Super Goals For The Fall!

We are almost to fall. Whoa! I was hoping things would be better in terms of the pandemic but that didn't happen. In fact, things are actually much worse. Regardless of things still being crappy, I am determined to make the fall good for my family and I. This means that a another "Life Check-In"… Continue reading Super Goals For The Fall!

Why You Should Do Life Check-Ins

Taking some time to look at where you are in life is a great thing to do once in a while. This is what I call a "life check-in" and It can be quite eye opening for some. If you do not know what I am talking about-read on for an explanation! Having a life… Continue reading Why You Should Do Life Check-Ins

A Reflection: Things I wish I Would Have Done Before COVID-19

Lots of thinking going on! Things are insane right now. The world is being turned upside down and shook. At least that is how it feels to me. The uncertainty, mystery and severity of this evolving pandemic has created abrupt changes to how we live and interact. The way things were before is a memory,… Continue reading A Reflection: Things I wish I Would Have Done Before COVID-19