My Current Workout Routine (you should try it too!)

My Current Workout Routine (you should try it too!)

I just love this picture for whatever reason.

I am one week into my new workout routine and I am loving it! Because of that, I wanted to share it with you guys and maybe you will want to try one or all of these workouts too.

The six days a week routine

As always, my workout routine involves strength training and cardio. I do two days of upper, two days of lower and two days of cardio with abs. The strength training days include cardio, too.

My week looks like this: Upper body/cardio and abs/lower body, rest, upper body/cardio and abs/lower body.

For the strength training days, I move quickly between the exercises after a few minutes of cardio. This ensures I get in quality workout sessions that burn a good amount of calories.

I came up with a great cardio ladder workout that really scorches some calories. It is tough while I am doing it but I feel really refreshed afterwards.

Without further ado, here are my workouts:

Upper body

I grouped up the exercises like the Fitness Blender workout I did recently. The exercise moves are completed without rest (or very minimal). Each group is done two times.

Group 1- Chest and back

  1. Three minutes of cardio (jumping jacks, high knees, mountain climbers etc.)
  2. Chest press
  3. Bent over rows
  4. Alternating chest flyes
  5. Back flyes
  6. Close arms chest press
  7. Close arms bent over rows
  8. Regular push ups
  9. Staggered hand push ups

Group 2- Shoulders and lats

  1. Three minutes of cardio
  2. Overhead press
  3. Pull overs
  4. Alternating front raises
  5. Alternating pull overs
  6. Lateral raises
  7. Arm circles (20 seconds one way, 20 seconds the other way)
  8. Hindu push ups

Group 3: Biceps and triceps

  1. 3 minutes of cardio
  2. Single arm triceps extension (left or right)
  3. Hammer curls
  4. Single arm triceps extension (with other arm)
  5. Alternating bicep curls
  6. Skull crushers
  7. Triceps dips
  8. Staggered hand push ups

According to my fitness watch, my calories burned for this workout was 340.

Cardio and abs

Cardio ladder workout: Each group is done two times. No rest between exercise moves in the groups.

Group 1-

  1. Three minutes of cardio (jumping jacks, high knees, mountain climbers etc.)
  2. Two feet jump through
  3. Right foot only jump through
  4. Left foot only jump through

Group 2-

  1. Three minutes of cardio
  2. Side-to-middle jump through
  3. Two feet shuffle in each square
  4. Straight run through

Group 3-

  1. Three minutes of cardio
  2. Side shuffle
  3. in-in-out feet jump through
  4. Crossover (see here:

Group 4-

  1. Three minutes of cardio
  2. Repeat of any of the other moves
  3. Repeat of any of the other moves
  4. Repeat of any of the other moves

Abs: Each exercise done two times for 10-12 reps.

  1. Weighted crunches
  2. Bicycle crunches
  3. Pike crunches

According to my fitness watch, my calories burned during this workout was 496.

Lower body

Each of these groups is done two times with no rest between the exercises in them.

Group 1-

  1. Three minutes of cardio
  2. Regular deadlifts
  3. Squat to reverse lunges
  4. Weighted bridges

Group 2-

  1. Three minutes of cardio
  2. Legs together squats
  3. Walking lunges
  4. Plie squats

Group 3-

  1. Three minutes of cardio
  2. Stiff legged deadlifts
  3. Static lunges
  4. Single leg glute bridges

Group 4-

  1. Three minutes of cardio
  2. Side lunges
  3. Curtsy lunges
  4. Inner thigh raises with weight on legs

According to my fitness watch, my calories burned for this workout was 323.

I love this routine!

So there is the routine I am doing for the next five or so weeks. The first week of this went really well and I am very satisfied with how I arranged the exercises for each day.

Thanks for reading this and if you decide to try one of these workouts-let me know how you like it!

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Fitness Blender Calorie Burn Comparison

Fitness Blender Calorie Burn Comparison

I did another one of these Fitness Blender calorie burn comparisons a while ago now. It was interesting to see my number compared to the range that they give on their website.

I decided to do another comparison post just for fun. Read on if interested!

Which workout I chose and why

I chose Fitness Blender’s 43 minute Upper Body and Cardio Kickboxing Workout for this comparison. I had actually planned on doing one on a lower body workout as I had already done a comparison on an upper body workout. This video really caught my eye though.

I used to like kickboxing workouts back in my college days as it provided a good challenge for me cardiovascular wise and I thought it was fun. Combining those moves with upper body weightlifting seemed like it would make for a great workout.

