Awesome HIIT Workout!

Awesome HIIT Workout!

I love to maximize my time when it comes to my workout sessions. This means that I will be going as hard as I can in a short amount of time instead of dragging the workouts out. Doing HIIT is a perfect example of a quality workout.

I had been doing HIIT with a cardio ladder for a while but a few days ago I decided to change it up. My reasoning behind this was because I was getting bored with the ladder and I also knew that I could make the HIIT harder.

If you don’t already know, some of the benefits of HIIT are as follows:

1. Burn a good amount of calories in a short amount of time.

2. Have a boost to your metabolism

3. Increase cardio endurance fast

4. Burn fat

I wanted to show you what I came up with! It might look easy but it wasn’t to me. I am sure you can figure out how to make it harder for you if you want.

Here it is:

10 moves done for one minute each. After a minute goes by, walk in place for 30 seconds and then move onto the next move.

1. High knees

2. Mountain climbers

3. Forward and backward jumps

4. Donkey kicks

5. Plank jacks

6. Star jumps

7. Butt kicks

8. Side to side jumps

9. Turn jumps

10. Really fast punches

That is it! Let me know how you liked this workout.

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Workout Change Up and Health Issues

Workout Change Up and Health Issues

Hi all! It is getting closer to summer and I am super excited! I just wanted to post an update on a couple of things today.

Workout routine change

I said a while ago that I like to do workout routines for a certain amount of time and then pick a different one. Well I am excited that I finished the eight weeks of the upper/lower/HIIT routine! I was getting sick of it to be quite honest.

My new workout routine is going to be the War Room Strategies (my post about it:War Room Strategies). It is going to be tough but wonderful! Like I said in the other post, I highly recommend this routine.

Since it is getting so nice out where I live, I think I will start walking for an hour in the morning after my son goes to preschool. I just feel like I am sitting a little too much. 10,000 steps a day is what I am going for!

Health issues

The monthly flare ups I have of horrible gastric issues is really getting to me. It usually only happens during the fertile window of my cycle but now it seems to be happening whenever. I hate these flare ups so much because I am unable to have quality family time during them.

I was thinking that I might have endometriosis so I posted my flare up problem on a forum dedicated to that condition. The women told me that it sounds more like a hormonal thing that relates to my PCOS diagnosis.

I want to get my hormones tested again so I can maybe figure out what is going on. Birth control is something that doctors like to prescribe for PCOS symptoms but I really do not like the possible side effects of them. Maybe with the hormone level results the doctor would be able to find the birth control that would work the best and not give me a lot of side effects.

I just need some solution to this problem. Enough is enough.

Calorie and Exercise Plan

Calorie and Exercise Plan

In terms of calories, I am not sure exactly the number I have been consuming as of late. However, I know that it is way more than I need. My plan starting today is going to be 1500 calories a day with a carbohydrate intake of less than 100 grams. I will keep up with this for a while and go lower on the calories if need be. Never below 1200 calories of course.

When it comes to exercise, I will stay with my current workout routine for the next eight weeks and then switch it up.

*HIIT means High Intensity Interval Training*

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