10 Ambience Video Finds for Mid-Summer

10 Ambience Video Finds for Mid-Summer

There is still so much beauty in life despite the pandemic. It can be experienced through pictures like this and videos.

So I already did one post on great ambience videos for the summer but I decided to do another one. This is because I found some really good ones that others may like.

These don’t all go along with the season- they are just some ones that can be enjoyed on any day!

What ambience videos are

I have talked about what they are in each one of my other posts about them but I will do it again for this one.

These types of videos have nice scenes- some have things that move in them and some are just still. They also have sounds and/or music that go along with the scene. Some examples of sounds/music that are put into ambience videos are as follows:

  • Cooking and kitchen sounds
  • Fireplace sounds
  • Rain and storm sounds
  • Wind
  • Ocean waves
  • Jazz music
  • The sounds of walking through the snow or leaves
  • Birds chirping

and so many more! A lot of these videos will even have multiple sounds combined- just like life.

Ambient videos are great for transforming the environment. If the scene is immersive enough, you may actually feel like you are there without actually visiting the place. The sounds/music are also great for studying, sleeping, relaxing, writing, doing art etc.

Why I like them and I how I use them

About a year ago, I was looking for fireplace videos on YouTube because I thought my son might enjoy it. I then came across the Calmed By Nature ambience video channel and was hooked!

These types of videos are just so relaxing to me and the immersive ones put me in other places that I can’t be in. They help my mental state and even motivate me. I usually put them on my computer while I am surfing the web or typing stuff up. I also like to put them on my television screen

My favorite types of ambience videos are ones that have cooking, eating and light conversation sounds.

Why I do these posts

I think of this as a health and lifestyle blog. Most of the posts I do are health related and there is of course a mental piece to that.

I believe that these ambience videos can do wonders for our mental health which in turn helps our lives. The ability to see a different place or time period can get us out of our heads for a while. Sometimes we need that.

If we are stressed, angry or sad due to something in our lives-an ambience video can relax us. If we are lacking motivation to get something done- an ambience video can energize our minds to be able to complete it.

These deserve a place in one’s life or at least be tried out once!

10 ambience video finds for mid-summer

  1. Star Wars ambience

I am not the biggest Star Wars fan but I do like it enough for this to be a fun one. My son really likes it too!

This was a pleasure to have on while I was reading and working on my novel that I am writing. It also made me want to watch one of the movies again.

2. Gotham City ambience

If you are a superhero show/movie fan like I am, you will like this. Batman isn’t my favorite superhero but he is up there! I have enjoyed all of the batman movies with Christian Bale and I also found the Gotham show to be fantastic.

This ambience video has the great scene of Gotham city. It even changes views of the city multiple times. The city lights, rain, moving cars, helicopter and the night sky make for that immersive experience I like (and I am sure others do too!).

The music is from the show and does indeed have an “epic” feel. It is very energizing-not something to relax or sleep to. I have found it great to clean the kitchen and closets to.

3. Downton Abbey ambience

This show never looked good to me. It just seemed like something I wouldn’t enjoy at all. One day a few weeks ago- I decided to give it a chance because I didn’t know what else to watch.

I was hooked!

I ended up binge watching the hell out of this show. Definitely worth the hype that it gets. I am now officially into period pieces.

This Downton Abbey ambience video is so cheery. The music is gorgeous on the show and I love hearing the longer versions of the songs. I find it great to have on while I am reading.

If you are a Downton Abbey fan, this one is for you!

4. Orient Express ambience

For a long time now, I have a had a thing for trains. I think it would be so fun to ride and have dinner on one with my husband.

Seeing that one of the channels I am subscribed to came out with this one, I had to click on it right away. The scene is exactly what I would want out of a train ride. It is so cozy. I can picture myself sitting in the booth with my husband, chatting away and looking outside as we wait for our food.

The rain and light sounds of the train moving are so relaxing. Definitely great for reading and just sitting around.

5. Japanese Onsen ambience

This ambience video showcases a type of bathing facility (called an Onsen) one would find in Japan. The water is hot and is for relaxation purposes only-not for getting clean.

I find this video to be absolutely beautiful. The visuals of the water coming out, sounds of the water, steaming cups of tea and music all come together to make a relaxing three hours.

I used this while I was in bed for the night and it calmed my body down so that I could get good rest.

6. Virgin River ambience

I am obsessed with this show. I binge watched season three and season four can’t come soon enough! Jack and Melinda are such a good looking couple.

The music on this is from the show’s soundtrack and is so beautiful. I find it perfect for relaxing and reading a book.

7. Bossa Nova beach cafe

This is by one of my favorite ambience video creators. He/she puts a lot of love into the videos and they are always top notch.

