15 Amazing Ambience Videos For Fall 2021

Okay so I am early for a fall edition- shoot me! I was just so eager to get this out so that you could get a head start on enjoying some great ambience!

Here are the 15 ones I picked for this fall!

Why ambience videos?

Because they are awesome, that is why!

They bring a different feel to wherever you are playing them. A backdrop of sorts. They can also be used for certain activities. These include relaxing, sleeping (is that considered an activity?), studying, meditating, writing, reading, cleaning, drawing/painting, crafting and probably more.

Some of the ambience videos have either still images or animated images. With the images comes related sounds, music or a combination of those two.

I use ambience videos for reading, writing and relaxing. They really do put me in a good place mentally-even if just for a couple hours. My absolute favorite sounds are restaurant ones (chatter, dishes clinking, drinks pouring etc.).

The 15 amazing ambience videos for fall 2021

  1. I would never go to a real one…

Never in my life have I wanted to go to a circus but this video was just too great to not put on the list. The chatter, sounds of fireworks and crickets are perfectly blended. I even heard what seemed like a group of kids singing a song together and then laughing-typical of what you would hear at a public event. The imagery is also fabulous (I love that Ferris wheel).

2. Apocalypse ambience? Um, what?!

So I know this won’t be everyone’s favorite but if you like horror stuff like me- you may really like it. The crawling rat, the beat up environment, occasional foot steps, airplane announcements (who could even be making them?!), gunshots (who is being shot?!) etc. all make for a terrifying hour. Upon watching it, I kept expecting a zombie or something to pop out. My mind was left to it’s own defenses.

I just love this one and I am actually playing it as I make this post!

3. Yes, I do feel cozy

This video truly is cozy. The sound of the fireplace combined with the cooking sounds give off a warm feeling. It could definitely cause some happy memories of better days to come back (it did for me!). In my opinion, this is great to have on your TV or computer while you read a great book.

4. A beautiful Thanksgiving

Can you say gorgeous? What a lovely scene this is. I can imagine my husband and I just sitting at this table set for two. I also have always loved the sound of glugging drinks and this video has it.

This video is great to put on while reading, eating a meal and/or decorating for the holidays.

5. How unique!

The idea of going on a trip and staying in a cute caravan sounds fun to me. The idea of going into a caravan to see a fortune teller sounds fun too-regardless of how wrong the predictions would be.

This ambience video is cool looking and has that bubbling sound that I (and many others!) love. This is perfect for a Halloween backdrop.

6. I want to eat here

Some places to eat at that aren’t fancy have the best food. At least that has been my experience. This video with it’s old and well-worn pub looks like it would be one of those places.

I love restaurant ambience as I have said before. This one is one of my favorites as the sounds are perfectly blended and the image looks so cozy.

7. Ultra relaxing

This isn’t fall themed but I wanted to include it anyways. It is so beautiful and relaxing. The mermaids singing are a really nice touch.

This one is a great option to have playing in your headphones/ear buds.

8. The porch of dreams

This is one amazing porch and I wish it was mine! The artist did an amazing job on it.

The popping, cracking, crinkling and writing sounds make for a relaxing listen. Try putting this one on while reading a book. You are sure to feel cozy and be able to get into the story more.

9. Oh how I wish I was a paid writer

The fall colors in this are absolutely beautiful. If I was a paid writer (I so wish I was!)- a spot like this would be where I would want to do my writing.

The nature sounds and chimes are very calming- making this great for relaxing, studying, writing and reading!

10. Lovely rain

I love a rainy fall evening. Something about it is so mentally healing for me. The fact that this video combines that along with jazz music and customer sounds-makes it one I have gone back to many times.

This is a very popular ambience video by a popular channel (one of my favorites!) and I really think that most people will like it. Try putting it on your TV, dim the lights in the room (if they can be dimmed) and read a great book/write a story!

11. “Wow,” is all I can say

I only recently found out about this YouTube channel and I am blown away by the quality of ambience videos it has.

This medieval apothecary video is one of the first ones I saw from the channel and I thought it was worth sharing. The imagery and medicine-making sounds are great. Not all apothecary shops in ancient times were evil or scary but this video could still serve as a great Halloween backdrop.

12. I wish I lived here

I just saw this one a couple of hours before I began to type this post and I had to include it! This video is like the fall study one (#9) but with some obvious different touches.

I personally love hard hitting rain sounds and this video definitely has that. Also, the addition of piano music is just icing on the cake. This is a great video for reading and writing to.

13. I need to be at this club

Another masterpiece by the TERAVIBE YouTube channel. The beginning intro, where it goes around the whole scene and shows you everything- is an awesome touch.

This cozy club is definitely something you would see in the 1950s (I looked up pictures!). It would be for rich people of course which makes it all the more fun as an ambient backdrop. Also, the jazz music picked for it is excellent.

I will admit that it does have a bit of a lonely, slightly sad feel to it. However, it is still very calming. This is a great option to put on when you want to just sit with tea/coffee, read a book, write and study.

14. Ahhh, the train of my dreams

I would love to be on a luxury train like this! They probably don’t exist though.

The beautiful changing scenes combined with the sounds (jazz music, clinking glasses and going over train tracks) make for a great video to put on your TV screen. You can sit in front of it and feel like you are actually riding in the train!

15. I guess I like sad things?

This is dark, sad and not really autumn themed but I love it anyways. I am pretty sure if you are into ambience videos at all- you will find it amazing too.

Can you imagine being on the Titanic while it sank? It must have been terrifying. I guess this video might give you a visual taste of what things might have looked like in the rooms as the ship was sinking.

I put this on my TV while doing some writing. It is not very calming so it is better to use when you are doing something that uses brain power.

That’s all folks!

Those were my 15 ambience video picks for fall 2021. I love each of them and I am sure you will like at least one! Stay tuned for my 15 picks for Winter 2021.

Thanks for reading!

What is an ambience video that you guys really like?

If you are interested, you can check out my fall ambience video selection for last year.

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