About this workout

This upper body workout is 43 minutes long and is rated 4/5 on the difficulty scale. It contains a warm-up and a cool down with stretching.

The workout has three groups of kickboxing and three groups of strength training. First a kickboxing group is done and then a strength training group is done.

All the groups contain two different moves that are each repeated twice. Each move is done for 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off. That amounts to each exercise group taking four minutes.

After all of the exercise groups are done, there is a burnout round that includes four different exercises. They are each done for 45 seconds on and then 15 seconds off.

The calorie burn estimate range is 265-468.

My experience and calorie burn

As with all of Fitness Blender’s weight training workouts, I try to make some modifications to make them a little more challenging for me. For this one, all I did was make sure that I was choosing weights that were heavy enough to hit my muscles well.

I put my all into the kickboxing moves as I was in the mood for a tough workout at the time. My physical and mental energy levels were up!

I did not peek at my fitness watch at all during the workout to save the surprise for after I was done with it. Upon completion of it, I saw that I had burned 300 calories. This fell in the calorie burn estimate range that they gave.

Although I burned more calories with this one than the last one I did a post on, it was not my favorite workout in the world. The way it was arranged and the kickboxing elements just did not do it for me. I do recommend it to others though.

Another interesting comparison!

I officially really like doing these posts. It breaks up the monotony of my workout regimens that I do for around six weeks.

My next calorie burn comparison will be in a couple of weeks so if you like these posts, stay tuned!

You can find the workout here:

Thanks for reading!

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Fitness Blender Calorie Burn Comparison

Fitness Blender Calorie Burn Comparison

I really like Fitness Blender and all they have to offer in terms of at-home workouts. Their videos have given me the inspiration to formulate my own workouts that I feel are best for me.

Every one of Fitness Blender’s workouts videos has an estimated calorie burn range. Just out of interest, I have decided to do one of their workouts every once in a while and wear my fitness watch to see how many calories I actually burn.

This post will be the first comparison I do. Read on if interested!

Fitness Blender workout done: Daniel’s Upper Body Strength Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily

This is one of their many upper body workouts they offer. It is catered towards people who do not like a lot of repetition in their workouts.

This particular workout has three groups of strength training-no cardio. Each group focuses on two areas of the upper body (chest/back, shoulders/lats, biceps/triceps). There are eight exercises in each group.

The exercises in the groups are done back-to-back for 45 seconds each. There is a water break/longer rest after each group. The workout also includes a warm-up and cool down.

The duration of the entire workout is only 39 minutes due to the fast pace of the strength training. The weight you are to lift is entirely up to you and what you are able to handle.

This workout’s calorie burn estimate range: 227-404 calories

My take on this workout and my calorie burn

I usually do bursts of cardio with my strength training workouts to add in some extra calorie burning. This workout’s cardio-like activity comes from moving fast. A little bit of a change for me!

Despite it looking kind of easy, my arms definitely got really fatigued before the workout was over. It is actually not something I am used to when doing strength training.

Having my arms tired only part of the way through the workout seemed like a great sign to me!

Upon completion of this workout, I felt like I got a wonderful workout in even though there was no cardio. I had a feeling I was going to be sore then next day and I sure was.

I loved the way the workout was set up and I can definitely see how it would be good for someone who finds more traditional weight lifting to be boring.

My calorie burn for this workout (according to my watch) was only 120 calories. So despite feeling like I was working hard, I did not burn as much as Fitness Blender’s estimated calorie burn range for the particular workout. Bummer

I still really enjoyed this workout though and I would recommend it to others!

In conclusion

While I liked the workout and it did challenge me, I did not reach the calories burned estimate. What I plan on doing is taking this workout and making it my own. I will do a post about my changes to it in a few days.

Have you done Fitness Blender workouts? If so, did you like them?

Thanks for reading!

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Resistance Band Workout + Review

Resistance Band Workout + Review

Working out with resistance bands seem to be a very popular thing right now. From influencers selling them and pretending that they use them (yes, that was shade) to resistance band workout articles popping up everywhere.

They are the in thing and for good reason.

I decided to take out my resistance bands and try a workout that uses them. In this post I will talk about how it went for me.

Resistance bands: What and why

Resistance bands are just that-bands that provide resistance. Because of this, using them gives our muscles some work.

There are many options when it comes to buying resistance bands. Some of them are looped and others have handles. The latter ones can also come with door anchors to do certain exercises with.

