This Week’s Workout Review: Fitness Blender #5

It is time for me to do a workout review! I love doing these as they are fun for me and I can help others who are looking for a workout to try. If you look at my other workout reviews, you will see that most of them are done on Fitness Blender workouts. Well,… Continue reading This Week’s Workout Review: Fitness Blender #5


C4 Pre-Workout VS. Just Caffeine

I love to workout hard, but sometimes I need a little "push." I always reach out for a caffeine pill to give me a boost of energy during these times. Recently, I tried C4 Original Pre-Workout drink mix to see what it would do for me. In this post, I will be comparing the effects… Continue reading C4 Pre-Workout VS. Just Caffeine

In Need of Bodyweight Workouts? Try These!

I love strength training workouts. If you have seen any of my other workout posts, you probably already know that. Sometimes though, I just don’t feel like picking up my dumbbells. This is when I go to bodyweight exercises. Fortunately, one can still get a great burn in with them. In this post, I will… Continue reading In Need of Bodyweight Workouts? Try These!

Dragging During Your Workouts? Blame Your Hormones!

As most people know, consistent exercise is important for a healthy life. There are just so many benefits that it gives us. Even if we are really into exercising (some might call that being a fitness freak), there are days where we may have a harder time getting through our workout sessions. There are also… Continue reading Dragging During Your Workouts? Blame Your Hormones!

Want a Full Body Workout? Try This One!

Strength training is very beneficial according to many different studies. Although it may not be the most popular type of workout, one should definitely do it at least once in a while for the positive effects it can have. While having strength training sessions that focus on one part of the body is a great… Continue reading Want a Full Body Workout? Try This One!