod with me.

I got in some awesome workouts despite not having the extra boost of motivation from TV and music.

After college

When I graduated and moved back home, I started going back to the same local gym I had gone to before.

This time I was armed with the knowledge that having a great workout meant that I would not be able to read on the cardio machine I was on. Because of this, I did tough cardio sessions-keeping them short but effective.

For the weightlifting at the gym, I was used to having no entertainment. That meant I just did whatever I was going to do and left. No music and no hoping I would get a turn with the TV.

Fast forward to now

Ended up working out to this zombie movie on Netflix before making this post!

I have been working out 100% at home since I got my first house in 2012. I ended my gym membership and bought Powerblock weights (they go up to 50 pounds per hand) that I still use.

For my very first workout in my first home, I put on a show that I liked at that time (I think it was Dog The Bounty Hunter, haha!). It was really fun and I have been putting on shows during my workouts ever since!

I do not care what any one has to say about having the TV on while working out. It motivates me and I still get quality exercise sessions in each week.

When I close the door to my bedroom each night I exercise, it is my special time. I get to do something that is healthy for my body while watching things that make me happy. It is my definition of self-care.

So here is what I have been turning on lately:

  1. Monk (Amazon Prime)- This was one of my favorite shows a few years ago and I decided to start watching it again.
  2. Paternity Court (Roku channel)- The trashiness keeps me going.
  3. Golden Girls (Hulu)- I love this feel-good show!
  4. Working Moms (Netflix)- Super fun show!
  5. X-Files- Has been my favorite show since I was seven!

I will have to look through the streaming services and compile a list of other shows to watch soon!

Exercising is fun to me

Saying that might sound really weird to some, but it is true. I have figured out what makes it tolerable for me.

It is important for everyone to find ways to make exercise something they can do each week! You do not have to necessarily be excited about your workouts but at least be able to get through them and be consistent.

What do you watch/listen to when you workout?

Thanks for reading!

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Here Is My Workout Routine! What Is Yours?

Here Is My Workout Routine! What Is Yours?

Hi all! I hope you are all doing well and taking the appropriate precautions to reduce your risk of contracting the virus.

I just wanted to share my workout plan for the next 6-8 weeks. If you are looking for a new routine, try this one with me and let me know how it goes!

Weightlifting days

I will be doing four days of weightlifting- two for upper body and two for lower body. They combine cardio intervals and supersets.

Upper body days-

Each set (A,B,C, D, E and F) is done two or three times

A1. High knees (done for 1 minute)

A2. Chest press

A3. Chest flyes

B1. Jumping jacks (done for 1 minute)

B2. Bent over rows

B3. Back flyes

C1. Star jumps (done for 1 minute)

C2. Shoulder press

C3. Lateral raises

D1. Mountain climbers (done for 1 minute)

D2. Hammer curls

D3. Tricep kickbacks

E1. Butt kicks (done for 1 minute)

E2. Push ups

E3. Tricep push ups

F1. Jump forward and run back to start place (done for 1 minute)

F2. Wide push ups (arms out wider than a regular push up)

F3. Skull crushers

Lower body-

Done the same way as the upper body workouts.

A1. Jump squats (done for 1 minute)

A2. Regular squats

A3. Stiff legged deadlifts

B1. Jump lunges (done for 1 minute)

B2. Reverse lunges

B3. Plie squats

C1. Turn jumps (done for 1 minute)

C2. Legs together squats

C3. Wide deadlifts

D1. Star jumps (done for 1 minute)

D2. Side lunges

D3. Hip thrusts

E1. Jump squats (done for 1 minute)

E2. Regular deadlifts

E3. Inner thigh raises

F1. High knees (done for 1 minute)

F2. Forward lunges

F3. Outer thigh raises

Cardio days

I like to do two days of cardio a week. My favorite form of cardio right now is to do about 30-40 minutes of cardio movements without stopping (or briefly stopping to get water halfway through).

After doing the cardio I also follow it up with a couple of ab exercises or I do a short Pilates workout.

There are SO many wonderful free cardio workouts you can choose from!

Off Days

I have decided for my off days I will be doing restorative Yoga if the mood strikes. If not, I will be doing nothing!

Getting in exercise is important

I love to come up with exercise plans for myself as that is how I am able to be consistent. This workout plan is very similar to what I have been doing but it is just slightly different so that my body keeps getting challenged.

What workouts are you doing or planning to do?

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Gatorade VS. BODYARMOR: Which One Wins?!

Gatorade VS. BODYARMOR: Which One Wins?!

I used to be an avid soccer and basketball player. This meant that I was getting a lot of exercise. In the case of soccer, I was also having to be out in the heat.

Needless to say, I would get pretty sweaty!

I remember that I would look forward to getting a bottle of Gatorade after games to refuel. They always tasted good to me. When I stopped doing sports in 10th grade, I stopped consuming it for a long time.

