Tea Lattes as Delicious Treats? Yes!

When it comes to treats, a lot of people may have baked goods come to mind. After all, these are seen as the standard type of sweets to treat yourself with.

I used to think this way too. It wasn’t until about eight months ago that I realized how delicious and satisfying tea lattes can be as a treat. I have now become hooked on them and drink them regularly.

For this post, I will be talking about this great alternative to traditional treats (and coffee based lattes) and how to make them!

Tea lattes: The what and why of them

Tea lattes are like regular lattes but with tea instead of coffee. They both have milk added to them. If you are buying either one of these drinks at a coffee shop, it is up to you if you want sweetener added as they are usually not served that way.

While tea lattes are not nearly as popular as the lattes with coffee in them, they can be just as delicious of a treat. Here are some benefits of choosing to have a tea latte:

  1. Less calories than other treats- Some treats can pack a good number of calories. This makes tea lattes a good choice because it will usually have less calories.
  2. Healthier nutrient profile-Tea lattes can be healthier than other types of treats.
  3. Easy to make- A tea latte can be easy to make if you find yourself suddenly wanting a treat.
  4. Can be soothing- A warm/hot tea latte can be very soothing and calming. Lots of cozy vibes can be had from them!
  5. Lots of flavor options- There are a lot of different flavored teas out there to choose from. This can provide an even more delicious treat than having a tea latte made with just plain tea.
  6. Less caffeine- If you do not want the amount of caffeine that coffee has in it, a tea latte may be a better option as it won’t have as much or any.

There may be more benefits to them but I think the above might be enough to persuade you into trying one!

Tea lattes: tea to use

There are so many types of tea to choose from (think, thousands upon thousands). They have varying flavors, caffeine content (nothing to a lot) and possible health benefits. To make a tea latte though, not every type of tea is good to use for them.

For the best tasting latte, you will want to choose a “hearty” tea or just one that lend itself well to creamy, sweetness. Ones that are light, refreshing and fruity(most green teas, white teas, most herbal teas and most oolong teas) are usually not good to use. Here are some wonderful ideas for what to use:

  • Regular, unflavored black tea- This type of tea has a bold flavor on it’s own (some call it malty). Perfect to make a tea latte with.
  • Flavored black tea*- There are many brands that offer flavored black tea and most are awesome for lattes. Some of them are labeled as being “dessert teas.”
  • Dark, unflavored oolong tea- While oolong is a lot like green tea, a darker kind of it lends a more bold flavor that would work for a latte. Black dragon oolong is an example of a dark one.
  • Chamomile- This is a fruity, sweet tasting herb but it actually makes a great latte. It is also very soothing and calming.
  • Matcha- This tea is arguably the best type of green tea to make a latte with.
  • Flavored and unflavored rooibos-This is an herb that is naturally on the sweet side and is also very smooth. It is caffeine-free which makes it great for a latte in the evenings.

Here are some more specific ideas from great tea companies (my opinion!):

Another thing you can do is mix teas together. If one doesn’t taste that great on it’s own- it may taste great with another kind added. Or if all the tea you have tastes great- you can come up with a totally new flavor.

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to the tea to use for your latte. Just look around and you are sure to find one (or more!) that you really like!

Tea lattes: how to make them

Making these bad boys is really simple. All it involves is brewing up the tea and adding in milk or a milk substitute. You can also add in sweetener of your choice.

When you brew up some tea, you can make a full cup (or cups) or you can make a little less than that. When you add in the milk substitute, you may make the flavor a little weaker if you have a full cup of tea. If you have made less than a cup of tea, you may make the flavor of the tea latte a little bolder.

You can use any type of milk you want. There are quite a few different substitutes to dairy milk but you do have to be aware of how they may cause curdling. Oat and almond milk seem to work the best.

When it comes to adding the milk to the tea, you can heat or steam up the milk first. You can also add the milk into the tea and then heat it up for a bit.

If you are doing a ketogenic/low carb diet or you just want a richer treat- you can use some heavy cream instead of milk.

Here is an easy recipe for a rich tea latte:


  • 6 ounces of brewed tea
  • 1/4-1/3 cup of heavy cream
  • Sweetener of your choice

What to do-

  1. Brew up 6 ounces of tea of your choice in a microwave safe mug. Follow the instructions on the tea’s packaging or look up how to brew the tea on the internet.
  2. Add the heavy cream and sweetener (if applicable). Mix together.
  3. Heat it up for around 30 seconds.
  4. Enjoy your warm drink!

This is a rich treat that will comfort you and fill you up!

My tea lattes and self care


The tea lattes I make are with heavy cream so that means they are decadent and dessert like. They may be high in calories, but I make sure I am able to fit them into my diet.

I have been kind of obsessed with DAVIDsTEA products for the past few months so those are what I use in my lattes. They have quite a few blends that sound delicious and are delicious. My new favorite that I have been using is their Creme Caramel Rooibos product mixed with their Witch’s Brew (rooibos flavor blend; discontinued) product.


I also use the tea lattes as part of my selfcare routine sometimes. It usually involves me making a latte, putting on an ambience video and sitting down with a good book.

This is the book I am currently reading!

Try it, you might like it!

I think that tea lattes are well worth giving a try. They can be very delicious and maybe even calm you down in the evening.

If you like tea at all, consider finding a blend that has a great flavor and turn it into a latte!

Have you ever had a tea latte before?

Thanks for reading!

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