Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream-My Review

I think I mentioned in another post that I have terrible hyperpigmentation mainly due to acne but also from some skin picking that I used to do. I am not into wearing a lot of makeup but I do like the idea of putting on some foundation once in a while just to feel a little better about myself when going out. I found the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream a while back and wanted to give a review on it.

What is BB Cream?

BB cream stands for “Beauty Balm.” It is said to be a foundation, moisturizer and sunblock all in one. There are a lot of different ones available on market. They range in coverage from light to full. You can wear them alone or under foundation.

The Smashbox BB cream contains 35 SPF sunscreen. It comes in eight different shades and provides a medium coverage. It is also supposed to control oil . The reason it is called “Camera Ready” is because it is said to give a flawless look to your skin that photographs well. It costs around $40 depending on where you buy it from.

Did I like it?

I got the Smashbox BB cream in the dark color which is the darkest shade they offer. It matches my skin tone pretty well and has a nice feel to it. I do not like anything too thick feeling on my skin so this one is great in that regard. In terms of banishing oil, I must have extremely oily skin because it really did not do that good of a job for me.

I would say for me the coverage is pretty light. It does even out my skin tone a little bit but with all of the hyperpigmentation I have it just does not make that much of a difference. I am thinking that maybe I need to put concealer on underneath it to give me better coverage. Due to me being a makeup novice, I was hoping I could get by with just a foundation and not have to have a bunch of different products to cover my dark spots up. I guess that only works for people with clear skin.

I think I will continue looking at other BB creams to see if something works better for me.