Back in early January, my husband was sick. My mother-in-law brought over Gatorade and BODYARMOR for him to drink. I had never heard of the latter before but I was impressed with the flavor when I tried some. Since then, we have been buying them occasionally.

For this post, I will be comparing Gatorade and BODYARMOR.

Why sports drinks?

The main benefit of sports drinks is for hydration. When your body has been working hard, it needs to be replenished.  With sports drinks, one can achieve that in a tasty way.

They usually contain a light number of electrolytes because we lose some when we sweat. Drinking them will help with the recovery process from strenuous activity.

The drinks are also good for when one has been sick. In those situations, it is important that hydration is kept up with because eating might be a challenge.

Popular brands include Gatorade, Powerade, Propel and now BODYARMOR.

A quick look at Gatorade

Most people have heard of Gatorade before It has been around for a long time-since 1965! To this day, it is still extremely popular and will most likely continue to be.

At first, the drinks only came in two flavors. These were lemon-lime and orange. Now there are many other flavors which include fruit punch, grape, cool blue, mango, lemonade, glacier freeze and more.

Gatorade offers their regular sports drink (in bottles and powder form), a sugar-free version of the regular sports drink, Endurance drink (for more extreme exercise/sports), protein powders, shakes and bars. I will be focusing on their regular sports drink.

A quick look at BODYARMOR

BODYARMOR is relatively new- launched in 2011.These drinks are only sold in the form of bottles. The flavors include mango-orange, fruit punch, strawberry-banana, tropical punch, watermelon, strawberry, peach-mango and more.

BODYARMOR offers Superdrink, Lyte Sports Drink and Sportswater. I will be focusing on their Superdrink line.

A comparison of both

Gatorade and BODYARMOR may be marketed as both being sports drinks but there are differences between them. This is true when it comes to their ingredients, flavors, tastes and nutritional profiles.

A close up of a bottle

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Good stuff!

What is the same on the nutrition labels- They both contain calories (obviously!), sodium, carbs, sugar and potassium. Since the bottles are different sizes, we have to do some easy math in order to compare them on these values. Here is the comparison:

*Per 20 ounces


Calories: 140

Sodium: 270 mg

Carbohydrates: 36 grams

Potassium: 80 mg

Sugar: 34



Calories: 150

Sodium: 50 mg

Carbohydrates: 35 grams

Potassium: 875 mg

Sugar: 35 grams

As you can see from this comparison, the potassium and sodium content is quite different with the Gatorade drink having more. There is no significant difference in the calorie, carbohydrate and sugar content.

Vitamins- What BODYARMOR’s Superdrink has that Gatorade’s drink does not, are vitamins. These include folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, Niacin (B9), vitamin B6, vitamin B12, Pantothenic acid (B5), Magnesium and Zinc. There is also coconut water in BODYARMOR.

Coloring- Both Gatorade and BODYARMOR have colors to their drinks. Gatorade uses dye for theirs and BODYARMOR uses natural coloring.

Sweetener: Gatorade sports drink (regular) just says, “sugar” on the label. BODYARMOR says it has cane sugar in it.

Taste- As per reviews (others and my own), Gatorade’s regular sports drinks range from tasting refreshing to some flavors being “chalky.” When it comes to BODYARMOR, there were many reviews saying how light and refreshing the drinks are.

Cost example- You can get a pack of 12, 20-ounce bottles of Gatorade sports drink for around $9. BODYARMOR is more expensive at $12-18 per pack of 12, 16-ounce bottles.

My opinion

While I do like both drinks, I have to say that BODYARMOR is better. Hands down.

The BODYARMOR flavors that I have tasted are all good. I do agree with other people that say they are light and refreshing. My favorite one is the orange-mango flavor.

The one thing I love about BODYARMOR is the nutrient profile. I am not only getting hydrated but I am also getting vitamins which only further helps in recovery from workouts and illnesses.

Another thing I like about the BODYARMOR drink is that there are no unnatural dyes used in it. I can feel better about giving some to my son who is sensitive to dyes.

Even though they are more expensive than Gatorade drinks, I am totally okay with spending more on them. The value is undeniable.

Both are great products

Gatorade and BODYARMOR both offer great products for athletes and the average person. Although they are different in various ways, we are assured a level of hydration after consuming them.

Let me know which one you prefer!

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Working Out At Home? How Is It Going?

Working Out At Home? How Is It Going?

Hmmmm. Future home workout routine?

Because of this awful pandemic, gyms/fitness centers are most likely closed everywhere (or they should be). Good thing that there are so many ways to get in shape or maintain fitness levels at home!

I have been working out for years at home. As you can probably see, I am really fit. What I like about home workouts is that I am not competing for equipment. I also have an aversion to seeing myself in gym mirrors.