You can buy just one resistance band or a few different ones that have varying levels of resistance. They will be equivalent to lifting certain amounts of weight so make sure to read the product description carefully so you know what you are getting.

Some benefits to using resistance bands are as follows:

  • They are great for home workouts as they do not take up much room.
  • They are cost effective. This is because they can replace a bunch of dumbbells.
  • They help with strengthening the muscles just as dumbbells do.
  • They are lightweight which means they are easy to move around when you have to store them away.
  • Great for easing back into strength training after breaks from it due to varying reasons.
  • Great for easing into strength training if it has not been done before.
  • Great to bring along on trips.
  • Great for changing up your workouts.
  • Can provide great stretches.
  • Allows for better control of strength exercises.
  • Can be added in with dumbbell workouts.

Resistance band set option (with door anchors):

Resistance band loop option:

The resistance band workout I tried

I was Googling resistance band workouts and found one from Coach magazine. This is a fitness/health magazine and is based in the UK. It is targeted towards men but that did not deter me!

The workout is geared towards the upper body and includes cardio components. It is a circuit that has four exercises which include lateral raises, overhead press, bicep curls and band pull-aparts. Each is done for 30 seconds with 30 seconds of cardio in between each instead of a rest.

The article states that each circuit should be done four times. The workout will take around 20 minutes to complete.

My thoughts on this workout

I am really tied to my PowerBlock dumbbells so I was worried that I would not get a good workout session in with the bands. Fortunately, I was wrong as it was a wonderful workout!

The following are the things I liked about it:

  • Different- It was a change from my usual strength workouts which made it pretty darn fun for me.
  • Simple and quick- I can see this as being a great workout for someone who wants something relatively quick and not complicated to do.
  • Totally customizable- I can make this workout even harder, substitute strength moves, add strength moves, add weights etc.
  • Effective- I did feel like my muscles got a good workout. I even had some soreness the next day.
  • Easy to grip- I have been having a harder time gripping the PowerBlocks recently for whatever reason. The handles on the bands I used for the workout, were easier and more comfortable to grip.

I did not wear my fitness watch during the workout so I do not know how many calories I burned. I do know that I was working hard during the session and got my heart rate up.

This workout is one that I would highly recommend. You can find it here:

I will be using resistance bands again

I plan on incorporating resistance bands into my exercise sessions from now on. The workout from Coach magazine is also something I will do again with some adjustments that will make it harder and even more effective.

Do any of you use resistance bands to workout with? If so, let me know what you like about them!

Thanks for reading!

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Marriage/Life Partnership and Weight Gain

Marriage/Life Partnership and Weight Gain

Marriage/life partnership can be an amazing journey for many. The hard times and good times that occur along the way, often lead to the strengthening of the relationship.

Changes also happen as couples get older together. One of the things that can change is body weight- namely of the gaining variety.

This post will go into unwanted weight gain/body changes throughout marriages/life partnerships and how it can be remedied-together.

Weight gain/body changes: Getting comfortable

When many people are at the beginnings of their romantic relationships, appearances are usually maintained to keep the other person interested. Once the relationships have been going on for a while, they may feel as though they can loosen up a little.

Then a little becomes a lot.

This leads to gaining weight because a person may think, “she/he/they already loves me so it does not matter what I look like.”

Weight gain/body changes: adulting

As we get older, many of us get settled into our careers. Most of the days then become taken up by working and doing household things after the workday is over.

We also may make some not-so-good choices when it comes to lunch during the day. Something quick may be chosen which might not always translate to being healthy.

When it comes to exercise, workouts may not happen as much (or at all) due to working. They also may have a job that involves a lot of sitting which means less calories are burned throughout the day.

Because of all of this, couples may come home from work and be too exhausted to do a workout.

Weight gain/body changes: pregnancy

Many couples want to have children. The idea of raising a little one and watching them grow, tends to be very exciting.

If a couple chooses to have a child through pregnancy- bodily changes will occur. It takes a lot to grow a baby in the womb! The changes that happen include weight gain, hips widening, breasts increasing in size, stretch mark formation and of course a growing belly.

After the child is born, the changes may remain for at least a few months. For some women though, the changes can last for even longer than that. Stretch marks may not fade completely, weight may be really slow to come off, breasts may become saggy and the abdomen may have loose skin.

