Zinc: What It Can Do for Hormones

Many women/non-binary people with hormonal conditions are willing to try a lot of things to reduce or eliminate the accompanying symptoms of them. While there are medical interventions that exist, some are still interested in going the supplement route. Zinc is one of the supplements that is said to possibly help with hormonal conditions and… Continue reading Zinc: What It Can Do for Hormones


Sleep Is Important for COVID-19 + REMfresh Review

Whether you believe COVID-19 is a hoax or not- it is affecting a lot of people in various ways. I have been one of the people affected by it so it is very real to me. If you are a believer in the virus and you have read articles that come out on it-you may… Continue reading Sleep Is Important for COVID-19 + REMfresh Review

An Amazing Probiotic: Tummy Tuneup from Beeyoutiful

I have had gut problems for many, many years now. In the past few years, I have read about probiotics and how they may be able to help. When looking up probiotic products to buy way back when, I came across the Tummy Tuneup probiotic. After reading more about it, I decided to try it… Continue reading An Amazing Probiotic: Tummy Tuneup from Beeyoutiful

All About Mast Cell Diseases + A Short Book Review

As I have said in a quite a few of my posts- I am always trying to "crack the code" on myself. My physical and physiological state has not been optimal for a while as I struggle with symptoms that pop up frequently. Very recently, I heard about mast cells and how they can pose… Continue reading All About Mast Cell Diseases + A Short Book Review

My Current Supplement Stack

I have taken supplements for quite a few years now. The specific ones I take seems to change every now and again though. Because I am a COVID-19 "long-hauler," I have taken advice from others suffering the same issues and changed up my supplement stack. In this post, I wanted to share with you what… Continue reading My Current Supplement Stack