My Excess Hair + Product Review

My Excess Hair + Product Review

Dealing with excess hair has been tough on me-physically and mentally. There have been several ways that I have tried to control it over the years with varying results.

In this post, I will be talking more about my hirsutism and giving my review of a product I recently tried for the condition.

My PCOS diagnosis

Since I do not have a popular blog by any means, no one who might see this post will know my back story. Because of this, I will start off by talking about how I came to get a PCOS diagnosis.

When I was around 11 years old, I started getting horrible acne and oily skin. It was mainly on my forehead at first, then eventually it was just all over the place. It was really embarrassing because none of my friends seemed to have acne.

In hopes of controlling my acne, I was prescribed several different things. A couple of them worked, a couple of them did not work. I had to keep taking/using something though because my skin was so bad.

At 14 years old, I started developing hair on my upper lip. I didn’t really notice it at first until my mother pointed it out and said that I needed to get that area waxed. This was another embarrassing thing for me!

All of the acne, oiliness and excess hair continued on past high school. It wasn’t until I was about 21 years old that I found out about PCOS. I realized that my symptoms aligned with that diagnosis. I was ashamed that I could have something like that so I decided to stop thinking about it.

I was given Spironolactone for the acne and hirsutism but was not given a PCOS diagnosis with it due to there being a series of tests that needed to be done first.

At 23 years old, my hairiness got worse. This made me decide it was time to go in for an official diagnosis.

I had to have four different appointments (gynecologist and endocrinologist) that included two consultations, blood tests, an ultrasound and a cortisol level check. My blood test results were all normal but my ultrasound showed cysts all over my ovaries and I met the other characteristic criteria (hirsutism and acne).

I stopped taking Spironolactone shortly after my diagnosis because I felt it wasn’t really doing much for me. From there, I just tried to control my acne with various skin care products and got my upper lip waxed once a month.

My hirsutism now

A week of no shaving would have me looking like this!

After I got pregnant and gave birth, my hirsutism came back with a vengeance (did not grow face/neck hair during pregnancy) and has kept getting worse. Because of the severity of it, I have been shaving instead of getting it all waxed and plucked off.

For a while I could still get away with shaving once a day or once every other day. Unfortunately though, for the past four years I have had to shave my face/neck twice a day. Since the pandemic happened and because I stay home all the time, I sometimes will go a day without shaving because no one but my immediate family will see me.

The hair that I get shows up on my chin, upper lip, jaw line and neck. In true hirsutism form, the hairs are coarse and noticeable. They are there in the morning and then they pop up again in the evening.

The razors I have been using

For quite a while I was using a women’s facial hair remover. It looks like a little vibrator but it did work well! What made me stop using it was the fact that my hirsutism got worse and it could no longer get the hairs very well.

I was really hesitant at first to start using a razor. This is because I know the burn and bumps they can leave on the body. It is not something I want on my face either!

After mulling it over, I decided to start using razors despite the burn risk. The excess hairs were really bothering me and I wanted something that could get them off. I wanted to use a separate razor for my face than I use for my body so I started using the Schick razors that I have pictured above only for that area.

I was nervous the first time I used one of the razors. After just moving it careful over the hairs though, I realized that I could indeed get them off without getting razor burn.


I have been using the razors ever since then. The only thing that I don’t like about them is that it doesn’t seem like it can pick up the really fine hairs on my upper lip that are left over after shaving the coarse ones off.

Am I annoyed that I have to shave my face? Yes, of course I am. I don’t like that I grow hair in these places and sometimes I get really down about it. Fortunately, I know how to manage it and it is not like people are going to be seeing me up close (except for my immediate family) for the foreseeable future.

Hair removal product review

So, I did try a new hair removal product recently. It was the Hydro Silk Touch-Up razor picture above. Although the other razors I talked about work great, I just wanted to try these out and see if they work for the fine hairs that get left over on my face.

I am happy to say that they really did get rid of the fine hairs! I used it all over my face which made it really smooth afterwards. It was unable to get the coarse hairs but I wasn’t really expecting it to.

The one thing I will say about these is that you can’t let the razors’ “cute” look fool you. They may be able to cut you if you are not careful with them. Just glide them gently across your face and you will be fine!

I highly recommend this product for anyone that has a bit of peach fuzz on their face they are looking to get rid of on a regular basis.

Hirsutism can really suck

Most people who deal with hirsutism don’t like it and have problems embracing it (some can though!). The fortunate thing is that the condition can be managed in various ways. I am glad that I found the Schick razors as they are cheap and effective for me to use.

If you deal with excess hairs like I do, how do you handle them?

Thanks for reading!

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Body Acne Is Back: Plan of Attack

Body Acne Is Back: Plan of Attack

My body acne looks similar to face acne.

I realize how tacky the title of this post sounds and I apologize. It is an accurate summary of what I will be talking about though.