This cafe scene by the beach looks so nice and I wish I was there. I love the upbeat feeling of the boss nova with the sounds of the ocean waves. The video is great for relaxing, reading or studying.

8. Date night on a beach

Just like the train ambience video listed, this scene captures a setting that I have been wanting to be in for quite some time.

Having a beautiful dinner on the beach with the sounds of nature all around us-would be a dream come true. Maybe one day it will happen- or maybe not. Who knows when this pandemic will end!

I love the music that goes with the scene and it was perfect to relax to.

9. A picture says a thousand words

This still image drew me in and I had to click on it. Where is this person going? Why did he/she/they stop on the side of the road? Does or do he/she/they need help? Is or are he/she/they in trouble? You can make up many stories from it yourself.

The music selection is wonderful-really chill. I found it perfect to relax to and read my book to.

10. Allegedly the best chillout music

I don’t know if this has the best chillout music but it sure is fantastic! I love the scene as it looks like it would be a great vacation spot. I don’t know where it is located in this world, but I want to be there!

The song selection is perfect for the scene and it was great to relax my mind/body/soul to.

Try these out!

These videos are great and I hope you like them to. There are so many other ones to be found on YouTube so make sure to check some out. They may just make a positive difference in your life if you regularly put them on.

Do you have any ambience videos that you really like?

Thanks for visiting my site!

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13 Amazing Ambience Videos for Right Now- Summer Edition

13 Amazing Ambience Videos for Right Now- Summer Edition

Even though it is not officially summer, I think it is time for another one of these! If you saw my spring version, I hope you enjoyed the ones I picked out for it.

These ones for the summer edition are very enjoyable. Some are summer related and a couple are just plain cool. So without further ado, here are the videos!

Quick reminder on ambience videos

Ambience videos are all about changing the atmosphere and environment. They typically have nice visual elements (animated or static) and related music/sounds.

These have become really popular in the past couple of years. Doing a search on YouTube will yield a countless amount of results. Some are simple and some are more elaborate.

Ambience videos tend to make people feel good. They can take you to better times, put you in different places you won’t get to, relax you, put you to sleep, help you study/read/write/, set the scene for a family game night etc.

If you are into digital art, creating an ambience channel on YouTube is something to consider!

13 amazing ambience videos for right now

  1. A summer night on a cozy terrace

Okay, how cute is this? The blankets, pillow, seat cushions, view and a “yay” light…yes! I wish it was my place.

This video includes typical outdoor and nature sounds. Very gentle and relaxing.

2. Camping by the sea

I don’t know about you but I think camping by a sea would be awesome. The detailed imagery makes me want to do it as soon as possible! Probably won’t happen though.

This ambience video combines the sounds of a fire crackling and ocean waves. This in turn creates a beautiful, blissful and relaxing atmosphere.

3. Beautiful summer patio

This is an example of a very detailed ambience video. The scene is colorful and there are sounds that you would actually hear on summer days.

My favorite thing about this video are the BBQ cooking sounds. It really puts me in a good mood and it might put you in one too!

4. Super cool theme park

How neat is this scene? If you aren’t planning on going to any theme parks this summer but you like the look/sounds of them, this video is a good one to put on your TV! It has nice animations with the actual sounds that you would hear at a real theme park (fireworks, people talking, people screaming etc.).

5. Beautiful seaside café

Ahhhh, bossa nova music! A new love of mine. Combining that with a beautiful seaside café scene makes this whole video even better.

This one is sure to put you in a good mood!

6. Gorgeous meadow

If the idea of sitting in a meadow with just the sounds of nature around you sounds like a great time, this is the video for you. This scene is a real mountain view in Oregon. It would be great to put on during rainy days in the summer.

7. Lord of the Rings ambience

Calling all Lord of the Rings fans! This one is for you. Putting this on will put you in a great mood with its beautiful Shire scene and the music from the movies.

For whatever reason, I find this great to clean to.

8. A lovely hair salon

I never knew I needed this until I found it. If hair salons aren’t open for very many clients or you just don’t feel safe in one yet, this one is for you! It has all of the sounds that will make you feel as though you are actually in a salon.

Another thing great about it is the view from the salon windows. The places across the street look cute and quaint which further adds to the fun ambience.

9. Fun and cozy 4th of July

This video is one of my favorite ones. From the perfect layer of sounds (nature, soft fireworks, crickets and talking) and the cute house- it is truly a fantastic piece of art.

Not many people will have 4th of July’s that look like this so it is great to put on any screen you have and pretend you are there!

10. Chill vibes

I have become a huge fan of chillout lounge music and this video does not disappoint. It is not necessarily summer themed but it is a relatively new one that deserves a listen/watch.