I thought I would post my current workout regimen that I will be doing for 4-5 more weeks. Feel free to start doing it too!

The routine!

I am doing an upper body/cardio with abs/lower body schedule with one day off in between. The upper and lower body days combine one minute of cardio along with the weightlifting moves.

Upper body (each group done two times)-

A1. Star Jumps A2. Chest flies

B1. High knees B2. Bent over rows

C1. Burpees C2. Back flies

D1. Mountain climbers D2. Shoulder press

E1. Turn jumps E2. Lateral raises

F1. Butt kicks F2. Curls

G1. Jump forwards and backwards G2. Triceps extensions

Lower body (each group done two times)-

A1. Jump squats A2. Legs-together squats

B1. Star jumps B2. Forward lunges

C1. Jump lunges C2. Single leg deadlifts

D1. Jump forwards and run back D2. Side lunges

E1. High knees E2. Regular deadlifts

F1. Lateral hops F2. Hip thrusts

Cardio with abs-

I choose the level 4 or 5 cardio/HIIT workouts from Fitness Blender on these days.

Being gym-less

Like I said before, I am accustomed to working out at home so this pandemic isn’t bothering me in that regard. I understand how the change can be tough for other people though.

Just look around the internet to find a ton of different routines you can do in your home with whatever amount of space you have. It is important to keep active and stay as healthy as possible during these unprecedented times.

What is your fitness routine like these days? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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My Time on WW (formerly Weight Watchers)

My Time on WW (formerly Weight Watchers)

I was watching YouTube videos and I came across some women talking about being on Weight Watchers (now called WW). It brought me back to the summer of 2007 when I signed up with them to get help with losing weight.

For this post, I wanted to share my experiences with the company.

A little about WW

WW started in 1961 by a woman named, Jean Nidetch. It was at first a weight loss support group that would meet in her apartment. Eventually, it blossomed into what it is now!

They are still big on support and community when it comes to weight loss. You can go to meetings in-person, chat or by phone.

The points system wasn’t actually started until the 90s (I had no idea until recently!). Food is given points based on their nutrition and you get a certain number of points a day. Not everyone’s number will be the same.

The WW brand also sells food products in grocery stores. These are great because you don’t really have to calculate the points yourself.

This page breaks WW (and other diets) down really well:

After graduating high school

My senior year of high school involved eating mainly junk food and not exercising. I would drink a lot of pop, consume high calorie drinks from coffee shops, eat Chinese take-out multiple times a month etc.

It was bad!

I got to July of 2007 and I realized how chunky I was. I immediately wanted to change and get healthier. I told my mother about how I wanted to lose weight and she suggested trying Weight Watchers with her.

I had heard about it from commercials, but I didn’t know what it was all about. Admittedly, I was kind of embarrassed to be starting it because it seemed like only older women did it. My determination to get slimmer made me move forward with it though.

Starting and doing WW

My mother and I signed up for the online plan. This was because we were both uninterested in attending any of the support meetings but still wanted to try out their program.

Since it was a long time ago, I don’t remember the exact details. I do recall that we ended up getting different points. I know for a fact that we were very excited to get started though!

The first few days were eye-opening when it came to the amount and kind of food we were able to eat. We realized what serving sizes really looked like.

Our snacking at night stopped due to our needing to not go over our points for the day. What I was pleasantly surprised about was how full I felt on the reduced amount of food. My mom felt this way too.

We were able to find a lot of different meal recipes that fit in our diet. They all tasted good to us which was a great thing. It kept us going.

After four weeks of being on WW, I noticed on my plan account that there was a space to put that exercise was done that day. It showed that I would get more points if I did that (again, this was a long time ago so I might be a little wrong). This excited me and made me interested in starting to exercise regularly.

Beginning to exercise really accelerated my weight loss rate. I had been losing one pound a week, but it became more like 2.5-3 pounds. I also started losing inches off my waist and thighs.

In October, my weight was at around 120 pounds. At that point I was barely counting points and doing anything with my WW plan, so we decided that I was going to cancel my account with them. I didn’t need WW to be healthy anymore.

What I gained from doing WW

As I mentioned, I don’t remember exactly how the plan worked but I do know what I got out of doing it.

The love of exercising regularly was one big thing I gained from it. It hasn’t let up yet and I don’t think it ever will.

Another thing I got out of it was the idea that eating healthier can still taste good. In fact, I really like a lot of healthy food (like steamed broccoli). Diets are even more important when it comes to maintaining a lean body.

I am grateful

Even though I didn’t need WW after a little while, it wasn’t a waste of time. It helped me on the path to a better, healthier life. For that I am very thankful.

I think it is a great choice for a diet program and I do recommend it. The support meetings that are part of the program were not something I utilized. That kind of thing is helpful for a lot of people though.

Have you done or know someone that has done WW? How did it go?

Thanks for reading!