What I Have Learned From Tracking My Menstrual Cycles

Find my planner here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08KJGW4ZR A few months ago now, I decided to start tracking how I feel each during my menstrual cycle. This was due to me wanting to figure out if there is a pattern to my moderate to severe physical issues I go through each month. This tracking has given me more… Continue reading What I Have Learned From Tracking My Menstrual Cycles

HealthMinder Journal + Daily Women’s Health Planner

I love using planners/journals and just writing things in general. There are many apps available so I could do planning/recording without writing, but I prefer the tactile experience of using a pen and paper. I frequently look online for planners and/or journals to buy that might suit my needs better than the one (or ones!)… Continue reading HealthMinder Journal + Daily Women’s Health Planner