10 Ambience Video Finds for Mid-Summer

There is still so much beauty in life despite the pandemic. It can be experienced through pictures like this and videos.

So I already did one post on great ambience videos for the summer but I decided to do another one. This is because I found some really good ones that others may like.

These don’t all go along with the season- they are just some ones that can be enjoyed on any day!

What ambience videos are

I have talked about what they are in each one of my other posts about them but I will do it again for this one.

These types of videos have nice scenes- some have things that move in them and some are just still. They also have sounds and/or music that go along with the scene. Some examples of sounds/music that are put into ambience videos are as follows:

  • Cooking and kitchen sounds
  • Fireplace sounds
  • Rain and storm sounds
  • Wind
  • Ocean waves
  • Jazz music
  • The sounds of walking through the snow or leaves
  • Birds chirping

and so many more! A lot of these videos will even have multiple sounds combined- just like life.

Ambient videos are great for transforming the environment. If the scene is immersive enough, you may actually feel like you are there without actually visiting the place. The sounds/music are also great for studying, sleeping, relaxing, writing, doing art etc.

Why I like them and I how I use them

About a year ago, I was looking for fireplace videos on YouTube because I thought my son might enjoy it. I then came across the Calmed By Nature ambience video channel and was hooked!

These types of videos are just so relaxing to me and the immersive ones put me in other places that I can’t be in. They help my mental state and even motivate me. I usually put them on my computer while I am surfing the web or typing stuff up. I also like to put them on my television screen

My favorite types of ambience videos are ones that have cooking, eating and light conversation sounds.

Why I do these posts

I think of this as a health and lifestyle blog. Most of the posts I do are health related and there is of course a mental piece to that.

I believe that these ambience videos can do wonders for our mental health which in turn helps our lives. The ability to see a different place or time period can get us out of our heads for a while. Sometimes we need that.

If we are stressed, angry or sad due to something in our lives-an ambience video can relax us. If we are lacking motivation to get something done- an ambience video can energize our minds to be able to complete it.

These deserve a place in one’s life or at least be tried out once!

10 ambience video finds for mid-summer

  1. Star Wars ambience

I am not the biggest Star Wars fan but I do like it enough for this to be a fun one. My son really likes it too!

This was a pleasure to have on while I was reading and working on my novel that I am writing. It also made me want to watch one of the movies again.

2. Gotham City ambience

If you are a superhero show/movie fan like I am, you will like this. Batman isn’t my favorite superhero but he is up there! I have enjoyed all of the batman movies with Christian Bale and I also found the Gotham show to be fantastic.

This ambience video has the great scene of Gotham city. It even changes views of the city multiple times. The city lights, rain, moving cars, helicopter and the night sky make for that immersive experience I like (and I am sure others do too!).

The music is from the show and does indeed have an “epic” feel. It is very energizing-not something to relax or sleep to. I have found it great to clean the kitchen and closets to.

3. Downton Abbey ambience

This show never looked good to me. It just seemed like something I wouldn’t enjoy at all. One day a few weeks ago- I decided to give it a chance because I didn’t know what else to watch.

I was hooked!

I ended up binge watching the hell out of this show. Definitely worth the hype that it gets. I am now officially into period pieces.

This Downton Abbey ambience video is so cheery. The music is gorgeous on the show and I love hearing the longer versions of the songs. I find it great to have on while I am reading.

If you are a Downton Abbey fan, this one is for you!

4. Orient Express ambience

For a long time now, I have a had a thing for trains. I think it would be so fun to ride and have dinner on one with my husband.

Seeing that one of the channels I am subscribed to came out with this one, I had to click on it right away. The scene is exactly what I would want out of a train ride. It is so cozy. I can picture myself sitting in the booth with my husband, chatting away and looking outside as we wait for our food.

The rain and light sounds of the train moving are so relaxing. Definitely great for reading and just sitting around.

5. Japanese Onsen ambience

This ambience video showcases a type of bathing facility (called an Onsen) one would find in Japan. The water is hot and is for relaxation purposes only-not for getting clean.

I find this video to be absolutely beautiful. The visuals of the water coming out, sounds of the water, steaming cups of tea and music all come together to make a relaxing three hours.

I used this while I was in bed for the night and it calmed my body down so that I could get good rest.

6. Virgin River ambience

I am obsessed with this show. I binge watched season three and season four can’t come soon enough! Jack and Melinda are such a good looking couple.

The music on this is from the show’s soundtrack and is so beautiful. I find it perfect for relaxing and reading a book.

7. Bossa Nova beach cafe

This is by one of my favorite ambience video creators. He/she puts a lot of love into the videos and they are always top notch.

This cafe scene by the beach looks so nice and I wish I was there. I love the upbeat feeling of the boss nova with the sounds of the ocean waves. The video is great for relaxing, reading or studying.

8. Date night on a beach

Just like the train ambience video listed, this scene captures a setting that I have been wanting to be in for quite some time.

Having a beautiful dinner on the beach with the sounds of nature all around us-would be a dream come true. Maybe one day it will happen- or maybe not. Who knows when this pandemic will end!

I love the music that goes with the scene and it was perfect to relax to.

9. A picture says a thousand words

This still image drew me in and I had to click on it. Where is this person going? Why did he/she/they stop on the side of the road? Does or do he/she/they need help? Is or are he/she/they in trouble? You can make up many stories from it yourself.

The music selection is wonderful-really chill. I found it perfect to relax to and read my book to.

10. Allegedly the best chillout music

I don’t know if this has the best chillout music but it sure is fantastic! I love the scene as it looks like it would be a great vacation spot. I don’t know where it is located in this world, but I want to be there!

The song selection is perfect for the scene and it was great to relax my mind/body/soul to.

Try these out!

These videos are great and I hope you like them to. There are so many other ones to be found on YouTube so make sure to check some out. They may just make a positive difference in your life if you regularly put them on.

Do you have any ambience videos that you really like?

Thanks for visiting my site!

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