There are 16 songs by an artist named, Jjos. The songs are accompanied by visuals of people and places. This video is great to put on your TV screen to chill, relax, think and just be.

11. The laundry room of my dreams

This is another one I didn’t know I needed. I am sure other people will think that too!

The detail in this laundry room scene is amazing. If this was mine, I think I would stay in it a lot. Also, the layer of sounds is perfect-right down to the detergent bottle opening.

12. A writer and book worm’s dream

Planning on doing some writing this summer and/or are you trying to get some good reading done? This one is for you!

It has a cool looking library from the 1930s and a great layer of sounds that you would hear in a library or in a room where someone is writing.

13. Back in the day ambience

Better times or just different times? I am not sure, but I love this anyways. Maybe you will too!

This video takes you back to long ago in the Edwardian era (which Google tells me went from 1901 to 1910). I don’t know if it is supposed to be a summer day but it sure is sunny outside of the window. The details of the scene are great-it really looks like something you would see during that time.

Check these out!

The 13 videos I showed you are just some of the many, MANY good ambience videos on YouTube. I am constantly finding new ones to watch and listen to as there is such an abundance of them.

If you like these ones, go check out some more. You could even create your own playlist of the ones that you really like!

Let me know if you liked the videos in this post and what other ambience videos you like. I am always up for suggestions!

Thanks for reading!

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11 Amazing Ambience Videos for Right Now

11 Amazing Ambience Videos for Right Now

Explore new worlds at home.

This year has been a complete shitshow. There may be other ways to describe it but they will pretty much mean the same thing. Shitshow seems really concise and to the point.

The good thing is there are things we can do that may provide some relief from the negative feelings we may be experiencing. Putting on ambience videos on YouTube is one of those things!

These can provide great experiences through sight and hearing. This post will show you 11 amazing ambience videos (in no particular order) that may be exactly what you need in this time, month and season.

First, a little about ambience videos

Ambience videos on YouTube are in abundance. There are a lot of channels that create them for our pleasure!

These types of videos usually contain one or more images of places. The images may be still or have details that move.

Along with the images, the videos also contain sounds and/or music. Some ambient channel authors will layer sounds together to make a real experience or do a mix of music.

The ambience videos are all themed. There are ones that go along with the seasons, holidays, weather, nature, rooms in homes, places in the community, fantasy worlds, eras, movies, television shows, video games and more.

These videos are great to put on while you are doing something or just sitting/laying around. You can have them playing on your computer or your TV for an even better experience that sets the mood in the room.

The 11 amazing ambience videos for right now

This one may only have a still image but the music makes up for it and the title is perfect. It is an afterglow that keeps on glowing.

The first four minutes of it is mesmerizing and reels you in. It is an absolutely gorgeous mix of songs.

Great for- studying, relaxing, depression reduction, letting go, stress relief, writing and reading.

This one has some really nice details in the scene-the falling rain and the cars going by. It also incorporates nice jazz music with the sound of rain, light chatter of people and intermittent clinking of dishware.

All of the aforementioned things together make for a real experience. Due to the pandemic, it is not very safe to go out to restaurants. This video may partially fill that void.

Great for- relaxing, writing, reading, eating (date night in?!) and cooking.

Such a cute and cozy coffee shop!

This one provides eight hours of jazz music, rain sounds, light conversation, dishes clinking and nice visuals combined together. It makes it easier to imagine being in a coffee shop as the pandemic is preventing us from being in an actual one.

Great for- studying, relaxing, reading, sleeping, writing and cooking.

Title: Soothing music that seems to start the winter story

This is simple but oh so beautiful. It is three hours of a piano song that brings you back to easier times with each strike of the keys.

Great for- relaxing, reading, studying, depression reduction, reflection, letting go and sleep.

This is a masterpiece!

The beautiful music includes a piano, harp, clarinet, birds, flutes and violins. There are also images of beautiful nature scenes.

The music provides a sense of wonder and inspires you to explore new things.

Great for- relaxing, writing, going towards goals/dreams, letting go, sleep and reflection.

This one is full of Christmas cozy! It has a fun visual with layered sounds of Christmas music (of course!), light conversation, dishes clinking, frothing/pouring of drinks and the crackling of a fire.

Maybe at this time in 2021 we can go to our local coffee shops again.

Great for- studying, reading, writing, decorating, cooking, relaxing, wrapping presents, opening presents and cleaning.

Simple but wonderful jazz music. The saxophone is beyond smooth and speaks right to your soul- drawing out the bad while letting in the good.

Great for- studying, reading, relaxing, cooking, cleaning, writing, waking up in the morning and regaining hope.

