The Simple Breathing Exercise That Helped Me

We all have been through a lot since the pandemic began. Having to give up certain things and basically try to adapt to a different way of life- is tough. Things have been rough for me since getting COVID-19 in March 2020. It left me with some physical issues that have been very uncomfortable and… Continue reading The Simple Breathing Exercise That Helped Me


My Post-COVID Adventures: How I Am Doing

After having a 12 day bout of COVID early on in the pandemic, I suffered for months with uncomfortable symptoms. They all ranged in severity, frequency and prominence. Bottom line- it was not fun! Read on if you want to know how I am doing now. The acute phase of my COVID infection It all… Continue reading My Post-COVID Adventures: How I Am Doing

My 1 Year COVID-19 Anniversary

My first year of COVID has now officially wrapped up. Unfortunately it has not stopped though as I am moving swiftly into my second year. This post is all about how I am doing with my post-COVID "long-hauling." Brief history of my COVID-19 journey It was March 3rd, 2020 when I first started showing symptoms… Continue reading My 1 Year COVID-19 Anniversary