10 Amazing Ambience Videos For Right Now-Spring Version

I just love looking at this visual! There is a light at the end of the road in life now too.

A while back I did a post where I talked about ambience videos and showed you some great ones that were fitting for the season/what the world was going through. Since things have a changed a bit (it is spring and there is more hope for the world!), I decided to make this post showing more of these videos.

Make sure as you are going through the post to click on the videos and take a quick peek/listen!

First, I want to give you an explanation on the videos chosen

Even though I put this as the spring version, not all of the videos are spring season-related. That would mean that they would all be pretty much the same and I did not want that for you guys.

A few of them I chose just went along great with where we are at in the world. Some things people may feel they can still only dream about doing because of how seriously they take the virus and the restrictions that are put forth in their area. Some things people just do not have and/or are not going to see due to location.

These videos serve as a safe escape for anyone and everyone. They are all great for studying, reading, writing, cooking, doing art, cleaning, relaxing, sleeping and just being.

The 10 amazing ambience videos for right now

  1. ASMR Soundscape-Cozy Country Kitchen Soundscape by Dragonfly Mage

This is the spring/summer version of the channel’s Christmas kitchen video that I put on the other ambience video post. This video’s kitchen and chirping birds sounds make for a lovely auditory experience. The kitchen visual is also really charming. I love that bowl of oatmeal chillin’ on the table!

2. Realistic Kitchen Ambience ASMR by Cozy Corner of Ambience

This video boasts the best and most detailed kitchen sounds out of all the kitchen ambience videos. The rainy spring day outside of the windows only adds to the fun, relaxing sounds it has.

3. Spring Ambience with Cherry Blossoms by Autumn Cozy

This video has a wonderful fairy-tale like scene. That combined with simple spring sounds makes for a relaxing three hours.

4. Books and Coffee Shop Ambience by Candy Music Room

This is great for all you book and coffee lovers! Due to the virus, it may not be safe yet to spend time in book and coffee shops so this video may give you a similar vibe.

5. Airport Coffee Shop Ambience by Nature Cozy Music

There is just something about a coffee shop in an airport. I think so anyways. People have been traveling all through the pandemic but it is looking like it will actually be a bit safer in the near future.

This is the only airport ambience video on YouTube right now and it is perfect for people who miss traveling and are waiting for a better time to do so.

Light and upbeat, the music is sure to put one in a good mood.

6. Night Greenhouse Ambience by Autumn Cozy

Plant care can be so relaxing in real life. Putting those sounds in a video with a cool visual, was a great idea! It also has some other sounds like crickets and coffee being poured. Altogether it is a very relaxing video to put on!

7. Romantic Manhattan Restaurant Ambience by Immerse In Nature

In the other post about ambience videos, I put this channel’s other New York restaurant ambience video on it. This one is very similar.

Eating at restaurants right now is extremely risky in my opinion. If you think the same and miss going out to restaurants, try putting this on the TV! You and your partner can have a meal together-pretending that you are actually there.

8. Beautiful Relaxing Music by Soothing Relaxation

This is an absolutely gorgeous ambience video. The nature scenes, piano and sounds of birds chirping make this great for relaxation. It may also help you start the day off in a good mood, too.

9. Night Beach Camping Ambience by Candy Music Room

I just love the idea of this video and I know others will too upon seeing it. Many of us do not have access to nice beaches all the time so this may look like a fun escape to some.

The idea of being on a beach, being cozy, having a good book in hand, hot chocolate by my side and having some Bossa Nova music playing seems rather dream-like to me.

10. 2 Hours of Deluxe House Music by Relaxing Chill Music

This video has a wonderful still image. It really gives you a taste of what is to come- warmer, better days. The house music featured is mellow and can put you in a better mental space.

How I use these videos

I typically have on ambience videos at least once a day. It varies which time of day I put them on.

I like to play them when I am surfing the internet, reading, working on my novel and doing laundry. They are all very comforting to me and help me focus. My absolute favorite ones right now include chillout lounge music (specifically, a musician named Jjos).

I bet you might like these!

We all have different tastes when it comes to music and sounds but I feel like many people will enjoy these ambient videos. There are MANY different kinds of these videos so I recommend searching through YouTube to the best kind of ear and eye candy for you.

Let me know what you think of the videos I put on the list.

Thanks for reading and watching!

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