13 Amazing Ambience Videos for Right Now- Summer Edition

Even though it is not officially summer, I think it is time for another one of these! If you saw my spring version, I hope you enjoyed the ones I picked out for it.

These ones for the summer edition are very enjoyable. Some are summer related and a couple are just plain cool. So without further ado, here are the videos!

Quick reminder on ambience videos

Ambience videos are all about changing the atmosphere and environment. They typically have nice visual elements (animated or static) and related music/sounds.

These have become really popular in the past couple of years. Doing a search on YouTube will yield a countless amount of results. Some are simple and some are more elaborate.

Ambience videos tend to make people feel good. They can take you to better times, put you in different places you won’t get to, relax you, put you to sleep, help you study/read/write/, set the scene for a family game night etc.

If you are into digital art, creating an ambience channel on YouTube is something to consider!

13 amazing ambience videos for right now

  1. A summer night on a cozy terrace

Okay, how cute is this? The blankets, pillow, seat cushions, view and a “yay” light…yes! I wish it was my place.

This video includes typical outdoor and nature sounds. Very gentle and relaxing.

2. Camping by the sea

I don’t know about you but I think camping by a sea would be awesome. The detailed imagery makes me want to do it as soon as possible! Probably won’t happen though.

This ambience video combines the sounds of a fire crackling and ocean waves. This in turn creates a beautiful, blissful and relaxing atmosphere.

3. Beautiful summer patio

This is an example of a very detailed ambience video. The scene is colorful and there are sounds that you would actually hear on summer days.

My favorite thing about this video are the BBQ cooking sounds. It really puts me in a good mood and it might put you in one too!

4. Super cool theme park

How neat is this scene? If you aren’t planning on going to any theme parks this summer but you like the look/sounds of them, this video is a good one to put on your TV! It has nice animations with the actual sounds that you would hear at a real theme park (fireworks, people talking, people screaming etc.).

5. Beautiful seaside café

Ahhhh, bossa nova music! A new love of mine. Combining that with a beautiful seaside café scene makes this whole video even better.

This one is sure to put you in a good mood!

6. Gorgeous meadow

If the idea of sitting in a meadow with just the sounds of nature around you sounds like a great time, this is the video for you. This scene is a real mountain view in Oregon. It would be great to put on during rainy days in the summer.

7. Lord of the Rings ambience

Calling all Lord of the Rings fans! This one is for you. Putting this on will put you in a great mood with its beautiful Shire scene and the music from the movies.

For whatever reason, I find this great to clean to.

8. A lovely hair salon

I never knew I needed this until I found it. If hair salons aren’t open for very many clients or you just don’t feel safe in one yet, this one is for you! It has all of the sounds that will make you feel as though you are actually in a salon.

Another thing great about it is the view from the salon windows. The places across the street look cute and quaint which further adds to the fun ambience.

9. Fun and cozy 4th of July

This video is one of my favorite ones. From the perfect layer of sounds (nature, soft fireworks, crickets and talking) and the cute house- it is truly a fantastic piece of art.

Not many people will have 4th of July’s that look like this so it is great to put on any screen you have and pretend you are there!

10. Chill vibes

I have become a huge fan of chillout lounge music and this video does not disappoint. It is not necessarily summer themed but it is a relatively new one that deserves a listen/watch.

There are 16 songs by an artist named, Jjos. The songs are accompanied by visuals of people and places. This video is great to put on your TV screen to chill, relax, think and just be.

11. The laundry room of my dreams

This is another one I didn’t know I needed. I am sure other people will think that too!

The detail in this laundry room scene is amazing. If this was mine, I think I would stay in it a lot. Also, the layer of sounds is perfect-right down to the detergent bottle opening.

12. A writer and book worm’s dream

Planning on doing some writing this summer and/or are you trying to get some good reading done? This one is for you!

It has a cool looking library from the 1930s and a great layer of sounds that you would hear in a library or in a room where someone is writing.

13. Back in the day ambience

Better times or just different times? I am not sure, but I love this anyways. Maybe you will too!

This video takes you back to long ago in the Edwardian era (which Google tells me went from 1901 to 1910). I don’t know if it is supposed to be a summer day but it sure is sunny outside of the window. The details of the scene are great-it really looks like something you would see during that time.

Check these out!

The 13 videos I showed you are just some of the many, MANY good ambience videos on YouTube. I am constantly finding new ones to watch and listen to as there is such an abundance of them.

If you like these ones, go check out some more. You could even create your own playlist of the ones that you really like!

Let me know if you liked the videos in this post and what other ambience videos you like. I am always up for suggestions!

Thanks for reading!

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