Supplement Talk: Can DMAE Do Anything?

In an attempt to reduce the amount of facial aging I have been scouring the web to figure out relatively low cost options for me. The unfortunate thing is that smile lines and folds are really hard to treat with OTC things. I came across DMAE a while ago for possible mental and cognitive related… Continue reading Supplement Talk: Can DMAE Do Anything?


Update: Back to The Gua Sha + LED Light Therapy

Cat getting a facial massage! Too cute not to put in this post. Quite a while ago now, I started getting into antiaging facial massage. This was because I wanted to reduce the aging that was happening in my face and I also think it is fun to have a beauty routine. When looking up… Continue reading Update: Back to The Gua Sha + LED Light Therapy

Black Don’t Crack? Um, Did My Face Miss That Memo?

I am not aging like fine wine! The physical aging signs are things that many people (especially women) want to stop. There is this unfortunate idea that youth equals beauty. This idea permeates our media- causing the fear of the inevitable. Ever since I was young, I have been hearing that black people age gracefully.… Continue reading Black Don’t Crack? Um, Did My Face Miss That Memo?