11 Amazing Ambience Videos for Right Now

Explore new worlds at home.

This year has been a complete shitshow. There may be other ways to describe it but they will pretty much mean the same thing. Shitshow seems really concise and to the point.

The good thing is there are things we can do that may provide some relief from the negative feelings we may be experiencing. Putting on ambience videos on YouTube is one of those things!

These can provide great experiences through sight and hearing. This post will show you 11 amazing ambience videos (in no particular order) that may be exactly what you need in this time, month and season.

First, a little about ambience videos

Ambience videos on YouTube are in abundance. There are a lot of channels that create them for our pleasure!

These types of videos usually contain one or more images of places. The images may be still or have details that move.

Along with the images, the videos also contain sounds and/or music. Some ambient channel authors will layer sounds together to make a real experience or do a mix of music.

The ambience videos are all themed. There are ones that go along with the seasons, holidays, weather, nature, rooms in homes, places in the community, fantasy worlds, eras, movies, television shows, video games and more.

These videos are great to put on while you are doing something or just sitting/laying around. You can have them playing on your computer or your TV for an even better experience that sets the mood in the room.

The 11 amazing ambience videos for right now

This one may only have a still image but the music makes up for it and the title is perfect. It is an afterglow that keeps on glowing.

The first four minutes of it is mesmerizing and reels you in. It is an absolutely gorgeous mix of songs.

Great for- studying, relaxing, depression reduction, letting go, stress relief, writing and reading.

This one has some really nice details in the scene-the falling rain and the cars going by. It also incorporates nice jazz music with the sound of rain, light chatter of people and intermittent clinking of dishware.

All of the aforementioned things together make for a real experience. Due to the pandemic, it is not very safe to go out to restaurants. This video may partially fill that void.

Great for- relaxing, writing, reading, eating (date night in?!) and cooking.

Such a cute and cozy coffee shop!

This one provides eight hours of jazz music, rain sounds, light conversation, dishes clinking and nice visuals combined together. It makes it easier to imagine being in a coffee shop as the pandemic is preventing us from being in an actual one.

Great for- studying, relaxing, reading, sleeping, writing and cooking.

Title: Soothing music that seems to start the winter story

This is simple but oh so beautiful. It is three hours of a piano song that brings you back to easier times with each strike of the keys.

Great for- relaxing, reading, studying, depression reduction, reflection, letting go and sleep.

This is a masterpiece!

The beautiful music includes a piano, harp, clarinet, birds, flutes and violins. There are also images of beautiful nature scenes.

The music provides a sense of wonder and inspires you to explore new things.

Great for- relaxing, writing, going towards goals/dreams, letting go, sleep and reflection.

This one is full of Christmas cozy! It has a fun visual with layered sounds of Christmas music (of course!), light conversation, dishes clinking, frothing/pouring of drinks and the crackling of a fire.

Maybe at this time in 2021 we can go to our local coffee shops again.

Great for- studying, reading, writing, decorating, cooking, relaxing, wrapping presents, opening presents and cleaning.

Simple but wonderful jazz music. The saxophone is beyond smooth and speaks right to your soul- drawing out the bad while letting in the good.

Great for- studying, reading, relaxing, cooking, cleaning, writing, waking up in the morning and regaining hope.

This one has a neat combination of hip-hop and jazz music along with the light sound of waves. The image looks great with the crashing of waves and close-up of a mug. It is as if you are sitting there.

It takes you to a better place with its upbeat and fun feel.

Great for- writing, reading, relaxing, cleaning, daydreaming, going for a light walk and the creation of goals.

This has a wonderful, actual space-like feel to it. It is very gentle and takes you on a journey to wherever you want to go.

Great for- relaxing, stress reduction, reading, writing, studying, reflection, letting go, sleeping and just being.

This one has a nice image of a place many people would like to be at right now. Just lounging in a beautiful environment without much of a care in the world for a while.

The music artist is named Jjos and the genre is considered to be “chill house.” The video features his wonderful songs throughout the entire three hours that it runs for.

Great for- Writing, art/hobbies, stress reduction, light cleaning, relaxing, at-home spa night, regaining hope and just being.

Another one full of Christmas cozy! If you had a grandma like mine who loved to have a bunch of holiday trinkets around her house, you may really like seeing this kitchen scene.

This one has the sounds of baking and cooking. There is no music which is totally fine! The real kitchen noises make you actually feel like you are there, watching grandma cook.

Great for- Relaxing, reading, writing, studying, cooking, wrapping presents, opening presents, decorating and eating.

Just try them out!

These are some awesome ambience videos. Put them on and you may feel better-even for just an hour or so.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post! Stay safe and remember that better days are ahead.

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