Best Oils For Your Hair and Skin

Oils get a bad reputation for skin and a good reputation for hair. The reality is that they can be good for both our skin and hair. No matter what your skin and hair type, there are oils for you!

As a person who has acne-prone skin with hyperpigmentation/melasma, I have found oils that do not aggravate my conditions. For my hair, oils are pretty much essential to maintain its health.

I have done a lot of reading about all of the different types of oils (there are many!) and have learned what most of them are beneficial for. For this post I wanted to put a list together of my findings in hopes that people who read this will find an oil to try.

Oils for skin


1. Rosehip oil*

2. Apricot kernel oil

3. Pumpkin seed oil

4. Tamanu oil

5. Neem oil

6. Jojoba oil

Dry skin:

1. Avocado oil

2. Baobab seed oil

3. Argan oil

4. Kiwi seed oil

5. Carrot oil

6. Brazil nut oil

7. Sweet almond oil

8. Olive oil

Aged skin:

1. Moringa oil

2. Rosehip oil

3. Cacay oil

4. Tomato seed oil

5. Papaya oil

6. Amla oil


1. Papaya oil

2. Cacay oil

3. Rosehip oil

4. Tamanu oil

Oils for hair

The ones following are good for growth, moisturizing or both:

1. Papaya oil-both

2. Carrot oil-Moisturizing

3. Sunflower seed oil- Moisturizing

4. Avocado oil- Moisturizing

5. Argan oil- Moisturizing

6. Baobab seed oil- Moisturizing

7. Pumpkin seed oil- Growth

8. Amla oil- Scalp conditions

9. Jojoba oil- Both

10. Sweet almond oil- Moisturizing

11. Olive oil- Moisturizing

What I use and love

Skin- In the mornings and sometimes evenings I use rosehip oil. After I do an at-home chemical peel, I use sweet almond oil as it is a little thicker and even more moisturizing. In the future when I have money coming in, I would really like to purchase some Cacay oil to see if that works for my hyperpigmentation.

Hair- My hair is very dry. Because of that, oils are imperative even after using conditioner. I currently use a mixture of olive, sweet almond and pumpkin oil for it. In the future, I am thinking about trying avocado oil.

Why coconut is not listed anywhere

I am not a fan of coconut oil. At all. That does not mean I don’t recommend it for other people. Just because it doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you too.

I just wanted to list some oils that some people might not have thought of using or even heard of.

I hope you find this list useful! Let me know if you have used any of these or if there are any other types of oils that you like that aren’t listed.

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