I had body acne before but it went away. Well, now it is back! This means that I have to have a plan for how I am going to get rid of it.

This post will go into what I am going to do and maybe it will help others that are dealing with body acne as well.

About body acne

A lot of people think that acne only happens on the face. They are really wrong! Acne can happen anywhere skin is (which is everywhere).

Common places for body acne include the chest (chestne), shoulders and back (bacne). People also complain (and laugh sometimes) about butt acne.

The main causes of zit formation anywhere are clogged pores, excess dead skin cells and bacteria. When it comes to what can cause these aforementioned causes of zit formation, you are looking at the following:

  • Hormones: These pesky things seem to cause a lot of bad things to happen when they are out of wack and/or shifting. You tend to see this being the cause in women with PCOS who have a high amount of androgens or react poorly to the amount they have.
  • Being a teenager: Walking the halls of a high school- you will see that this is true. Don’t actually do that though.
  • Medications and steroids: This includes things like birth control, Lithium, testosterone, cold medicine, Adderall and thyroid medications.
  • Mental health conditions (stress, anxiety and depression)- Our mental health can affect our physical health. This means that it can cause acne.
  • Genes-There may be some genes that cause people to struggle with acne.
  • Skincare products: Some products like soaps and oils can irritate some people’s skin which in turn can cause acne.

When it comes to body acne, there can be some other causes that are more specific to that type. They are as follows:

  • Sweat left on the skin for too long: If you work out hard and sweat a lot, not showering afterwards can lead to acne.
  • Laundry detergent issues: Our skin may not like some laundry detergent and thus acne may form.
  • Body care products: Our skin may not like some body washes we use which may cause acne to form.
  • Not washing bedding enough: Having dirty bedding may cause acne to form on your body.

Having body acne can be detrimental to one’s mental health just as acne on the face can be. Some may feel like they do not look very good in certain outfits and try to cover up. This also may make them shy away from certain situations (like going to the beach).

Luckily, the treatment options that exist for face acne are pretty much the same for body acne as well. Here are some of them:

  • Benzoyl peroxide: Comes in creams, gels, patches, face washes and body washes by various brands.
  • Salicylic acid: Comes in creams, gels, body washes, patches and chemical peels.
  • Glycolic acid: Comes in chemical peels, body washes, face washes, lotions and serums.
  • Niacinamide: Comes in creams, gels, lotions and serums.
  • Retinol: Comes in creams, gels and lotions.
  • Tretinoin: Comes in creams and gels.
  • Mandelic acid: Comes in chemical peels, face washes, body washes, serums and toners.
  • Adapalene (Differin): Comes in gel form.
  • Antibiotics: These include clindamycin, doxycycline and erythromycin.
  • Accutane
  • Blue light therapy: Some spas offer this service or you can buy a blue light therapy wand/lamp on various sites.

My body acne situation

I have struggled with acne for a very long time but before it was only on my face. In recent years I have had pimples show up on my body as well. I have gotten them virtually everywhere except for my calves!

I went through a five month phase a while back where I was struggling with back acne a lot. It all seemed to clear up on its own which was great. Unfortunately, I am dealing with a lot of bacne again as well as chestne and shoulder acne.

I have different types of acne lesions on my body. They are as follows:

  • Back- Whiteheads, papules and cysts.
  • Shoulders- Papules and whiteheads.
  • Chest- Papules


This time I do not want to wait for it to clear up on its own because who knows if that will even happen. That means I have to have a plan in place with products I am going to use.

There have been some products I have used on my body acne areas before but they really didn’t work. Here is what I have used:

  • CeraVe salicylic acid body wash
  • Alpha Skin Care glycolic acid lotion
  • Kojic acid soap
  • Makeup Artist’s Choice 5 Acid Body Peel
  • Sulfur soap- Only very sporadically, to be honest.
  • 30% glycolic acid peel

I believe that my body acne is due to my PCOS diagnosis. My hormonal levels have been in the normal range when they were tested but it is clear that my body is sensitive to the levels I do have.

My plan of attack

In addition to my acne, I also struggle with hyperpigmentation after the lesions heal. These dark marks are even harder to make go away so I will just be focusing on getting rid of the lesions right now.

My plan is pretty simple. It involves using a sulfur soap everyday on my areas with acne followed up by a fragrance free lotion. I will also be trying out the Mighty Patch on some of my lesions. If those aren’t working after several weeks, I will start using PanOxyl benzoyl peroxide body wash.

In conclusion

Body acne sucks! It is good that the treatments for our faces can also be for our bodies too though.

I really hope that my plan works and I am excited to get started. Look out for an update in a few weeks time if you are interested!

Do you struggle with body acne? If so, what are using to clear it up?

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: Some of the links on my blog might be affiliate. This means that if you click on them and make a purchase- I get some of the money.

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