Another way pregnancy can cause weight gain/body changes is by the couple becoming very busy taking care of their child once it is born. This can take the focus completely off themselves which allows  good nutrition and exercise to go out the window. In these cases, both individuals (not just the woman who grew the baby!) may gain weight.

Weight gain/body changes: health issues

There are health issues that cause weight gain/body changes. These can arise as couples keep moving through life together. The following are some examples:

  1. Stress- Couples may have to endure a lot of stress due to familial, relationship and/or career related problems. Stress can lead to overeating in some people which leads to weight gain.
  2. Depression- Dealing with depression due to a variety of reasons can cause overeating and/or less of a physical activity level.
  3. Hypothyroidism- The likelihood of having an underactive thyroid increase as we age. One of the symptoms can be weight gain.
  4. Diabetes- Many people become diabetic (type 2) later in life. This can cause weight gain.
  5. Menopause/male hormonal issues- Hormones change as we age which can lead to weight gain.
  6. Medications taken to treat illnesses- Some of the medications we have to take to treat illnesses, have weight gain as a side effect.

Ways to remedy unwanted weight gain/body changes

Couples can work together to get their bodies back in shape. These are some things that they can do:

Exercise related

  • Make it fit into your day/week: This can be done by going over schedules. If a couple has a child (or children), they may have to take turns having one take on the childcare while the other one works out.
  • Figure out workout routines: There are a ton of different ideas for workouts that can be found online. It would be wise for a couple to seek the ideas out and choose what will work for them. They can even workout together!
  • Get home gym equipment if it is in the budget: Since a lot of gyms are closed and/or unsafe in these times, it could be a good idea to purchase some home workout items. A couple can have access to the items whenever they want which may help them stick to their workout routines.

Diet related

  • Look at what they are consuming: Taking a look at the kinds of food they eat on a regular basis, can help them figure out where they are going wrong and what needs to be changed.
  • Figure out each other’s dietary needs: To lose weight, people need to figure out the amount of calories and types of food they need/want to eat so that can happen. Two people in a relationship will most likely have different dietary needs when it comes to getting the scale to go down. They can help one another with this. If this seems difficult, there are weight loss programs out there to look into.
  • Meal/snack planning: It is a good idea to plan out meals and snacks. This is so that the right food that fits new dietary needs are always in the kitchen and pantry. Couples should also make sure to have a “cheat meal” once in a while which could mean getting takeout food.
  • Get on the same page with the new diet: If only one of the people in the relationship is changing up their diet, the other person needs to understand what they will be eating and be supportive. They could even enjoy the same meals together.

Healthcare related

  • Keep track of concerning symptoms: If one or both people in the couple are dealing with mental and/or physical symptoms, it may be a good idea to write down these symptoms daily in a journal. This can possibly help to see if there could be another underlying issue going on which could be causing the weight gain.
  • Attend tele-health appointments together: Since many clinics are limiting the amount of people in the rooms during appointments and the infection cases are increasing rapidly, having a tele-health appointment would be good. The couple can be in the video together and help to make sure all concerns are being covered.
  • Help each other in the management of illnesses: If one or both people in the relationship get diagnosed with a condition that is causing the weight gain, they should support each other in the management of it. If their diagnosis is successfully managed, weight loss may be able to happen easier. That could mean helping make sure that they take their medication daily if they are the kind of person that forgets.
  • Attending counseling sessions- If mental health and/or relationship issues are causing behaviors that lead to weight gain, a couple should consider counseling. Counseling can be done through Zoom now due to the pandemic.
  • Possible medication change: If any medication that is being taken causes weight gain, it might be a good idea to see if a change to it is possible. This could mean reducing the dosage or switching to an entirely different medication that does not cause weight gain (or less of it). A couple can support one another if any side effects occur from weaning off or tapering down on a medication.

One more thing that a couple can do that does not fit into the above categories is using a reward system for getting into better shape. An example of this could be that they can buy something they have been wanting only after a certain weight loss goal is reached. Doing something like this may provide a lot of motivation for the couple.

It can all be done together!

As we get older, our appearance changes. That is just life. Some of changes cannot really be helped.

Weight gain is one of the things that can be fixed though. If a couple is truly devoted to each other and wants to lose some, they will be able to work together to get it done.

There may be bumps along the way of their weight loss journey, but the relationship will end up being even stronger in the end and they will look amazing!

Have any of you been in a long relationship where you found yourselves gaining unwanted weight? If so, did you work together to get it off? I would love to read about your story!

Thanks for reading!

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