This one has a neat combination of hip-hop and jazz music along with the light sound of waves. The image looks great with the crashing of waves and close-up of a mug. It is as if you are sitting there.

It takes you to a better place with its upbeat and fun feel.

Great for- writing, reading, relaxing, cleaning, daydreaming, going for a light walk and the creation of goals.

This has a wonderful, actual space-like feel to it. It is very gentle and takes you on a journey to wherever you want to go.

Great for- relaxing, stress reduction, reading, writing, studying, reflection, letting go, sleeping and just being.

This one has a nice image of a place many people would like to be at right now. Just lounging in a beautiful environment without much of a care in the world for a while.

The music artist is named Jjos and the genre is considered to be “chill house.” The video features his wonderful songs throughout the entire three hours that it runs for.

Great for- Writing, art/hobbies, stress reduction, light cleaning, relaxing, at-home spa night, regaining hope and just being.

Another one full of Christmas cozy! If you had a grandma like mine who loved to have a bunch of holiday trinkets around her house, you may really like seeing this kitchen scene.

This one has the sounds of baking and cooking. There is no music which is totally fine! The real kitchen noises make you actually feel like you are there, watching grandma cook.

Great for- Relaxing, reading, writing, studying, cooking, wrapping presents, opening presents, decorating and eating.

Just try them out!

These are some awesome ambience videos. Put them on and you may feel better-even for just an hour or so.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post! Stay safe and remember that better days are ahead.

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Here Is How I Get Through My Tough Workouts!

Here Is How I Get Through My Tough Workouts!

I love to workout at home. It is more “relaxed” that way. There is no waiting for equipment, having to hurry up so someone else can use the equipment, possibly getting sick from some infectious person that decided they needed to workout, having to listen to annoying people chatter etc.

Another thing I love about working out from home is the ability to turn on whatever I want for entertainment! It really helps to make my workouts successful.

If you want to know what I have used and currently use as entertainment during my exercise sessions, then read on!

Before college- magazines and music

When I first started working out on a weekly basis, I would read magazines on the cardio machines. This meant that I was not getting the best cardio work in that I could. I mean, who can read when they are doing high intensity intervals?

At that point in time, I thought steady state cardio was great for my fitness. It was extremely boring though so that is why I read magazines while doing it.

I was so naive back then!

When it came to doing weightlifting at the gym, there was only one TV and quite a few other people there. This meant that I would most likely not get a choice on what to turn on. I was at the mercy of what others wanted which always seemed to be some awful program.

Because of not liking what other people picked on the TV, I decided to just wear my Ipod on my arm and listen to a mix of songs while lifting weights.

College days-Nothing!

During my time at college, I loved going to the gym.

I was somehow able to get through my workouts with absolutely no entertainment. There was no television, no music that would be playing, no magazines and I did not feel like bringing my Ipod with me.

I got in some awesome workouts despite not having the extra boost of motivation from TV and music.

After college

When I graduated and moved back home, I started going back to the same local gym I had gone to before.

This time I was armed with the knowledge that having a great workout meant that I would not be able to read on the cardio machine I was on. Because of this, I did tough cardio sessions-keeping them short but effective.

For the weightlifting at the gym, I was used to having no entertainment. That meant I just did whatever I was going to do and left. No music and no hoping I would get a turn with the TV.

Fast forward to now

Ended up working out to this zombie movie on Netflix before making this post!

I have been working out 100% at home since I got my first house in 2012. I ended my gym membership and bought Powerblock weights (they go up to 50 pounds per hand) that I still use.

For my very first workout in my first home, I put on a show that I liked at that time (I think it was Dog The Bounty Hunter, haha!). It was really fun and I have been putting on shows during my workouts ever since!

I do not care what any one has to say about having the TV on while working out. It motivates me and I still get quality exercise sessions in each week.

When I close the door to my bedroom each night I exercise, it is my special time. I get to do something that is healthy for my body while watching things that make me happy. It is my definition of self-care.

So here is what I have been turning on lately:

  1. Monk (Amazon Prime)- This was one of my favorite shows a few years ago and I decided to start watching it again.
  2. Paternity Court (Roku channel)- The trashiness keeps me going.
  3. Golden Girls (Hulu)- I love this feel-good show!
  4. Working Moms (Netflix)- Super fun show!
  5. X-Files- Has been my favorite show since I was seven!

I will have to look through the streaming services and compile a list of other shows to watch soon!

Exercising is fun to me

Saying that might sound really weird to some, but it is true. I have figured out what makes it tolerable for me.

It is important for everyone to find ways to make exercise something they can do each week! You do not have to necessarily be excited about your workouts but at least be able to get through them and be consistent.

What do you watch/listen to when you workout?

Thanks for reading!

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