Find Out What’s On My TV!

I am a streaming services-loving person as many others are. I am also the type of person who can watch shows over and over again without getting tired of the episodes. For example, X-Files is (and will always be) my absolute favorite show and I watch at least one episode every other week. It doesn't… Continue reading Find Out What’s On My TV!


Dietland + Review

I love a good show. There are so many different ones from different genres that I have enjoyed watching and I am always on the lookout for more. A while back I came across the show called, Dietland. This is based off a book of the same name. After watching all of the episodes of… Continue reading Dietland + Review

Here Is How I Get Through My Tough Workouts!

I love to workout at home. It is more "relaxed" that way. There is no waiting for equipment, having to hurry up so someone else can use the equipment, possibly getting sick from some infectious person that decided they needed to workout, having to listen to annoying people chatter etc. Another thing I love about… Continue reading Here Is How I Get Through My Tough Workouts!