Come See My Current Workout Routine!

Happy Holidays! I hope you all are continuing to stay safe now that a new and faster moving virus variant is among us.

I just wanted to let you all in on the six week workout routine I am currently on as well as what my diet is looking like. This workout is something you can do along with me, so let’s go!

My home gym

I have been working out at home for a long time now. It is just something that I love to do. I know it is not for everyone though and that is just fine. Just know that you can get a wonderful workout in at home if you want to.

The adjustable dumbbells that the Powerblock brand sells are the main part of my workouts. I use them six days a week and couldn’t be without them! The current ones are getting old and scuzzy though so I will most likely need new ones in the near future.

The other pieces of equipment I use are resistance bands (very occasionally), a small stepper machine (if only I could afford a real stair stepper!) and a cardio ladder. These items combined with the dumbbells have gotten me in great shape.

I have recently taken the risk of letting my daycare license go in hopes of getting to do income-producing work that I actually like. This means that my lower level has been freed up for my husband to have his gym equipment set up instead of being in the dirty garage.

That also means I have access to a weight bench! No more putting my head on the floor which seems to always have crumbs on it no matter how much I vacuum/sweep.

This is my husband’s setup.

My current routine

So, the following is my six-week routine. I am already one week in and find it very enjoyable. My last routine went on for too long and I was getting a little bored with it.

Here it is:

Days of exercise per week- Six

Days of weightlifting- Four

Days of cardio and abs- 2

Weightlifting routine

Upper (supersets)-

18 minutes of cardio before weightlifting

1A. Chest press

1B. Alternating chest flyes

2A. Wide bent over rows

2B. Alternating back flyes

3A.Overhead press

3B. Lateral raises

4A. Hammer curls

4B. Triceps kickbacks

5A. Regular pushups

5B. Triceps dips

6. Arm circles (45 seconds)

Number of sets: Three sets for each superset

Number of reps: 6-8

Lower body (supersets)-

18 minutes of cardio before (not always)

1A. Regular deadlifts

1B. Reverse lunges

2A. Regular squats

2B. Forward lunges

3A. Stiff legged deadlifts

3B. Side lunges

4A. Hip thrusts

4B. Side raises

5. Narrow squat holds (45 seconds, two to three times)

Number of sets: Three sets for each super set

Number of reps: 8

Cardio and abs routine

These days are pretty simple. I do either 40 minutes on the stepper machine or I do 40 minutes of bodyweight cardio moves. Then I will do some cardio ladder exercises for about 15 minutes.

For abs, I just do three sets of two different exercises.

Entertainment while working out

Part of what is fun for me about working out at home is that I have total control over what I put on the TV or my laptop. I used to listen to music while exercising but now it is all about shows!

The shows I put on are part of what get me excited to do my workout and also keep me motivated while I am doing it. The shows I pick vary depending on what I am into that week or how many times I have already seen something (I like to watch things multiple times).

Ever since I got the Fire TV Stick, I have been enjoying putting on shows from various streaming channels. My most recent thing to watch while working out is, One of Us Is Lying on Peacock TV. Love it!

My diet

I am still doing intermittent fasting and don’t intend on stopping. Recently, I started having an eating window of 12:30 PM to 6:30 PM instead of a 16:8 schedule. This seems to keep me lean, which I love.

I honestly don’t track what I eat much anymore-I just eat things in moderation. It seems to work out for me well judging by my body composition and I also don’t feel restricted. My best guess is that I eat around 2000 calories on average with more being eaten a few days before I start my period.

I will never do the ketogenic diet despite many people with PCOS eating that way. I just do not feel like I need to do it. Plus, it would be hard to fit in the D-Mannose powder I now use to prevent and treat UTIs (see my post on it) if I were to restrict my carbs to that level.

My absolute favorite treats are tea lattes. The type of tea I love to use for these right now is Pu-Erh tea. I love its rich and malty flavor as it lends itself really well to heavy cream. If you are interested in trying this kind of tea, check out Tenfu’s popular Pu-Erh product.

It is good to change things up

If you are looking for a new workout routine, maybe consider the one I am doing or something like it! If you do, let me know what you think of it and how many calories you burn if you have a fitness watch.

Thanks for reading!

Medical disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and nothing on my site should be considered as medical advice. You should speak to your doctor before you start any exercise program or add anything to your diet. Your health is your own and your use of my site is solely at your own risk.

Affiliate disclaimer: I am part of an affiliate program. This means that I may receive a commission off of the things you click on and buy.

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