Update: Back to The Gua Sha + LED Light Therapy

Cat getting a facial massage! Too cute not to put in this post.

Quite a while ago now, I started getting into antiaging facial massage. This was because I wanted to reduce the aging that was happening in my face and I also think it is fun to have a beauty routine.

When looking up massage techniques I came across the Gua Sha facial technique (scraping your skin with a jade stone) and an LED light therapy massager. It all looked really interesting to me so I bought a jade stone and the massager.

I used these two things daily for a couple weeks and eventually stopped for whatever reason (I do not remember why). Recently, I decided to take them up again and I vow to do it every single day for a long time.

In this post, I will be talking more about the Gua Sha facial massage method and LED light therapy.

Gua Sha: When, what and why

The Gua Sha massage technique involves the scraping of the skin. It dates all the way back to the Paleolithic age (2.5 million years ago) where they used lubricated stones or bones to scrape away illnesses.

This massage then moved on to being used in China. It is now considered an ancient East Asian treatment.

The practitioners of Gua Sha may use coins, jade stones or spoons as their tools. The scraping that is done is said to activate blood circulation, move energy around the body, stimulate the immune system and cause an anti-inflammatory response.

Some specific alleged benefits of Gua Sha massages are as follows:

Gua Sha: How

This scraping massage technique requires one to start off with cleansed skin. After the skin is clean, an oil is to be applied. Putting oil on your face is important so that the tool is able to glide across your skin easier.

They type of oil is up to you. Some good options are rosehip, papaya and almond oil.

The following is a great video I found on YouTube that shows you how to do a Gua Sha facial:

This makes for a wonderful part of your beauty/self-care routine!

LED light therapy: When, what and why

The use of light as a type of therapy for ailments dates back to the early 1900s. For a while it was called, “photo therapy.”

At first, red LED light was mainly being used for pain but then it was found that it also helped with skin conditions. The use of LED light has been studied even more with different colors now being used to help with specific issues.

The following are the benefits of the different LED light colors:

  • Red- Pain relief, wounds, wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines
  • Blue- Skin cancer spots, acne, teeth whitening, depression/anxiety
  • Green- Hyperpigmentation, under eye circles, sun damage, migraines
  • Yellow- Redness reduction, wrinkles, fine lines, hydration
  • Purple- All the things that red and blue do-at the same time.
  • Orange- Adds radiance to dull skin
  • Infrared- Goes deeper into the skin then just red does.
  • White- Depression, anxiety, sleep
  • Pink- Acne, fine lines, inflammation

LED light therapy: How

Light therapy can be done at home with devices that are sold from various places and it is also offered at spas. Here is a little more about each option:


There are many LED light therapy devices you can buy. The types of devices include massage wands, face masks and lamps of varying sizes. Most of these come with different light colors. You can also buy grow lights that are used for plants. The price range for at-home devices ranges from $25-$2000.

At spas

Light therapy is offered at some spas. They usually use a large lamp that hits your whole face or they have ones that hit more/all of your body. Spas will sometimes combine the light therapy with other treatments such as serums. Costs range from $25-$300 per session.

Light therapy sessions lasting from 10-20 minutes is said to be optimal. It may take up to ten sessions for one to see results.

What I have and will continue to do

Light therapy wand.
Jade stone tool.

Like I said, I have been doing Gua Sha massages and using my LED light therapy wand again. Not enough time has passed for any results to show (if they will) but I love doing a little something for myself each day.

I will continue to do Gua Sha massages everyday in the morning before applying my sunscreen. It really does not take much time at all and feels good.

The LED light massage wand that I have has red, green, blue, pink, yellow, orange and purple lights. I will be using the red and green lights three times a week. The light wand shuts off after ten minutes but I think I might just turn it back on so I can have 20 minute sessions instead.

For a massage oil, I will be using jojoba as it work so well for getting the tools to glide across my skin. I would highly recommend it for you, too!

It would be nice if these would help me

I am not going to get my hopes up for these things to fix my skin completely. If they help even just a little bit though, I will be happy.

Have any of you tried facial massage or light therapy?

Thanks for reading!

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