Is Myo-Inositol Worth Taking?

I hate having PCOS. It has made me have screwed up skin, excess hair, pain, nausea and problems conceiving. Over the years I have read up so much on the disease and the various ways to control it. One of the things women with PCOS have had success with is using a supplement called, myo-inositol.… Continue reading Is Myo-Inositol Worth Taking?

My Body Hates Hormones! + Tried A Different Anti-Nausea Treatment

A nice bathroom to puke in! Okay so this totally sucks. Just after I scheduled my last post to go up that detailed this past menstrual cycle, my body decided to enter into a shitshow. Let me tell you a little about it as well as what I took to relieve the nausea. It was… Continue reading My Body Hates Hormones! + Tried A Different Anti-Nausea Treatment

This Is How My Last Menstrual Cycle Went! How Did Yours Go?

Yay for vagina shaped fruit! It is always interesting to me how our hormones fluctuate which in turn affects the way we feel physically and mentally. While everyone is different in how they respond to hormones, there seems to be many people who have similar experiences throughout their cycles. I decided to keep track of… Continue reading This Is How My Last Menstrual Cycle Went! How Did Yours Go?

Six Ways To Deal With The PMS “Hungries”

I want all the food! Many women experience PMS 1-12 days before their periods begin. The severity level ranges from person to person. One of the most common symptoms of PMS  has to do with our appetite. A lot of us experience an increase in hunger and/or cravings for certain things leading up to when… Continue reading Six Ways To Deal With The PMS “Hungries”

Period Repair Manual + Review

I love to read books. Always have, always will. Whenever I see book recommendations on the forums I frequent, I usually end up buying them or at least looking them up on Amazon. On a recent perusal of r/pcos, I came across a few people raving about a book called, Period Repair Manual by Lara… Continue reading Period Repair Manual + Review