How To Get The Body You Want (And Keep It)

Many of us are or have been in the past, unhappy with the way our bodies look. Or maybe we aren't exactly unhappy but we think our bodies could look even better. I know I have definitely been in this position before. Fortunately, there are ways to get our bodies looking the way we want… Continue reading How To Get The Body You Want (And Keep It)


What I Have Learned From Tracking My Menstrual Cycles

Find my planner here: A few months ago now, I decided to start tracking how I feel each during my menstrual cycle. This was due to me wanting to figure out if there is a pattern to my moderate to severe physical issues I go through each month. This tracking has given me more… Continue reading What I Have Learned From Tracking My Menstrual Cycles

HealthMinder Journal + Daily Women’s Health Planner

I love using planners/journals and just writing things in general. There are many apps available so I could do planning/recording without writing, but I prefer the tactile experience of using a pen and paper. I frequently look online for planners and/or journals to buy that might suit my needs better than the one (or ones!)… Continue reading HealthMinder Journal + Daily Women’s Health Planner